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Dear Kisa:

I get you are Miz Neurotic Spazzycat 2010, but seriously. Repeat after me:


Someday you will figure out that the complex chain of events that starts with your claws embedding in my skin (SURPRAIZ BLOODSHED!), then leading me to let out a rather loud "OW", and then leads to Darwin Enforcer-Britches getting all up in your kitty-business (with or without a complimentary warning nose-bump).  At which point you hiss and run away, and he goes back to his spot under my desk. 

...Until you come back and do it again and seriously, I did not drop you on your head as a kitten.  When is this going to sink in?

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It's grey and overcast outside this morning, and I would LOVE for today to be a drizzly rainy one.  Alas, there's a better chance of all of this overcast-ness burning off in an hour.  Ah well.  Still keeping fingers crossed.

Mom has been trying to make abundantly clear to the rest of her sibs that Grampa's condition IS YES THAT SERIOUS and if they would like to visit their father while he is even remotely in his right mind, then they should get their asses down here ASAP.  As in, within the next six months.  My Uncle Tony and Aunt Nancy (also my godparents and made quite completely of awesome) are coming down this month, so that's good.

Mom's also been talking about Gramps getting more exercise -- to clarify, "exercise" for him would amount to taking a walk over here (we're next-door) so Mom can show him what we've done with our back patio area, or to show him how Darwin runs the weave poles.  Sunday, Mom drove him down to the agility course (at my request) so he could see what I've been doing for the past two years.  These little outings wear him out, and after the five minute drive to the course, the ten minutes they were here, and the five minute drive home (no exaggeration -- the course IS that close to the house), he went down for a nap.  And he'd just woken up from a nap when Mom took him down to the course, so his stamina is pretty much nonexistent right now.

I was really glad he came down to see, too, because this is something I've been working at and am proud of, and I don't know if we'll ever make it to any trials, and I don't know what kind of shape Gramps will be in if and when we do make it to a trial.  But he came, and was duly impressed. :)   They had just caught an agility competition on TV a few days before, and Mom was like, "That's what Kara and Darwin do!"  So it was kind of fresh in his mind when Mom brought him to the course.   And Darwin did really well!  --Well, "really well" despite the part where he got a wild hair and decided that the obstacles I was directing him to were BORING and he'd have much more fun if he made up his own course as he went along. And when he does that, he adopts this really goofy run that's like a gallopy-prance, and he tongue is lolling out of his mouth like he's laughing at me.  "CAN'T CATCH MEEEE!"

(Ah, yep. I knew it.  The clouds are all gone now.)

Well, I've got some date-nut bread to make, and a pumpkin-gingerbread recipe I want to try, and two puppies who still need to be walked, SO I'm off to attempt something resembling productivity!

OH EM GEE: this is hilarious and yet AWESOME.    Between this store and the King Arthur Baking Catalog, I am in online shopping heaven.
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There are some months, I suppose, that are emotional roller-coasters simply by virtue of being fraught with holiday stress and obligations. I've been walking around all day with this ball of tension in my chest, constantly feeling as if I'm on the verge of tears. I haven't felt this way in quite some time, and while I was perfectly aware of a few stressors present in my life, I was fairly certain nothing going on warranted this level of anxiety.   Just the other day I was squeeing over Darwin's 3rd birthday and gushing over his puppy pictures.

So I walked the dogs, and grew ever-annoyed with Florida's pathetic excuse for winter weather, returning home carrying the fleece I'd left wearing.  I fed the beasts and started my Monday tidying/cleaning routine.  I was dusting the living room when I saw it -- the nondescript little metal box that resides behind the television. It's Bronte's box: it holds her cremains, and it lives behind the TV because that was her favorite place to curl up while at the same time the ONLY place she wasn't allowed to curl up. (Except toward the end, when Bronte was allowed to do whatever Bronte pleased.)

I... promptly burst into tears.  I've cried a few times today, and I suspect there will be flare-ups throughout the month.

There's also vague work-related angst, as it would appear that George won't be getting a year-end bonus, since Boss has said nothing either way about bonuses -- despite the fact that Boss told George if they landed Big Name Client (which they did), he could expect to see a nice bonus at the end of the year.  Sigh. 

So right now I feel a little empty and sore and cynical inside, and it... really kind of sucks.

Tell me something happy.
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Aaaaaaaand the car is back at the dealership. Apparently they're now going to be looking for any number of other things that could be causing a misfire (like loose or corroded wires and whatnot).

I also discovered another skein of yarn that's meant to be included in the scarf, so I'm guessing I'm not quite done yet. Soon, though!

Agility class resumed last night -- Vickie taught the entire class, and it was great to have her back. Her hair is slowly growing back, and she was worried that going without a hat would make the rest of us uncomfortable; halfway through the class, she finally understood that none of us were uncomfortable, and she took off the hat (it was too hot to wear a hat anyway).

Randomly, I did discover a new level of social awkwardness: when the cancer survivor just starting to grow her hair back compliments you on your new haircut, and the words "It was just too long!" fly out of your mouth before you can stop them. *facepalm*

Darwin did very well, despite the fact that he hadn't set foot on the course in two months. I need to pick up some supplies to finish off my weave poles so I can work with him a bit more on them. He also pretty much forgot everything he'd ever learned about the teeter-totter, so I'm going to have to take him down to the course a few times this week and work with him on that. (He's a bit freaked out by the noise it makes when one end slams down on the ground. It's a totally natural reaction, but one I'm going to have to work with him to overcome.)

It was great working with him off-leash -- I got some wonderful compliments from my teacher and other people in the class about how great his recall is ("recall" is how well a dog listens and obeys when you give the "come" command), and how closely he follows my nonverbal cues. He actually follows my nonverbal cues a little TOO closely, since if my direction is off by just a little, Darwin will... do exactly what I'm "telling" him to do, which isn't exactly what I'm trying to tell him to do. So I have to be hyper-aware of my posture, and which way my body (especially my shoulders, apparently -- Darwin follows my shoulders) is facing. The consensus was that I could probably run a course with Darwin and not use any verbal commands at all -- he follows me that closely.

I almost skipped the class last night, because I had such a rotten day, but I've got to say -- going made me remember why I signed up to do this in the first place. It's the coolest thing ever to be working as a team WITH my dog. I was filthy, sweaty, and exhausted when I got home -- to say nothing of the many mosquito bites I had -- but I was also very content and happy. It's such an awesome class, with a great teacher (WHO'S BACK, YAY), and fantastic people with wonderful dogs, with great temperaments. It was just what I needed yesterday.

And how could I not love something that makes my dog look just this happy?
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(Plz to overlook the fact that dogs don't actually speak. Trust me, with Darwin, a look is worth a thousand words.)

Joys of dog ownership? THINK AGAIN. )

I swear to god, my dog is laughing at me.  NOT EVEN MAGICAL COOKIE BRIBERY WORKED.
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So!  We... have a second dog.  Sammy is now named "Sydney" and... is here.  And... yeah.  I brought Darwin to the shelter for a meet-n-greet, and he and Sydney got along fine, running and playing like they'd known each other for years. So we started the paperwork and... ended up bringing her home last night.   (Side note:  Funniest and also saddest moment last night was when Darwin had to walk through "the gauntlet," which is basically the long corridor of kennels where the dogs are kept.  Imagine no fewer than 15 pit bull mixes barking ferociously at YOU.  Darwin's butt tucked up under him and he made a BEELINE for the exit like, "OMFG GET ME THE EFF OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW.")

Point #1: Fatty fat fat. She seems to have a hard time breathing, even when she's NOT doing the stressed-out panting. It's like a labored sort of breathing, which I think is weight-related.

Point #2: OMG no manners.  Does not seem to know basic commands (or only knows them when food is involved), and also does not seem to understand the word "no" or anything remotely related to "stop." When she wouldn't do a sit, for me, I put my hand on her butt to guide her down, and she fought me. I ended up having to force her into a sit. Repeatedly.

Point #3: She is the beggiest beggar I have ever, ever seen. I think I know how she got to be so overweight. Seriously, she tried PUSHING her way past me to my plate last night. We had a little talk about that.

Point #4: She wants to play with Darwin. All. The. Time. Does not know when to quit! Darwin apparently has the patience of of a saint, because it was hours before he even raised his lip at her.

Point #5: She has a little cough. She got a kennel-cough vacc. at the shelter, but I think she caught a little cold anyway. (Makes sense, since kennel-cough vacc. are kinda hit or miss.)

Point #6: The shelter gave her a dose of Frontline, but she's still an itchy girl. And when she scratches, little tumbleweeds fall off. She's totally going to get brushed today. She has an appointment with the groomer on Friday.

Now the good things!

#1: She is not fearful. Not of me, not of George, not of Darwin, not of the vacuum cleaner, not of bicycles. Curious, yes. Fearful, no. This is a big plus, because I think it'd be the hardest thing to overcome.

#2: Is sweet, sweet, sweet. Sweeeeeet temperament. Also, my hubby is the apple of her eye.

...I realize that seems like a very short list, but I think those are very important things, while the problem-list is solvable.

We got up extra-early to take both kids for a walk this morning, and then fed them when we got back. Darwin seems to know this means it's "rest" time, but Sydney is walking around a lot still, sniffing things and... getting stuck underneath the futon. I gave them a couple of bones, and ... no resource guarding (which is to say, no "DON'T TOUCH MY BONE" bitching), which is good. I do kind of wish she'd settle down a little, but I imagine that'll be a long time coming. She settles down, but only for a few seconds. And right now she's barking at... something underneath the futon here in the office. I don't even know what.

The biggest problem we seem to be having is this: Every time one of us corrects Sydney, Darwin seems to think we're correcting him, and he's such a sensitive dog, he kind of slinks off into a corner and curls up like we've just scolded HIM. You seriously cannot raise your voice in this house, because he'll lower his head like, "Oh, crap what did I do?" So when I scolded Sydney for... anything, Darwin reacted to it, and it broke my heart to see him slink away from me (especially when he hadn't done anything wrong!).

The crate situation went... okay last night. For a long while now, Darwin has had the freedom of sleeping with the crate door open (sometimes, during the night, he'll go from crate to doggy-bed, back to the crate), and he did NOT like having the door closed last night. Not at all. Sydney whimpered a little periodically during the night, but I told George not to respond or feed into it, and she eventually stopped. Her heavy breathing also got better when he set up a box fan by the crate (we figured all that extra weight makes her extra hot). Neither of us slept very well. I don't think Darwin did either, since every time I woke up, HE was awake and looking at me like, "How COULD you?"

I'm a little worried I've bitten off more than I can chew. She's only a year and a half, and I can't remember if that falls into the "terrible twos" category or not. I'm trying to remember when Darwin drove me particularly insane, but I think that was more around the year-old mark. Mom and George both are confident that I can whip her into shape.


And she just had an accident. *sigh* I don't know if it's a pee accident, or if she's marking. But if she's marking, we're going to have a serious problem here. Darwin doesn't mark, hasn't started lifting his leg, and that's one behavior I don't want him to learn. Particularly IN THE HOUSE.

I just want to go to sleep for a week and wake up and have two perfectly trained Aussies. Is that too much to ask?


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One year-long membership to the dog-park:  $100

Gas to dog-park:  $3

Time spent romping around with Darwin:  Priceless


The feeling after a post-dog-park trip SHOWER:  EVEN MORE PRICELESS.

...Honestly, I get as dirty as he does when we go there.
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All right, so I posted a nice little entry this morning about my hungover-ness.  What I did not post about (well, I'm posting NOW) is what happened not long after I posted about the hangover.

Picture it: 8:30 am, after a night of liquid overindulgence.  The dog has been taken out for potty and fed.  The usual routine that follows is that everyone then sleeps till about 10 or so, and then Darwin nudges or licks one of us or jumps on the bed or SOMETHING.  But no, an hour after being fed, he jumped on the bed.  I muttered at him to lay down, and he did.  For about fifteen seconds.  Then he popped up and jumped off the bed and... just started acting really weird.  He would lay down, and the jump up and dart forward, like something startled him.  He, quite literally, could not relax.

So, I was mildly concerned at this point and phoned the 24 hr. emergency vet.  They said it didn't sound like anything to get too worried about, but to keep an eye on him and possibly bring him in to his regular vet on Monday.  I thanked them and hung up, and then was giving Darwin a little bit of a pat-down when realized something really disturbing.

He didn't like me touching his stomach. In fact, when I pressed lightly against his tummy, he arched his back like a cat and scrambled to get away from me.

So I called the ER vet back, told them that, and they were like, "Yes, you should probably bring him in then."  Because Darwin's got a barrel-chest, it increases the possibility for bloat, which was what we were both afraid of.

An hour and a prohibitively expensive office visit later, we discovered Darwin was having gas pains.

What the hell, dog.

He's been pretty stressed all day, and it wasn't until about 4 pm or so that he started to unwind and was able to relax long enough to fall asleep.  Tora and I have been awake (but exhausted), keeping an eye on him to make sure he doesn't start showing the symptoms of bloat. 

I am. So. Tired.
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And how do we know it's springtime in Tora and Bunneh's home?  Might it be the flowers a-bloom?


Might it be the birds a-twitter?


Might it be increasingly warm days and lovely mild nights?


Might it be the part where I got to empty the vacuum filter not once, not twice, but three times to rid it of all the dog hair I picked up?


Holy mackerel, Darwin, when you blow coat, you blow coat.  There are furry little tumbleweeds in my house.  WTF, dog.
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Just a quick post to share with everyone a jpg version of the portrait Mom commissioned for me!

Cut for space, yep... )
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A year ago today, I received not one, but two emails that would change my life drastically.  We'd just received permission from our landlord to get a dog and I'd been in touch with an Aussie breeder about three hours north of us.

The first email came just before noon on the sixth, bearing the following news: Angel just had her babies this morning...5 beautiful red babies!  We have 2 red tris and 3 red merles..all are gorgeous! 

Unfortunately, the pups were a little out of our price range, and I was gearing up to tell George that I didn't mind taking on some work to cover what was over our budget when I received a second email at about 3:30.

Well, Angel has finished having her pups...I think :)  We have 7 babies!  We expected only 5 so it was a surprise :)  One of the pups is a mis mark..meaning it has too much white on its head.  It has no effect on health or sight or hearing, as a pup with similar markings might have from a merle to merle breeding.  This was a merle to tri breeding and is not a problem situation.  He is a beautiful red merle with a big white collar and blaze, but the blaze goes too wide and surrounds the eye on one side.

This was the pup she offered to me, because she knew I wasn't looking for a show dog, and she knew we had some budget restrictions.  This was the picture she sent a few hours later:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

And this was the face I fell in love with:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Darwin came to us two months later, and I cannot begin to express the joy he's brought us in such a short time.  I've learned so much about dogs (and Aussies in particular!) in that time.  Yes, there were some trials and tribulations ("Leave it! Leave it!  FOR THE LOVE OF MIKE, LEAVE IT!"), and there were some casualties in the Great War of Puppy Teething.  There have been items destroyed (one PSP game, one $20 bill, one Bluetooth headset, one fuzzy slipper, countless plush toys), and there are still challenges we have to overcome.  But the important thing is this:  No day passes without laughter, courtesy of my little clown.  And every day I am thankful for that unexpectedly large litter, and the unexpected mismark that came with it.

Mem'ries... light the corners of my miiiind, misty watercolor mem'ries... (image heavy under the cut!!) )

Happy Birthday, little guy.

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I'm making loads of progress on my econ paper, which makes me happy.  I'm not sure I've included enough analysis stuff, which makes me a little nervous, but Mom's an econ whiz, and will be able to help me out on whatever I'm missing.  Like a Powerpoint presentation aha.

I feel it's only fair to warn everyone, this week is going to bring out the sap in me.  One year ago today, I received an email from a certain Australian Shepherd breeder that both answered my many questions about the breed, and informed me of a litter that was within days of being born:

If you would like to come to our place a visit with our aussies, we welcome you.  We do have a litter that was just born this past week, of which most of the pups are already spoken for, but we also are expecting a second litter next week ( I must be crazy for having done this) and those pups will be ready to go to new homes in late Feb or early March.  This will be an all red litter ( red tri and red merle).

It's hard to believe that a mere year ago, that fuzzy little patchwork mutt wasn't even a part of this world and today I can barely imagine my life without him.
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Dear Furuba,

I cheerfully reject your canon.

Love and Kisses,

PS: Congrats on finally ending.  Bravo.

*curls up*

Well, work is still going smoothly, but I'm finding that I'm not terribly keen on working till 7:00.  It inevitably means I don't get home until nearly eight, and THEN I have to figure out something to eat.  Today I cheated and picked somethin up from the grocery store, except I was fucking starving when I did get home, so I stuffed myself a bit, and now I feel all blargh.

I'm more than mildly annoyed with our car for deciding that it needs new tires ASAP.  It feels like the second we start to get our heads above water, something comes along and kicks us in the teeth.

I've gotten quite a bit written on OGAM and quite a bit outlined out as far as the vampire story goes.  Too bad I couldn't be this dedicated to my econ paper. XP  It'll have to be tomorrow.  I have no errands to run (though I am planning on taking Darwin to the park bright and early, weather permitting), so I'll have time to SIT and WORK.  Whee, fun.

Bronte went in for another follow-up on Tuesday -- her PCV count is up to 17% and her weight is up to 8.3 lbs, both of which are excellent signs.  She's going to stay on her current medication dosages for three more weeks and then she's going back to the vet to get checked again.  She's not recovering as quickly as we'd like, but she is recovering, and her body doesn't seem to be attacking the new blood, so that's good.

I've made myself get back into the habit of having actual training sessions with Darwin -- when he was a wee pup, I'd spend about 30 minutes a day (broken up) doing training with him, and he picked things up very quickly.  Lately I've slacked off with the training.  I'm still reinforcing all of his old commands, but I haven't taught him anything new in a while.  This week we worked on playing dead and "wave."   I'm thrilled with how quickly he's picking them up -- the command for playing dead is "Bang!" and we're nowhere near 100% on that one, but we're getting there.

Aaaaand that's about it, I think.  Thrilling, no?
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I know I mentioned the "shoujo sparkles" caricature of Darwin I got done last week.  The scanner's broken, but we were able to take a pretty decent picture of the drawing:

Here it is! My sparkly boy! )

Thanksgiving was wonderfully drama-free.  The only thing Tora's parents did that was even remotely annoying was monopolize his brother's time so he wasn't able to come and see us at all while he was in town.  Tora talked on the phone with him once and basically told him not to sweat it, and that if he got here, great, but if he didn't/couldn't make it, not to stress.  I, however, am rolling my eyes at their rampant immaturity. 

Today we're thinking about taking Darwin to the park.  Tora's a bit resistant to this plan, because he's such a nervous "dad" whenever we go to the dog park. He's so afraid Darwin will get hurt, or hurt another dog.  I love watching him play with the other puppies, and as long as the other owners are keeping a watchful eye out, I've found there's usually never a problem.  I'm going to keep trying to get Tora to come around (though my only problem with the dog park is that Darwin is usually filthy afterwards, and he just had a bath on Tuesday, argh).

Things at Sylvan are settling into more of a routine.  I went through training to tutor basic math, and the only thing I have next is training for writing, which will take me no time at all, I'm sure.  (I'm wondering why they had me do math next, instead of writing, but I'm figuring they might need math people more than they need writing people, or something.)

And all of you sniggering about me teaching math... well, keep sniggering.  I'm sticking to basic math, up to a 5th or 6th grade level. I've told them not to trust me with algebra or geometry or anything of the sort. 

The work is actually quite enjoyable, for the most part.  Sometimes there are challenging students, but nothing I can't handle.  There's an element of time management/multi-tasking that I need to get a handle on, but everyone's assured me that that's a skill that comes with practice.

Writing has been going... pretty well, actually.  I got quite a bit written for OGAM and Bump, and I've been working a bit on my original fiction (things have been so stressful lately, the fact that I can write ANYTHING is a major relief).  UT is stalled for the moment as I try and figure something out (the focus seems to have shifted away from the two main characters and onto two other characters, and I didn't want that to happen -- so it needs figuring out).  I've also figured out a plot for a different thing I'm working on (*cough*vampires*cough*), and that makes me happy, because until this week, there had been an utter LACK of plot.  Just a bunch of nifty characters hanging around my head all, "You should totally write about us!"  So that's good.  I'd really love to start on my Yuletide fic sometime soon.  I thought I had my plot settled, but I realized something problematic, so I have to reconsider a few things, dammit.  I'm not going to start panicking until Dec. 1.  That's usually when I start freaking out if I haven't started writing yet.

....And I just realized that I have an economics paper due in something like two weeks.  Crud.

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Right.  So.  Busy week.

Remember how I was complaining about only being scheduled for two hours this week?  Yeah.  I ended up getting a few more.  Like six more.  Which made me happy.


Right now I'm kicking myself.

Monday was spent getting my name changed, and just about everything is covered except for my license, which I get changed on Monday.  Tuesday was spent doing Thanksgiving errands, which took twice as long as they should have because people had completely forgotten how to drive.  Today I realized I was out of kibble, so I had to run to the pet store, and then there's the huge pile of dirty laundry waiting patiently to be washed, and the dinner rolls I foolishly volunteered to bake, and the dining room table (dubbed Mt. Cluttermore) that needs to be cleared off.

Laundry is in progress.
Table is cleared off (and scented oil is burning, yay!)
Dough is in breadmaker.

However, I have to leave for work in... oh, about an hour, and I have a bad feeling I'm going to have to draft Mom to come over and either put the rolls INTO the oven or take them OUT.  Or possibly both.

Oh, and I have to see if dinner is thawed out so I can start it marinating.

And at some point, I have to figure out some time to work on homework and the econ paper I've been putting off.  *sigh*

There is one bit of humorous news I'd like to share, however:

On Saturday, I took Darwin to something called "Paws in the Park," which was a local event that had a lot of vendors and animal rescue organizations and what have you.  There was a woman there doing pet caricatures.  Yes, really.  I got Darwin's done.  (All of seven bucks, and it was for charity.  I called it a good deal.)

She gave Darwin sparkles.  There are little... like... shoujo sparkles all around his picture.

That amuses me more than the picture itself (which came out really well, and I'll probably share at some point, once we've found the scanner's power-pack, which has been missing for a while now).

Sparkles.  Hee.
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First of all, I have the most wonderful friends-list ever.  You guys rock.  It's been a really difficult week, and y'all are just... awesome.  Thank you so much for the kind words -- they really do help.

Did not hear back from Sylvan today, but I'm not sweating it just yet. 

Wouldn't have time to sweat anything, as I was running around ALL DAY.  I discovered that my cell phone had not only stopped holding a charge, it stopped charging altogether.  So, around lunchtime, I was going to take a warm lunch to Tora and go to Cingular (there's a Cingular office in the same complex).  I have phone insurance, so I was pretty sure I'd be able to walk out of there a happy camper with a working phone.

Snag #1:  Mom needed her car today.  So I got home from working out at about 11:15 and started thawing out some Italian sausages (for subs) and by the time 11:45 came around, sausages were in the oven, cooking in sauce, and I was showered and dressed.  Mom drove me to Tora's work to pick up our car.  I then drove home -- by the time I got home, the sausages were ready to come out of the oven.  I popped them in a Tupperware, stuffed a couple of sub rolls and some grapes in a tote bag, and I was off.  I got back to the office around 1:00, had lunch w/ Tora, and then walked over to Cingular.

My phone, she is ded.  Really, most sincerely ded.  But Cingular doesn't file the insurance claims in the store anymore -- I had to call in and place a claim.  Long, frustrating story short -- I am getting a reconditioned phone sent to me in 1-2 business days, and am using R's most recently retired phone in the meantime. 

I got back home around 3:15 or so and cleaned the kitchen -- I was planning to leave around 4:30 to pick Tora up from work, but ended up leaving at 4:00 instead to take Darwin to the pumpkin patch down the street and get some pictures.  I got some nice ones, too. 

Once I got to the office, Tora was in the middle of something and wasn't ready to go, so I ran down to Petsmart with teh puppeh to get some kibble and we ran into the trainer who led his puppy obedience class.  He was charming and adorable, as is his wont, and we wandered around a bit before heading back to the office -- Tora was ready to go, and now we're home.  Pizza was ordered and has been eaten, and Bronte has been pilled for the night.

Speaking of Bronte-- she's getting pretty indignant about being medicated.  She slinks into her "kitty condo" and ignores me, but I usually just pick the whole thing up and bring it into the bathroom, then set it on its back and lift her out.  I know it's a good sign that she's struggling against being pilled, but gawd, it makes things so much more difficult.  I ended up soaking myself with the syringe tonight. 

That said, I'm glad she's got enough energy to put up a fight.
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I hate being tired.  I mean, at least I understand why I'm tired -- my daily schedule for the past two weeks has been a pretty constant grind, so it's not like I'm dealing with this mystery fatigue.  Lately my schedule has been a little something like this:
Why teh Bunneh is teh t1r3d... )

So that's that.

Dammit, Bronte, STOP BEING SICK. )

Back in the saddle? Maybe... )

There.  All caught up with my life.  Now if I could just find time to sit down and watch my saved episodes of "Heroes"....


There's a review waiting for me at MMO.  If it's someone bitching to me about OGAM, there is a slight possibility I will cry.  I am just that tired.


Yay!  It's love for "Extracurricular Activities."  Huzzah!
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I got a notice from the doggy daycare place about a Halloween party they're throwing for their human and canine clients on the 28th.  Part of this party is a costume contest.

Me:  Pff, please.  I would never dress Darwin up in a stupid costume.

And then I looked at a picture I have of him and thought to myself:  Damn, he'd make a fantastic Phantom of the Opera!

I'm not going to hell for thinking it, only if I DO it.  And I won't. 


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Well, it's done.  I dropped Darwin off for his surgery yesterday -- he got neutered and a microchip implantation.  I got a phone call from the vet this morning to let me know how everything went (he was supposed to call yesterday, but after the scheduled surgeries, he got slammed with appointments).  He said Darwin did very well, and the vet personally had no problems with Darwin (aside from one small issue when D and the doc were alone with the cages/kennel runs, and he kind of avoided the doc -- but Darwin runs away from me whenever it's time to go in his crate, so I suspect it was something along those lines).  He's on restricted activity for a few days, but the vet said that D will more than likely pace himself, so I don't need to hover like a mother hen which I will probably do anyway.  He will be on pain meds, basically a very strong ibuprofen, and in about ten days, he'll go in to have his stitches removed.

And what did I do yesterday after dropping my furbaby off at the vet's?  Oh, I scrubbed the whole house, top to bottom.  Yeah.  I wasn't even a little worried at all.  Nope.  Not at all.

One thing that's kind of both cute and sad is this: yesterday, when we were getting ready to leave in the morning, Darwin was dancing all around, doing his "happy prance," because... well, I had shoes on.  Shoes = Going Somewhere Fun!  Because whenever we leave the house in the morning, it's either to go for a nice long walk (three miles!), to doggy daycare, or to the groomer (who he also loves).  So we went out the front door, and he ran to the car, very happy.  And I drove to the clinic, and he sat nicely in the back seat.  And then we got to the clinic, and he jumped out, and was sniffing all around like, "Whee! New smells!"  And then we went in, and he popped up, planting two monster-paws on the reception counter (and making the receptionist laugh).  Aaaand then the vet tech put a lead on him, and he was still happy as he towed her out of the room.

Receptionist:  [looking at me and shaking her head]  He's a very happy boy.
Me:  Yeeeah, about that.  See, whenever we leave in the mornings, it always means leaving to go do something fun.  He goes for a 3 mile walk every day, and if he doesn't do that, it's a trip to doggy daycare or the groomer.  So... he associates leaving the house with good things.
Receptionist:  [eyes going wide]  Oh, no!  Poor little guy!

But he's doing fine, and I can pick him up whenever I like.  He had a healthy appetite this morning, which is also a very good sign (it also means that I made sure to drop of some kibble for him yesterday, because the least I could do was make sure he had something familiar after such a crappy experience).


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