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I was also out of town last week on --wait for it-- VACATION.  OMG!  Basically Mom was teetering on the brink of a nervous breakdown, and was talking about getting away for a few days.  I mentioned Amelia Island and she jumped on it, placed a rental deposit on an oceanfront cottage and then was like, "Um. I didn't want to go alone, so I figured you and George would come too."  My mother. Socute.

So, yes, we went and made it a family thing.  Mom had ample relaxation time, and she came back totally refreshed (she really needed the break too, gawd).  My uncle (who is normally an enormous douchebag) was going to be in town from CA anyway and he said he'd stay with Gramps.  (Which sounds great on paper, but... well, a douchebag can't change its spots... or something.  We came back to find out that the idiot didn't want Mom's dogs sleeping in the same bed as him, so he. LOCKED. THEM. IN. THE. GARAGE. OVERNIGHT. GRAR.)

But anyway, we were gone from 8/27-8/31 and I have scads of pictures that I will upload at some point.

Oh, and during the trip I chipped a tooth.  Bodyboarding.  Which I haven't done in upwards of ten years -- the bodyboarding, not the tooth-chipping.  It's not really visible and it doesn't hurt, so while I have every intention of seeing a dentist, it's not a huge, screaming priority.  Basically a rogue wave took my by surprise and my jaws clamped together really hard with the force.  But I'm okay and I'll get it looked at soon.

Oh, and this past Thursday I broke my baby toe.  While shopping.  (In the Shopping Cart vs. Piggy Toe Showdown, the cart won.)  I think I get extra irony points for having been SHOE SHOPPING at the time.  Aaaand I will probably lose the nail, which kind of terrifies me, because I've never lost a toenail before.  Sigh.

In much more fun news, I started trying to teach the dogs that neato "balance the treat on your nose" trick today.  They both got it once (out of probably ten tries), but it was all fun anyway.  Sydney did better than I expected -- once she stopped trying to give me her paw every time I tried to set the treat on her nose. 

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Because posting my to-do lists on my LJ actually helps me GET STUFF DONE:

Clean kitchen
Empty dishwasher
Laundry (in progress: 1 load washing, one on-deck)
Dust living room
RESEARCH PAPER (goal: 3 single-spaced pages [which I will then convert to double-spaced so I beam at my level of accomplishment])
      4 3/4"X10' PVC pipe
      24 3/4" PVC end caps (...I may need only 12)
      Adhesive vinyl stripes, possibly found at a sign shop?

I am exceptionally disappointed in the Miami/FSU game -- I know the 'Canes are a freshman-heavy team this year, but a lot of the coaching decisions seem to be more of the same.  Randy Shannon cleaned out the staff, as far as I know, but his replacements don't seem to be doing much better than the previous staff.  I don't know.  I DO know that my boys were able to come back from a nearly 20 point deficit, going into the half with a 3-21 score.  The game ended 39-41, though there were a lot of wacky flukes that happened, which benefitted the 'Canes.  I'm still disappointed they lost this game -- really, this was the only game I wanted them to win.  And they lost by two.  :(

I have a much longer post in mind, re: people's political posts and the posts of people who are Sick to Death of Politics and the consequent posts from the former group, but I have a lot I want to do today, and probably won't get around to writing it.  But here's my basic breakdown:

Well, that turned out to be not-very-short at all, didn't it? )
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I love my 'Canes.  Good or bad, I love them.  I've watched them play well, and I've watched them make stupid mistakes.  I've watched them go from the Orange Bowl to the NFL, and I've watched them grow from scrawny redshirts to amazing professional athletes. 

This story hurts my heart.


Sep. 5th, 2006 08:17 am
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Dear Miami Hurricanes,

What the fuck?  You blew your lead.  Blew. It.  Just because it's the first game of the season, that's no reason to play sloppily.  Here's an idea: play like you got a WHOLE NEW OFFENSIVE COACHING STAFF.  The defense can't do everything.  Keep it up, and Larry Coker will be out of  a job.  You do not lose to Florida State, and you DO NOT lose to Florida State in the Orange Bowl.  So what happened?  Misplace your playbook?  Get cocky?  Is Labor Day unlucky for you guys?  What?

If last night's game was any indication, it's gonna be a long season.  Pull your shit together, 'kay?

Don't make me come down there.

Teh Bunneh

In other news, I had a really unpleasant dream last night.  Not really a nightmare, but it played a lot on my insecurities and a few past experiences, and I woke up in kind of a weird mood.  I don't remember the details, but there was a project to be done, and I was assigned to do it.  I was given no details on what my bosses (a committee of sorts, I think) wanted from this project, and was given no input as to what they were looking for.  I do remember that the project was to be done in some sort of graphics program, and (in the dream, at least) it was a program I wasn't familiar with.  (Of course, IRL, I kind of suck with any kind of graphics program, muddling along through trial and error until I get the result I want.)  So, given no parameters, in a program I didn't know, I did this project to the best of my ability, and submitted it.  One member of the committee pointed out (loudly and rudely) every flaw in the project (which I didn't realize I'd made, because no one told me what they wanted) and said that someone else had also been assigned the project, and had done it far better than I did.  Ridicle followed.  (To my credit, I think I remember getting angry and standing up for myself instead of running off in tears.)

So. Fun dream.

(It's been a while since I've had a proper, scary nightmare.  Well, a stereotypically scary one, anyway.  I had one a while back after I'd seen Dawn of the Dead, where zombies were attacking, and I'd gone to a shopping mall to hide.  It was also a lot like the "Dead Rising" game.  Anyway.  In the dream, I had one of those rare moments of lucidity and thought: "Okay.  Zombies.  This is a dream.  Has to be.  Ergo, if it's a dream, I should be able to do something about it."  And I controlled the dream and made myself a vampire in the dream, and proceeded to escape the zombies.  No more zombie nightmares.  Now I've got to learn to control these weird "too real" dreams with awkward social situations.  I'd rather have the zombies, frankly.)

Today also starts a new workout schedule.  My friend C is beyond ready to lose her baby weight, so we've decided to work out together, in the mornings.  We both like walking, and there are some great parks near her house.  So I can take Darwin, and she can put the baby in his stroller, and we can do this thing together.  And we're both really pissed off about the game last night, so we can commiserate about that.  Hee -- she actually called me afterward, at, like, 11:30 at night.  I answered the phone, because I knew it was her, and the following greeting occurred:


Yeah.  Sometimes you just don't need to say, "Hello."
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Posted an update over on [livejournal.com profile] original_niamh.  As always, it's f-locked, so if you can't see it, you probably aren't logged in.

At the moment I'm kicking Universal Truths Chapter 11 into submission, trying not to overthink myself into writers block.  Because I do that.  As I write, I try and anticipate what my lovely beta-readin' pals will have to say about what I've got, and what usually ends up happening is I make snarky mental remarks about EVERYTHING I write, and end up deleting it all fifty million times over.  Which, as you can imagine, has me creeping forward at a snail's pace.

Add to this a lot of, "Hey, Kara, come look at this!" from the next room, and random pop-ins from my mother, and you can imagine how cranky I'm getting.  (Though, to be fair, Tora doesn't know that I'm actually trying to DO something in here. Which is my own fault entirely. If I told him I was working on UT, he'd leave me alone.)

Anyway, a lot of this is moot, because it's getting on six o'clock here, and the Miami/FSU game is on in two hours.  I've got super-fantastic nachos to make, and wings to order and pick up.

So, whee!  NCAA football!  'Canes/'Noles!  Wheeeeee!
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My god, I love this time of year.

Some people on my f-list know how I feel about the Miami Hurricanes. And some of y'all are even football fans yourselves. And a LOT of you know how much I'd have to fangirl something to embed the video in my blog. If you have even a passing affection for the sport and want to see some positively gorgeous interceptions, some amazing catches, and a whole lotta touchdowns -- and the hits, oh my GOD, the hits -- you'll enjoy the video. I've been to three Miami/FSU games, and two of them, I know for a fact, are featured in this vid ("wide right III" and "wide left" -- FSU always chokes when the game depends on a field goal, OMG), which may be why I love it so much.
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Virginia Tech is ranked #3 in the BCS poll for NCAA fooball.

The Miami Hurricanes are ranked #6.

Tonight the Hurricanes played VT in Blacksburg, Virginia.  The Hurricanes were expected to lose by a touchdown.

Miami: 27
VTech: 7



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Miami Hurricanes at Clemson. 

Last year, the 'Canes lost to Clemson in double overtime.  THIS year, they led 20-10 going into the 4th quarter, and STILL ended up going to double overtime.

Only difference?

In double overtime, after scoring a touchdown, Miami went to defense and Clemson got the ball (as per the rules).

And then?  Miami?  Intercepted Clemson's ball.  And it was a glorious, beautiful interception, too!

Thus winning the game.

Final score?  36-30, Hurricanes.

Whoo.   I 'bout screamed myself hoarse tonight. 


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