Sep. 15th, 2008 12:14 pm
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Fact: The one rhetorical question most frequently asked of the animals in our house is easily "HAVE YOU LOST YOUR ONLY MIND?"

This is actually better than "HAVE YOU LOST YOUR [EXPLETIVE] MIND?" for obvious reasons.

Case in point:

Kisa was stalking a lizard on the screen. Stalking it through the window, no less. And then tried to pounce the lizard through a pane of hurricane-tempered glass. She jumped at the closed window, promptly bounced off, landed on my inbox (knocking a number of things over), and then leapt from my inbox to the back of my chair as if to distance herself from the scene of the idiocy as quickly as possible. Cue the dogs who snap to attention the absolute second I say Kisa's name in a certain tone of voice, and we have INSTANT CHAOS centered around my desk chair (which I am sat in at the time), with Kisa meowing plaintively above it all like, "What'd I do?"

So, yes. Just in case anyone happened to be wondering? Kisa's still the dumb one.

And I suddenly miss Bronte. A lot. :(

EDIT: And I just ran over SOMETHING of Sydney's with my chair. AUGH. She seems to be okay, despite the yelp she just let out, and despite the CLUMP OF FUR now on the floor. D:
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(Plz to overlook the fact that dogs don't actually speak. Trust me, with Darwin, a look is worth a thousand words.)

Joys of dog ownership? THINK AGAIN. )

I swear to god, my dog is laughing at me.  NOT EVEN MAGICAL COOKIE BRIBERY WORKED.
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So a 33 year-long streak ended yesterday.

I got my first bee sting. Hornet, actually -- if you want to get technical. I was wrestling the walrus giving Sydney her bath, and felt something tangled in some of the fur underneath her body, by her hind leg. It felt like a leaf or something caught in the fur, so I pulled it out.


Needless to say, Mr. Hornet was not long for this world after that.

Aaaand now I need to stop screwing around on the internet and start working on being something remotely resembling productive.
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I love sleep. I do. I love it because I do not get enough of it.

Last night, Sydney woke us up at 1:30 AM, pacing around the room. We both knew she had an upset stomach, because for some reason, she vomited at about 8 or 9 Sunday night. There seemed to be no reason for it, so we chalked it up to her getting into something and called it good.

No, instead she wakes up at 1:30 am, pacing and panting. I took her outside where she treated our lawn like an all-you-can-eat salad bar -- finally, finally she did her thing, and I took her back inside.

Where she puked up the grass she just ate. Sigh.

So, doggy G-I issues can be complicated, and we wanted to make sure it wasn't an obstruction of some sort, or bloat (when George and AJ were kids, they had a dog that died of bloat, so he's a little paranoid whenever one of the dogs has an upset stomach). Her stomach was making some of the most godawful gurgling noises, so at about 2 AM, we decided to trek over to the 24 hour Emergency Vet.

The good news! It wasn't an obstruction, and it wasn't bloat.

The bad news! Fricking expensive trip to the vet to find out she just had an "upset stomach." She got a couple of shots -- one was an anti-nausea medication (Metoclopramide, which also "increases gastric motility," and I'll be looking that up shortly) and the other was Cerenia, which, as far as I can tell, is supposed to decrease vomiting in dogs. She also got some Cerenia tablets for her to take tomorrow and Wednesday. She also got some bland canned food, and I'm to feed her in little doses all through the day. Right now she's passed out on the floor, asleep, and you never would have known she was sick at all. Little black and tan pain in the ass.

We got home at about half past three in the morning. At seven-thirty Darwin was like, "OH HEY, LOOK, IT'S TIME TO GET UP," which he does every morning between seven and seven-thirty, it's just that this morning it was less welcome than usual.

George text-messaged his boss to tell him he'd be coming in late this morning, and I took both dogs for a walk so he could get an hour or so of extra sleep. I'm planning on a nap as well, but I've got a few things I want to finish first.


Empty dishwasher
Clean kitchen
Dust living room

Laundry (load #1, DONE; load #2, drying)
Bathe dogs (am thinking about putting this one off until tomorrow, because Syd's been through enough, and bathing her is akin to wrestling a wet, soapy walrus) EDIT: Well, that was the worst idea ever. But it's done.


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So yes, THE RAIN HAS STOPPED, and the flood waters are slowly starting to recede -- at least in our back yard. I need to walk the dogs because they have been cooped up indoors for two days now, and a walk is vital to my sanity as well as theirs. I've also been feeling cabin fever like crazy, so yes, a walk is DEFINITELY in order. My only problem is that I'm not sure where I can walk the dogs. I was considering our usual nature path in hopes that it's not totally underwater when I remembered a "helpful tip" I heard on the news yesterday, that basically went a little something like this:

"Exercise caution when venturing into flooded areas or areas that might be flooded, as we've had numerous alligator sightings."

So maybe I won't take a walk down the nature trail where I know there to be not one, but two alligators in residence, yeah? Yeah.

ETA: Curiosity overpowered common sense and I went down the nature path anyway. I saw no alligators! The water was higher than I'd ever seen it, and there was an obvious current that was really quite strong in places.

I can't remember the last time I took a walk in the rain. It was bizarrely liberating, feeling it soak through my cap and shirt and simply not caring. A few trees had fallen, giving the path an air of... charming neglect. Everything was damp and green and smelled clean, just like the world does after a raifall. I was soaked to the bone by the time I got home; I've since had a hot shower and I'm waiting for a cup of tea to steep. It's still raining, but much more lightly now, and there's no more tension in the air -- it's just rain and I am happy to sit at my desk and watch it fall.
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I never realized there were so many places I'd need to change my name.

For instance: the veterinary clinic and pharmacy.

Adventures in Name Changing! )

Also, today the Miami Hurricanes will be announcing their new head coach: 'Canes defensive coordinator, Randy Shannon.  I have mixed feelings about this.  On the one hand, Randy Shannon is an unbelievable defensive coordinator, and he was the one I was hoping would get the job.  He's been with the team for years, and was brought in when Butch Davis was rebuilding the team while they were on sanctions.  He also played for the 'Canes, back in the day.  He's awesome.

However, I'm worried about him.  Miami is a difficult city, full of fair-weather fans and pundits who always seem to know better than whoever's in charge.  The Miami Hurricanes haven't been able to hold onto a coach for more than five years in a row since Howard Schnellenberger.  It's a tough gig, and unfortunately the university (I think) is giving themselves a bad reputation because of this.  Jimmy Johnson hung around for five years, then went and coached the Cowboys.  Dennis Erickson (ohgod, awful, awful coach) went to Seattle and is now, I think, in San Francisco (wherever he is, he's surely sucking the life out of the team -- The 49'ers suck right now, so I'd bet he is in fact there).  Butch Davis was, in my opinion, the best coach the 'Canes had of them all (wtf, Butch, you ditched the 'Canes for the fucking Browns after 4 or 5 seasons, and after assuring the team you weren't leaving, and now you're at North Carolina after coaching the Browns for 4 or 5 seasons).  And then Larry Coker (Larry, Larry, Larry -- you're not a bad coach, you're just too nice a guy.  You're too nice.  And those kids ran all over you.), who coached the team for six seasons.  I liked Larry -- I did.  I do like Larry.  I just don't think he's a great fit for the 'Canes.  Those kids need a hardass coach, and I believe Randy Shannon will be that hardass coach.

I just hope he hangs around for more than five years. 


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