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[livejournal.com profile] yuletide  signups are ooopeeeennnnnnnn :D

Some people wait all year for NaNo, and while I'm doing it this year, I confess I'm doing rather poorly insofar as word count goes.  But word count is going up, so I suppose I can't bitch TOO much.  Not gonna hit the 50K word goal, however.  And I'm weirdly okay with that.

But [livejournal.com profile] yuletide .  That's different.  I've actually lost track of how many years I've participated, but I think this is my sixth year, and I am ridiculously excited to participate this year.  I haven't signed up yet, mainly because I like to wait for the MAD RUSH to subside a little.  

SO!  Thinking about doing a yuletide friends-filter this year.  Who all's already signed up/gonna sign up?

SIGN UP.  YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO.  OBSCURE FANDOMS ARE AWESOME.  :D  Over the course of the years, I've written Fruits Basket, Disney's Hercules, and four -- count 'em -- four, NO, WAIT.  FIVE. I've done five Dorothy Sayers Lord Peter Wimsey fics. The extra was a stocking stuffer for someone, I think.  Anyway.  Obscure fandoms.  You know you love 'em.

(I've also received some amazing fics.  Last year, in fact, I received a Jennifer Crusie Faking It fic, with strains of Welcome to Temptation, and it was MARVELOUS and lovely and oh god, I was smiling for hours afterward.)
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