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Just sent the email withdrawing from the conference. Not sure if I want to go cry or make myself a cup of hot chocolate.

Possibly will make hot chocolate and cry into it.
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This is bound to be short because the way my splint holds my finger now is so totaly NOT keyboard friendly. I have to turn my right hand to the side and type with my ring finger. Fun times! It is both frustrating and kind of weirdly exhausting. So here's what's going on:
  • I am reading damn near everything I can lay hands on.
  • I have a sunburn on my back and shoulders because I'm a moron.
  • I have a new haircut that is very "one-hand-friendly" (translation: VERY SHORT)
  • I start physical therapy Friday.
  • Biopsy results came back and I am very officially cancer-free. \o/
  • I am not going to the IGA Conference (a very hard decision to reach, and I am putting off the formal cancellation a bit longer)
  • I miss agility lessons. :(
I've also been pretty crabby lately, just because everything else is sapping my stores of patience. Seriously -- tying my shoes and buttoning my pants are such a pain in the ASS, and even making a damn cup of tea is a production, so I don't really have a lot of patience. This results in me being a bit of a hemit. And if I snap, I apologize in advance. It's not you, it's me and a world filled with things that require fine motor skills. ;)
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Cannot type for beans on regular keyboard, so phone it is!

Well, the good news is that insurance covered more of my surgery than I thought.

The bad news is that I'm going to have to decide this week if I ought to cancel my trip to the IGA conference. I think the responsible, adult thing to do is respectfully withdraw. I just hate having to be a responsible adult. I have a few days to ruminate, at least.

Got stitches out Friday, and had splint re-fitted. It's now more uncomfortable than before, which I did not think possible. Physical therapy starts in earnest 5/22, so that's something.

Still crazy-tired all the time, which sucks. A lot.

-- Post From My Phone
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Surgery: Three days and counting. 

Panic: Imminent.

I've got a lot to do before Thursday, mostly because I'm trying to get certain things taken care of before my hand is all splinted up.  Cleaning house is at the top of my list.  I also have to call the insurance company to see if they're going to cover the brand of glucose meter we bought.  The testing strips are ridiculously expensive, so I'm really hoping they'll cover the brand we got.  *crosses fingers*  

Going to board the dogs from Thursday to Saturday, I think, because I suspect I'm going to be doped up on pain meds most of Friday.  I really need to call the doctor and see if I can find out more details about the procedure.  I have no idea how long it's even going to take, or I'm going to be put under for the procedure (I rather imagine I will be, since they are going to be opening up the bone, and I have no desire whatsoever to be conscious for that, but I don't want to assume).

Must also get all caught up on laundry.  Should probably vacuum, too.  These things probably fall  under the rubric of "house cleaning."

Our yard looks like utter crap, and I'm going to call Mr. Landlord today.  The guy he's paying to mow our yard is supposed to come every two weeks, and I'm pretty sure we're going on week three or four since he's been by.  This wouldn't be SO bad, except they sprayed for weeds last week, so we have clusters of brown, dying weeds making the yard look totally trailer-trashy.  And it just looks bad.  And part of our rent is paying for this idiot to mow the lawn (and, oh, he IS an idiot, believe you me).  So that's got to be taken care of.

Conference paper is back to a place where I'm working on it.  Typing will be slower with my hand splinted up, but I should be able to type, period.  I did open it up the other day and hated it instantly, so I did a little editing and am working on a new introduction and hopefully that'll be moving at a smoother clip again.

I think I'm moving away from my I HATE EVERYTHING mood, and no one will be happier to see that go than me.
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Surgery: Six days and counting.  My handwriting has really, really gone to crap lately.  Wow.  Granted, pretty soon it won't matter, as I won't even be able to hold a pen.

And in other news I discovered a maple flavored black tea that has made me reconsider my opinion on flavored black teas. 

And in other OTHER news, I would like very much for this paper to magically write itself.

... What?  A girl can dream!


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I was talking with[info]somnambulicious the other day about possible fundraising ideas to help offset some of the cost of this trip to the IGA conference, and she had the idea that I might run a bake sale out of my LJ.  Since I do love to bake, and I flatter myself to think I'm pretty good at it.  I've been thinking about this idea fairly seriously, but I've been hung up a bit on some of the logistics.

#1: Shipping costs.  This would crank up the prices quite a bit, I think, since some things would have to be shipped 3-day priority AT LEAST so they didn't go stale.  This would not necessarily apply to items like cookies, but more to muffins, scones, and quickbreads.  Most cakes and pies are out of the question entirely (though maybe coffeecake type cakes?).  But my point is, it's going to be expensive to ship baked goods, and I'm lousy at figuring out what prices.

#2:  Organization.  I'm not sure if it would be better to make a certain variety of things and freeze them and then figure out who would want what, or take a poll beforehand and bake based on polled results, or state ahead of time what I'm planning to make and (like: "This week I'll be making banana-nut-chip muffins, maple walnut scones, and strawberry walnut bread!") and base how many batches I make dependent upon interest.

#3: Time:  I am going to be having surgery on my right hand on April 30, and will be in a splint for six weeks thereafter.  So if I'm going to do any sort of bake sale, I'm going to have to make the decision sooner rather than later.

So, glorious f-list, what are YOUR thoughts?

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1. Discovering that the people on the conference mailing list are people who have written books that I currently have on my shelf, and who have written articles I used when writing my thesis.  These are people my inner lit geek fangirls like crazy. 

2.  Discovering that, as far as I can tell (using my GWU Alumni library account as well as Google Scholar), no one has written anything in an academic capacity on The Dionaea House.  Meaning that I could potentially be the first person to write an academic paper on it.

Deep breaths, Bunneh.  Deep, deep breaths.

Deeeeeeeep breaths.

No one'll think less of me if I curl up in a corner and sob now, right?
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The Dionaea House may be one of the hardest stories ever to write a concise synopsis for.

That is all.


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