Apr. 24th, 2010

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Note the first:  My husband makes possibly the best guacomole in the world.  I could drown face-down in a bowl of the stuff and die happy. omgsogood.

Note the second:  Was in a bread-bakey mood today, and have decided to try out a recipe I have for challah.  It is in the oven, and the house should be smelling delicious soon.  (If the challah works out, next step is brioche! Which still terrifies me somewhat!) ---Oh, yeah, baby.  Fresh-bread-smell in the house.  Mmmmm :)

Note the third: I keep saying this, and I keep not doing it.  I think it's time to trim ye olde f-list.  If I (a) cannot remember the last time I commented in your journal, (b) cannot remember the last time you commented in my journal, (c) have caught myself skimming your entries without clicking on your LJ-cuts, or (d) cannot remember how I even know you, then you will likely be trimmed.  Let me know if you don't want to be. :)

ETA:  challah bread was not a total crash and burn failure! Slightly overly brown on top, and I totally screwed up the braiding of it, and I am suspecting it ought to have risen higher, but I am eating a piece of it slathered with honey and it tastes good! :D

ETA2: Bread was good, but now I require tea... I think some Earl Gray with bergamot should do the trick nicely.


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