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 ...I really, really love it when a hunch works out.

I got the holiday Drs. Foster and Smith catalog this weekend, which is, for those not in the know, a pet catalog.  Everything you could ever want or need for your pet in one handy-dandy catalog.  (Personally, I prefer Jeffers Pets, but I digress.)  As I was thumbing through, I saw this canned kitten... "formula," basically, that you give to kittens if they can't get mother's milk or whatever.  I also noticed that it was recommended for lactating and convalescing cats.  And I thought, hey, I kinda have one of those.  Sort of.  If "convalescing" = "on death's door."

So, I went down to Petsmart and picked up a can.  Because, really, at this point, WHY NOT?  She's... kind of on borrowed time at this point, and I'm getting desperate to put weight back on her.

Bronte. Loves it.  

I put it down, and she made a BEELINE for the dish, nearly shoving Kisa (now lovingly referred to as "Fat Ass") out of the way, and going to TOWN on that stuff.  

So, Bronte got a can of sweet, sweet kittymilk, and Kisa... got a bag of Nutro Natural Choice Indoor Cat Formula Weight Management kibble.


I expect she'll try to smother me in my sleep before the week is out.
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I love my vet's office.  OMG, I love my vet's office.

The doctor left a really long, involved voicemail, which was great, aside from my voicemail being a little staticky so I couldn't understand all that he was saying, so when I went down to the office to pick up Bronte's prescription, he came out and talked with me in depth about what's wrong with B-bear, which was AWESOME.  I didn't expect that.  (And the meds didn't cost as much as I'd feared, either, which was an added bonus.  I was expecting upwards of $50 for both prescriptions, and the lady was like, "Okay, that'll be $10.40."  I was pleasantly surprised.)

Evidently, Bronte has a low red blood cell count, and the reasons behind this could be one of two things -- either a parasite (which she could have gotten from a mosquito, since she and Kisa both are indoor cats and don't have fleas) or just a disease of the immune system.  The good thing is that it was caught very early (he said he was really glad that we ended up doing the blood work), and she's got a follow-up appointment in two weeks.  Long story short, one thing is treated with steroids, and the other with an antibiotic -- she's on both for two weeks.  (The steroid should boost her appetite, so hopefully she'll put on a little weight, too.)

There is also another theory explaining her kitty anemia, and that is Kisa is a kitty vampire and has been feeding on Bronte when I'm not looking.  We're still investigating that possibility.

Anyway, I did a little bit of reading on haemobartonellosis (feline infectious anemia), and from what I understand, the disease can be passed from mother to kitten, and can remain dormant until times of extreme stress, which is possible.  Kisa is... completely fine, really.  I mean, she's FINE.  So... I don't know.  We'll just have to see what happens, I guess.

So there is something wrong with my big, sweet, black puddin-bear, and hopefully the meds will get her back to her silly self.
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I'm presently wiping tears of laughter from my eyes and decided it was imperative to share the mirth.

If you have a sense of humor, you should read this. If you have pets, you will enjoy it. If you have (a) cat(s), you will adore it. If the cat (or one of them) is fat, you'd better put down whatever you're drinking and proceed with caution.

And, hey, why not a little more?

Oh, my god.  I couldn't breathe for laughing.  I was wheezing.  I nearly spewed coffee through my nose -- THREE TIMES.

Tomato Nation is Love.
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Cutest puppy ever. Srsly.

I, however, am ready to fall down dead exhausted. Whoo. I'll be glad when the housebreaking is over. He's actually better than I thought he'd be for housebreaking. The only time it gets rough is at night. (The breeder had recommended we keep him in his crate overnight and let him outside first thing in the morning. We tried that the first night. I made it through the whimpering, but when he started howling, I caved. He's been sleeping at the foot of the bed, and so far he's woken us up every time he's had to potty.

So, here are the pictures I promised (with a few snaps of the girls, just to be fair).

Losta pictures behind the cut! )
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First off:  Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] therhoda!!  May you get everything you want -- and then some!  *huggles*

Random thoughts in pet-ownership... )
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I never would've believed it in a hundred million years.

I'm playing fetch with Kisa.

Yes, really.


With a cat.

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The kitties have lost their minds.  Or maybe it's been a long time coming; I don't know. 

I knew their personalities would  undergo a bit of a change after they got spayed, but lately they've just been acting like they're on crack.  Kisa, who used to be timid and shy is... well, she's still a total scaredy-cat, and she's still the first one to bolt when someone knocks at the door, but lately she's been bullying the hell out of Bronte, who is far larger than she is.  If Bronte's happily curled up in one of her five favorite spots, Kisa will come over and climb up with her.  They'll cuddle in sisterly adorableness for a few minutes, until Kisa starts this little... stretching technique, planting her paws and streeeeeetching until she's taken up the entire spot and Bronte jumps down in search of another "favorite spot."  Kisa also gets into a snit if Bronte settles down in one of her spots, and will bully her away (particularly if Bronte curls up on this one Miami Hurricanes blanket we have).  Forget about it if Bronte decides to crawl up into mine or George's lap.  *shakes head*  And when we scold Kisa, Bronte runs away as well.

It bears mentioning that one of Bronte's favorite spots -- indeed, I suspect it's her top favorite spot -- is a cardboard box.  Yes, really.  It's one of those shallow boxes that come when you buy a 24-pack of bottled water.  I don't have the heart to throw it away, because it's like her most favoritest thing evar.  Except that they've started CHEWING on it, and... yeah, time to go.  We buy a lot of bottled water, though, so she'll have a replacement in no time.  At first the box had that stiff plastic wrapping around it (I just cut the top of the plastic wrapping to pull the bottles out), and she'd been using the box -- and wrapping -- to play  a game I've dubbed "Black Kitty in the Tall Grass."  She'd get into the box, hunker down behind the wrapping (which, btw, is clear) and stalk/pounce things (real things like toys, feet, a stray crumpled straw-wrapper, and her sister -- as well as imaginary things) near the box.  Funny as hell to watch.  And it's absolutely imperative to do a whole "National Geographic" voice-over monologue while she's doing this:

"Witness nature's fiercest predator: the black panther.  Watch as this female stalks its prey -- she has chosen a fuzzy plush ball as her victim.  Observe how she keeps the unfortunate item in her sights, never wavering, never blinking.  --Yes, yes, there it is: the preparatory wiggle of its hind end just before... Ah!  She pounces!  What precision!  What grace!  What a fierce killing machine!"  (George sometimes does this with an admittedly bad Australian accent.)

Another weird thing: since they've been fixed, both girls are SO vocal now.  Particularly around mealtimes -- their mealtimes.  Good grief, y'all would not believe the racket in the morning when I feed them.

Which leads me to the current "weird as hell" situation.  We ran out of kibble the day before yesterday.  I go grocery shopping today.  So the girls had to go without dry food all day yesterday and part of today.  Kisa is remarkably okay with this.  Bronte?  Not so much.

Bronte does not like wet food, apparently.  I put it in her dish and set it down; she sniffed at it, then looked at me with those big amber eyes and let out a plaintive, "Mreeeeew!"

"Sorry, Bronte.  No kibble till later."


"Eat the wet food, Bronte-bear."


Meanwhile, Kisa is moving back and forth between the two dishes like she's at an all you can eat buffet.  I swear to all things holy, that cat is going to outweigh Bronte by the time they're two.

I also suspect they've (or at least Bronte, since she does seem to be the brains of the operation most of the time) learned to operate our iPod mini.  I was listening to it last night and left it out on the living room table.  I'd been listening to my J-pop playlist, and when I came out this morning it was playing -- and it was playing an entirely different playlist.  Yeah.  *eyes cats warily*

Speaking of the weirdness that is teh kitties, another testament to Bronte's superior intelligence amusing incident happened a couple of weeks back.  We've been trying to train the cats to stay off tabletops and countertops, right?  So I went out into the kitchen for one reason or another and found Bronte in the kitchen sink (Kisa was sitting on the floor, looking up at her).  I scolded her, of course, and then kept walking through to the other end of the kitchen...


Where I saw that their water dish was very much empty, and had been pushed around the floor.

*shakes head again*

And now Bronte is alternating between sitting next to me on the couch and just looking at me like, "Make with the kibble, Mom," and getting down on the floor, going on her hind legs and digging her claws into my knee--OUCH, dammitagain and looking up at me (again with the big amber eyes of kitty-pathos) like, "FEEEED MEEEEE!"

Honey, really -- out of kibble.  Eat the frickin Iam's SELECT CUTS THAT MOST CATS WOULD GIVE THEIR TAILS FOR!  Jeez.

And a linkpimp that [livejournal.com profile] aoi_tsuki1 showed me -- cat owners will likely find this webcomic particularly amusing:  http://www.twolumps.net/  Quite a few of the comics had me laughing out loud, particularly a little "trip to the vet" arc.

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Well, we got back from Amelia Island last night, around eight'ish.  I was absolutely dead and went to bed around ten, but I'm feeling more human today. 

Day One! )

Day Two! )

Dinner at the Beech Street Grill )

Day Three! )

And now we're home, and the kitties are like, "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN OMG?!?!!?11?"

*iz ded*

Aug. 24th, 2005 03:52 pm
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Open letter to Terra Chips: )

Blargh.  I shouldn't be tired.  It's not even 4:00!  On the other hand, I have been uber productive today, though, which feels nice.  I got two pitchers of iced tea made (one of them is an iced jasmine tea, which I fervently hope doesn't taste like ass), I did a little shopping at Sam's Club (and now we have water AND soda).  The kitchen is nice and clean, the modem is still acting wonky (cable guy -- the second one today -- is due in about fifteen minutes or so), I actually worked out again (*shock!*), annnnnnd...

Wow, I certainly felt productive, right up until I listed everything out.  Of course, for me the working out part is a huge reason why I feel productive.  Even if the slightest movement aches like a sumbitch.  Seriously -- from, like, the neck down, everything is just all achy and stiff.  I've been moving around a lot to try and loosen up and not be so stiff, but... easier said than done.

One bit of excellent news is that I just caught Kisa and Bronte napping together on the bed in our spare room (we can leave doors open now, since they don't seem to be peeing on EVERYTHING IN SIGHT).  This is excellent news because Kisa's been hissing at Bronte pretty much ever since I brought them home from the vet clinic.  Don't know what's up with her, but it looks like she's working it out of her system, whatever it is.  And Bronte's chasing her little plush, leopard-spotted balls all over the house, so she's feeling better.  I have to make an appt to bring them up and have their sutures taken out.

Annnnd I have to do marketing homework.  Blech.

*cries*  Make the tummy muscles stop hurting, mommy!


N.I.A.M.H.S.A.M.A.: Networked Intelligent Android Manufactured for Hazardous Sabotage, Assassination and Masterful Analysis
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Okay, so I've got Bronte and Kisa home, and last night they were... kind of dopey and mellow, which I expected.  This morning, Kisa seems pretty normal (aside from hissing at Bronte, which... I dunno -- maybe it's because she's a bit tender still), but Bronte's got me a little worried.  As far as I've seen, she hasn't had any water, she's moving very tenderly, and she's breathing with her mouth open just a bit.  At one point she started drooling.  I called the vet, and I'm waiting to hear back from a technician.  Hopefully I'm just being overprotective.  Honestly, I thought if either cat had a hard time with the recovery, it'd be Kisa.

Can anyone shed a little light for me?  It was years ago the last time I had a cat spayed, and I don't quite remember what's "normal" behavior the day after.

And we kept Zoe (Mom's Cairn Terrier) overnight -- she slept in the bed, and everytime she moved, I woke up.  It doesn't help that the puppy-dog kicks in her sleep.  I'm all sorts of tired and icky feeling this morning.


Aug. 18th, 2005 02:07 pm
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I dropped the girls off at the veterinary clinic this morning to get spayed (finally).  We were a little concerned about Kisa, because she's so runty and skinny, but the vet assured me that if, after an initial exam, there was any question about Kisa's health, they wouldn't do the surgery.  I just checked my voicemail and found a message from the vet letting me know both of them went through surgery just fine, and will be ready for me to collect them anytime after 3:30.


In the meantime, I washed the entire house down with Nature's Miracle.  (Annnnnd I realized that I forgot to tell the vet Bronte has an umbilical hernia -- however, that's in her file from their first slew of visits/shots/tests, and the vet told me they'd fix it when we brought her in to get spayed. I just hope it wasn't the sort of thing I was supposed to remind them of, because I clean forgot she even HAD an umbilical hernia, the way she tears around the house like a maniac.  Bad Mommycat.)

On the way home, I went to Petsmart to get a little bed for them to recuperate in.  There's this one blanket we have that they both love to sleep on, so we'll probably line the bed with that and let them rest there for a bit.  We've been meaning to get a little kitty-bed for the office anyway.

Hopefully they use it. ;)

And now... now I find something to eat, because the bagel and coffee I had on the way back from the vet is ... yeah, it's pretty much gone by now.  That was 9:00, and it's now 2:00.
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I'm going to kill my cats.  Or ban them from the office area forever.  At least until they're spayed.

I'm sitting at the 'puter, waiting for the A/C repairmen to show up at Mom's house (so I can let them in), and I go over to the big plastic bin where I keep my art supplies.  I noticed an odd smell coming from that area, and when I moved something aside, I noticed a little urine spot on the tile, well hidden.  I sighed a little and cleaned it up.  Accidents happen, after all, and there have been times when one cat or the other has gotten locked in the office, so it's no use pitching a fit.

So, the more I start cleaning, the more I notice that, wow, the floor's really dirty in here.  So I got the vacuum cleaner and sucked up the little dust bunnies.

Whilst vacuuming, I started moving furniture, and found three more spots, all very well hidden.  I then swore profusely and started moving just about everything out of the room, save our desks, and the bookcase, and washed the floor.  I then spritzed the perimeter of the room with Nature's Miracle.

They sprayed my wastepaper basket.  My mesh wastepaper basket.  MESH.  I hauled that puppy into the sink and washed it.

I believe I've gotten everything.  This is after vacuuming, washing the floor with our Swiffer WetJet, and then hunkering down and washing it AGAIN with Clorox Wipes.  And then Nature's Miracle.  And if I catch a single cat marking any part of this room, I'm shoving the bottle of Nature's Miracle RIGHT where they need it.

The obvious question here is, "Why didn't you smell it?"

I do not know.  Although, right about now, it seems as if I can't smell anything else.  Yuck.

On the up-side, the floor in the office is now clean enough to eat off of...


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