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Mom:  *calls*

Me:  *is having lunch.  nearly chokes self trying to swallow mouthful of sammich to answer so I don't have to hear another lecture about how I never answer my phone. (because my mother calls when I am either IN THE SHOWER or WALKING THE DOG I swear)  I proceed to explain to mother that I am  having lunch*

Mom:  *makes clear that I can keep on lunching, and plz to continue eating*

Me: *omnomnom*

Mom:  *...proceeds to engage in conversation at me (this is pretty common for us)*

Me:  *omnomnom*

Mom:  *asks me questions that require an actual answer composed of words rather than thoughtful silence*

Me:  *is eating.  MOUTH IS FULL.  thoughtful silence is all she gets until I manage to swallow another mouthful of sammich.*
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So... yeah.  I dye my hair.  I started going grey when I was 17, so you're damned right I dye my hair.  And because I enjoy being a brunette, I dye it brown.  Medium brown, which usually ends up being auburnish after a few washes, which suits me just fine.  However, I had a yen to try dark brown instead of medium brown, just because.  No real reason, just... wanted to go with something different this month. 

I told my mom this, because ... I was there, and had the box with me, and... why not?

Her response?  "Well, the only problem with going darker is that your grey will show up quicker."



Never let it be said my mother has a hard time giving me her honest opinion.
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So, last night I sent my econ paper to my mom, who is (a) a whiz at economics (and, strangely, it comes kind of easily to me, too, and I do enjoy it) and (b) a complete research addict.  I asked her to give it a look-see, and I 'd change any problems with it this morning.  She read it and IM'd me at about 10:45 telling me there were a few things that needed tweaking (a few things I'd left out, and a few comparisons I didn't argue clearly enough) and to come over at 9:00 the next morning for coffee, biscotti, and economic revisions.

I checked my email this morning and found an email time-stamped at 2:47 in the morning.  My mother edited my paper.  No, actually... my mother made the revisions, clarified my arguments, and included the facts I'd left out.  She also added the charts I'd been dreading making.  The paper went from 8 pages to the required 12 pages.  By the time I add in all the extra crap (works cited page, etc.), it'll probably be over that.

I am suddenly flashing back to all those research projects they assign in elementary school where you inevitably end up making a paper-mache something-or-other and how many times my mother pulled all-nighters with me because I'd procrastinated.  And how many papers she typed for me (before I learned how to type, that is -- we both type very quickly now).

She has pulled my fat out of the fire, yet again. 

Okay, however I have to manage it, Mom is getting the best Christmas, ever.
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Ask your hormonal adult daughter, "So, how far are you going to take this?" in relation to her possibly terminally ill cat.


Next thing you should never say:  "You can't go into hock over an animal.  I know you love her, and she is a love, but she's just an animal."

Never, ever say that, either.  Trust me on this one.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the vet called last night with... not-good news. Her hematocrit level was down to 7% (should be around 30-40% in a healthy cat), and that her anemia is the non-regenerative type, which increases the likelihood of FeLV. Her initial test (a basic blood test) came out negative, but he wants to do a bone marrow test to make sure it wasn't a false negative, because all signs seem to be pointing to FeLV.

EDIT the Second: I wrote to a local feline specialist today and got the following reply:

Bronte is going to need a blood transfusion w/ a PCV of 7 % regardless of the cause of the anemia. A bone marrow aspirate after she is stabilized from the transfusion is a logical next step. I am assuming she has been tested for FeLV and FIV. It sounds like she originally was being treated for a red blood cell type parasite called Hemobartonella. It is usually treated w/ doxy and pred for 3 weeks. It also usually shows a regenerative anemia. Immune mediated anemias in cats are rare except in FeLV positive cats.


The doc then went on to recommend two veterinary internists in the area.


Never again. Never, never again -- I am not ever, ever getting a random kitten from an "oops" litter ever again. I'll go to the pound first. I'll buy a purebred cat. But if there's any way I can avoid going through this kind of heartache again, I'm doing it.
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But Mom officially got on my nerves about wedding-stuff Sunday night.  Granted, this was after we'd polished off a bottle of wine, but... yeah.

When she gets tipsy, Mom, she does not do so well with the taking of the hints.  See, I'd told her about my little debacle with printing out more invitations than we needed, and then SHE started thinking about people we COULD invite, completely missing the point that we don't want a lot of people there.  Tora-kun and I are two of the most ... I won't say "anti-social," but we're not comfortable with being the center of attention, and we're not comfortable in large crowds.  We both find them off-putting and overwhelming. 

And it's like... I kept saying, "No, I don't want to invite any more people," and she was still suggesting people, and how many times can I say, "No, I don't want to invite any more people," before it actually starts meaning "NO, I DON'T WANT TO INVITE ANY MORE PEOPLE."

I should've stood my ground when she wanted to invite this one person I didn't know.  But she pointed out that this person was the good friend of the people at whose house the ceremony is going to be held (and on whose private beach), and I conceded, because I don't want these people to feel out of place (even though they are good friends of my uncle).  After that single concession, she's been driving me nuts.  It's like the extra invitations are burning a hole in her pocket.

I felt it necessary to point out that any extra people would up the catering bill, which Tora-kun and I are (somehow) footing the bill for. 

*makes note to contact Satan tomorrow to see if he's in the market for any new souls*

So I'm a little annoyed.  And I have a headache that simply refuses to go away and leave me alone.


But I have Fruits Basket volume 13, finally, so that makes me happy.  Even if I have to clean the house tomorrow.

Also, I have a draft of a letter we're sending to Tora-kun's parents, at the... hmm.  At the "encouragement" of Tora-kun's brother, who hates any sort of family strife, particularly since his ex-wife was (and in many cases, still is) the source of so much of it already.  It's nearly ready to go.  I have to ease back on some of my barbs (even if I think they're so subtle Toramom won't catch them at all), and add in another section dealing with a specific issue.

It's an uncomfortable situation, because Torabro wants everyone to get along, but Tora-kun wants an apology.  I told Tora-kun today that, as far as I'm concerned, neither of his parents are welcome at our wedding.  If HE wants them there, and HE'S willing to work things out, that's one thing.  But I needed to tell him that I did not want them there.

I'm half-tempted to send them one of the extra invitations, postmarked July 3.

Let's put it this way:  They're not welcome unless an apology comes forth.  If they apologize, I'll consider it. 

Since the chances of that happening are about the same as the chances of Elvis Presley organizing a comeback tour, I'm not gonna hold my breath.


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