Dec. 7th, 2009 01:07 pm
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I can has snowflake cookie v-gifts!

Thank you [livejournal.com profile] mscongeniality [livejournal.com profile] aoi_tsuki and [livejournal.com profile] kangawu !!!

This has brightened my day so much, y'all don't even know. <3
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Back when I was a junior in high school, I was in choir. I was in the larger Concert Choir, and the smaller ladies' ensemble. And we were... actually quite good, but that's another story. That year, during the All-District competition, I met a guy from a high school in Orlando. We hit it off instantly, and were... he was that guy friend you never wanted to date, because you'd miss him too much if you broke up with him. BFF's, all the way -- despite the distance. (Also turned him down when he asked me out because he was 3 inches shorter than me, which led to a huge fight and hurt feelings, and my getting called "shallow" for about a year, but I digress.)

So, we graduated from our respective schools and kept in touch. We didn't talk often -- about every six months or so, but... it never mattered, because we knew we were each other's constant. Tora was very jealous of Brian when we first started dating, because I talked about him All the Time. Tora got over it.

Then, sometime in our twenties, Brian got married, like you do. And he called me less. And then not at all. But, hey, he was married and had a son and sometimes things like friendships take a back burner and that's all right, because BFFs. Then he and his wife got a divorce and I found out that she'd been jealous of our friendship -- not of me, specifically, but of the closeness that was there. I found this out today when, after a series of bizarre accidents, I called him. (Mostly I accidentally dialed him on speed dial when I had intended to call my voicemail and seconds after I hung up and ACTUALLY called voicemail, he called back, left a message, and I returned the call today.)

And then, like you do with someone you haven't talked to in over a year, you catch up.

Brian has a new fiancee, which is wonderful. His son turned five this week, which makes me boggle a little bit.

...And in March he went blind due to complications with diabetes (he's had it his whole life). Evidently he should have been seeing a retina specialist instead of his normal optometrist, and the optometrist didn't recommend a specialist, and now the doctors at the University of Miami hospital are telling him that if he'd been seeing a retina specialist, this never would have happened. He's going to be having some surgeries and they're going to restore his sight to the best of their ability. Best case scenario, he'll have 20/200 eyesight and will need corrective lenses.

I don't... know why this hurts so much. I was fine while I was on the phone with him and he vowed to call me this weekend so we can get together and I can meet the new fiancee, but the moment I got off the phone, I started crying. I mean, he was joking about it and... that's kind of just the type of person he is. But every time I think about him, my heart hurts a little. Like... if I'd been a better friend and called more often, then I could have been there for him. Or something. I don't know.

I'm just... why did something like that have to happen to him?
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Last night was one of those rare Perfect Nights.

Went to see The Transformers with Rick and Charity-- got to the theater early, got that one row that has all the leg room, had no one kick our seats, no annoying people talking through the movie, and then sat through two and a half hours of pure awesome.  Then Tora and I went back home, picked up Darwin, and went back to their house, pretty much racing against what looked like an eeeevil thunderstorm. When we got to their house, we realized they'd backed one of their vehicles out of the garage so we could pull in and get into the house without getting soaked.  Then we ordered Chinese food and played Guitar Hero II until one in the morning.  We played in co-op mode, guys against girls -- Char and I apparently are an UNBEATABLE TEAM. <3

They also dug out a Transformers book and we hovered around and relived our childhoods.  It was awesome.  Mostly because we were geeking out and walking out of the theater discussing with completely straight faces whether the Decepticons had had a police car in their ranks, because we'd all remembered the Autobots having a police car.  And then we discovered we'd been right -- the Autobots HAD had a police car, but it was named Prowl. So.  Yes, behold our geekery. We're children of the 80s, shut up.

Tora's also taking off early from work on Friday so we can see the Harry Potter movie.  :D  Sadly, we'll be seeing it without Rick and Char, because Rick is a dork will be in the Bahamas Weds through Friday, and Charity is being good and waiting for him to come back (he's going with his dad and brothers), so they'll go over the weekend.  I'm being told by Tora that if I were a GOOD FRIEND, I'd wait so we could all see it together. But Char was like, "DO NOT MAKE HER WAIT TO SEE HARRY POTTER."  So, yeah.  We'll be seeing it Friday.  Unless we DO decide to wait until Rick comes back. 

And now I think I'm going to go bake some bread. Either rye or cinnamon. Haven't decided yet.
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Superfast update!

#1:  HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!111!  We're heading out soon to do a cookout with friends, so that'll be fun. 

#2:  My Tora is made of win and awesome.  They haven't arrived (and won't for a while), but he ordered me Crowley and Aziraphale from BPAL for our anniversary. :D 

#3:  Day five of expensive spa manicure!  My nails still look good, if not UBERSEXY like they did on day one.  The color is still good, there are no stress fractures, no chipping.  Just some slight wear at the tips of a few fingers (because I don't always remember to put on gloves when I do dishes).  And you have to look REALLY CLOSE to see where the polish is worn down.

#4:  I keep forgetting to have Tora convert the voicemail into an MP3. I'm going to forward it to a few of you who are in my cell phone contacts list today.

Aaaaand that's it!


Jan. 15th, 2007 10:49 am
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Ugh.  Okay.  I need to get my butt in gear today.  Not gonna be easy, but gotta get done.

Last night we (me, Tora, R, and C) went to a concert at Hard Rock Live.  It's a yearly accoustic "jam" they do every year, and this is the first one we've gone to.

The good:

HRL is a pretty small venue, so even the "worst" seats in the house were pretty darn good.  Also drinks were not prohibitively expensive (mmm, tequila sunrises...). 

For the most part, the other people there were reasonably polite and not obnoxiously drunk off their asses.  (See exceptions below.)

HRL is connected to the HRC, so when we were all ready to faint from hunger (didn't have time to eat before we left), we were able to grab a burger.

The not-so-good:

NO FUCKING SEATS.  Well, there were seats on the second level, but those had sold out fairly quickly.  And now I know why.  Standing room only.  WTF.  Tora's knees were killing him by 10:00 and the show was only halfway over.  My back was killing me, R's knees were killing him, and C's feet were doing some hearty complaining as well.  We actually left before the show ended because of our aching joints and my growing hunger-headache.

The small handful of rude/stupid people were ridiculously rude and stupid.  Seriously.  There was one guy we'd nicknamed "Red Tide" because.... well, he was in a red shirt, but he kept shifting and inching his way across the venue.  Slowly.  Eventually he was on a collision path with my line of sight, and I'm sorry, that ain't gonna happen, so... I kind of arranged myself in such a way that if he tried to inch over, he'd inch INTO me.  When he realized I wasn't going to budge, he and his Lilliputian wife left our area.  (He was trying to get her into a spot where she could see, and while I can certainly respect that, he was a dumbass, and SHE COULD SEE PERFECTLY.)  There was another guy who kept trying to push C over -- an older guy too, actually (Red Tide was likewise at least middle-aged) -- and finally she just turned around to him and said, "ENOUGH."  And consequently scared him away.  I heart C so much. 

The HRC's quality of food has taken a seriously disappointing downturn.  Not sure I'll ever go back to eat there.

However, we always have a good time whenever we hang out with R and C, and we kept each other awake on the drive home by quoting lines from our favorite stupid comedies -- here are a few I vaguely remember being tossed around (we were sooooo tired):

"Coach, it looks like I jerked off an elephant!"
"'At first -- at first I was afraid. (*pause*) I was petrified!'  'I HATE THAT SONG.'"
"Make them stop smacking their asses!"
"'Is it next to the rabbit?'  'IT IS THE RABBIT!'"
"The peril is too perilous!"
"I superglued myself to...... myself."
"It's so warm!  I can taste the bubbles!"

We have such awesome friends.  <3
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And I... really don't know what to say.  I'm... well.  It feels like such a cliche, to say I'm speechless, but... well.  I am.  I started crying when she did tell me, which was actually kind of embarrassing.

Thank you, whoever participated.  Thank you a million times over.  I don't know what to say other than that.
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Went out with some friends to see the 3rd X-men movie yesterday (these happened to be the same friends whose kids I watched while she was in the hospital having their baby -- we're also having the post-wedding par-tay at their community's clubhouse, which has a funy story all its own).  R, C, Tora-kun and myself were standing in front of the theatre, talking about what we liked and didn't like (we all had pretty much the same complaints, which also happened when we all went to see Revenge of the Sith together as well -- C and I got on a rant about Padme that we STILL come back to).  Anyway, C asks R to go get the car, and R trots off like the dutiful hubby he is, coming back with, not the car, but with a little pink bag.

Inside the little pink bag was a thank-you gift for watching the kidlets:  Bon-Jovi's Slippery When Wet, the Remasters.  And a gift certificate.  But... dude.  I have had my eye on the remastered CDs for a long while now, and could not justify getting them, because, you know, I have the old CD's.


I have the best friends, EVAR. 

And, yes, I am a child of the 80's STFU. 

(And in eleven years, I'm pretty sure neither of Tora-kun's parents would be able to tell you my all-time favorite band in the history of ever.)
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Was I the only one expecting James Earl Jones' voice to come out of Aslan's mouth? 

I was?  Okay.

On the whole, I really enjoyed this movie -- then again, I read the books when I was a young'un (and had forgotten quite a bit), so it was nice in a nostalgic way.  And, hey, I'm all about the talking animals, so doubly better there.  And Liam Neeson rocks my socks, so...yeah. 

Yes, I know -- oversimplifying.  It's ten-thirty and I'm still catching up on sleep from the past few days.  Ended up watching the kidlets a little longer than I'd anticipated, but they are, quite possibly, the best-behaved kids in the free world, so I didn't mind.  Seriously -- cute and well-behaved.  Jackpot.

I ended up sleeping over at their house Thursday night, which left Tora-kun home alone with Darwin, which... okay, I was a little  nervous about.  Darwin's a little... he's kind of...

Darwin is the canine equivalent of a mama's boy. 

There, I said it.  He kind of has issues with separation anxiety (which I've been trying to remedy, slowly but surely), and I was certain that Tora would be fed up with Darwin's antics (pacing, whimpering), but as it turned out, D-bear did really well.  Slept through the night with minimal howling (once, at around eleven o'clock) and Tora had no problems with getting Darwin squared away (let out to potty, fed, etc).

Granted, when I walked through the door Friday morning (after dropping the kids off at school), I thought he was going to wiggle his hind-end clear off. :)

Nice slow weekend so far (aside from a too-long trip to the grocery this morning), but tomorrow promises to be even nicer and slower, since I've been working on catching up on laundry TODAY instead of TOMORROW.

And now, going to get back to editing ch 54 for posting.  :D


Apr. 5th, 2006 05:01 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] miyun wins at the universe.  <3

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Family things have been, well, not exactly easy in 2005 so far, and I'm just thankful that I've had a place to... hmm, not RANT exactly, but LJ has given me a place to talk about what's going on, and I've been very, very lucky to have a wonderful group of people as a source of support. I'm particularly tickled that [livejournal.com profile] mephistophela got an LJ, as we've known each other AGES by now (how long's it been, dear? I think possibly seven or eight years...)

But last night... last night I had... wow. Last night I was struck speechless.

You see, Wednesday was... kind of a rough day. I got some news about a family member with whom I am very close, and the news really hit hard. And all that night, [livejournal.com profile] evilpuppy was plying me with amusing Sesshoumaru art from various Inuyasha doujinshi, to make me laugh. And it worked. The art was supercute, and I had to smile.

And then she started asking me weird questions. She asked me to send her my favorite pictures of Shigure (Furuba) and Miroku (Inuyasha), as they are two characters I adore. (Because, really -- I have no strength against the intelligent and charming pervert.) So I sent them.

Late last nightshe showed me THIS!

Between the pr0n, the little cup of green tea, and that "And what are you looking at?" expression (or it might be "Come here, ma belle, petite chere, so that I may sex you up!"), I am in love with the little guy.

*snuggles [livejournal.com profile] evilpuppy and [livejournal.com profile] miyun and the squishy little minion*

Thank you so much!
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Memes, cut for space! )

All right, so... [livejournal.com profile] everstar3 has been hanging 'round, and... I think we've been having fun so far?  *glances over at Ev, who is not yet ready to kill me, so it must be going all right so far*  ;)  (As a side note, I do wonder if she's ready to murdalize Kisa and Bronte for being huge, HUGE pains in the butt -- usually at the same time.)

Yesterday we went to B&N and put in reservations for HBP, which we'll either pick up Friday night or Saturday morning (B&N opens at 7:00 am!), and then we, well, ran some errands, which was probably terribly dull for Ev, now that I think about it.  But I showed her some of the, ah, "local color," as t'were.  Then we watched "Fargo," which I'd never seen before and, in retrospect, it seems so very, very wrong that all three of us were laughing so hard during that movie (which we ate with dinner, which also seems wrong, but ah well).  Fun stuff.

Today was spent... heh.  Today was spent vegging with Furuba episodes, all the way up to Ritsu's ep.  (We'd already bawled twice -- Hatori's arc and Momiji's arc, and... yeah.)  So, much fangirl squealing over our favorite moments, of course. 

[livejournal.com profile] evilpuppy and The Den of Iniquity have made us promise to call them, which we will!  And [livejournal.com profile] aoi_tsuki1 too...

Have no idea what's on tap for tonight or tomorrow or ... well, I know what's on tap for Saturday (stupid prior familial obligations), but I think it's more interesting not to have every moment planned out.

Other than that, we're alive and well!


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