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But Mom officially got on my nerves about wedding-stuff Sunday night.  Granted, this was after we'd polished off a bottle of wine, but... yeah.

When she gets tipsy, Mom, she does not do so well with the taking of the hints.  See, I'd told her about my little debacle with printing out more invitations than we needed, and then SHE started thinking about people we COULD invite, completely missing the point that we don't want a lot of people there.  Tora-kun and I are two of the most ... I won't say "anti-social," but we're not comfortable with being the center of attention, and we're not comfortable in large crowds.  We both find them off-putting and overwhelming. 

And it's like... I kept saying, "No, I don't want to invite any more people," and she was still suggesting people, and how many times can I say, "No, I don't want to invite any more people," before it actually starts meaning "NO, I DON'T WANT TO INVITE ANY MORE PEOPLE."

I should've stood my ground when she wanted to invite this one person I didn't know.  But she pointed out that this person was the good friend of the people at whose house the ceremony is going to be held (and on whose private beach), and I conceded, because I don't want these people to feel out of place (even though they are good friends of my uncle).  After that single concession, she's been driving me nuts.  It's like the extra invitations are burning a hole in her pocket.

I felt it necessary to point out that any extra people would up the catering bill, which Tora-kun and I are (somehow) footing the bill for. 

*makes note to contact Satan tomorrow to see if he's in the market for any new souls*

So I'm a little annoyed.  And I have a headache that simply refuses to go away and leave me alone.


But I have Fruits Basket volume 13, finally, so that makes me happy.  Even if I have to clean the house tomorrow.

Also, I have a draft of a letter we're sending to Tora-kun's parents, at the... hmm.  At the "encouragement" of Tora-kun's brother, who hates any sort of family strife, particularly since his ex-wife was (and in many cases, still is) the source of so much of it already.  It's nearly ready to go.  I have to ease back on some of my barbs (even if I think they're so subtle Toramom won't catch them at all), and add in another section dealing with a specific issue.

It's an uncomfortable situation, because Torabro wants everyone to get along, but Tora-kun wants an apology.  I told Tora-kun today that, as far as I'm concerned, neither of his parents are welcome at our wedding.  If HE wants them there, and HE'S willing to work things out, that's one thing.  But I needed to tell him that I did not want them there.

I'm half-tempted to send them one of the extra invitations, postmarked July 3.

Let's put it this way:  They're not welcome unless an apology comes forth.  If they apologize, I'll consider it. 

Since the chances of that happening are about the same as the chances of Elvis Presley organizing a comeback tour, I'm not gonna hold my breath.

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There were moments when I wasn't sure I'd survive till Sunday.  But I did.  Huzzah!  So, Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah!

Okay, let's see...

We went to see King Kong, as I said, and it was gorgeous and wonderful and Peter Jackson's a complete genius, but I didn't share with anyone the little gem Tora-kun's mother shared with us as we were walking down the corridor to our theatre.  We passed one of those big cardboard cutouts for Casanova, and I said I wouldn't mind seeing that, because, really -- debauchery and hedonism in old Italy?  OMG YES.  So, Heath Ledger is in the flick -- he's Casanova, apparently.

And then his mom turns around, looks at us, gestures at the cutout and says, completely straight-faced (because she was serious):  "I didn't know Heath Ledger was a homosexual."

I nearly tripped.
A headdesk moment, and a Christmas recap... )

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Okay, I swiped this from [livejournal.com profile] smtfhw and... somehow I'm not surprised at the results:

Meme results behind the cut... )

In other news, last night we went with Tora-kun's parents, brother, and nephew to go see King Kong. I managed to suppress the urge to roll my eyes when his mother complained that the movie took too long to get to the action, and the general consensus was that it was too long and spent too much time on the "prologue."

His words (expressed once we were alone in our car) summed it up perfectly: "Sometimes I just don't get them." We both thought it was breathtaking and phenomenal, and the best thing we've seen in ages, and that Peter Jackson is a GENIUS. I don't know the last time I've cried so much at a movie. And in two entirely different places. Seriously -- I couldn't stop crying. It was that good. We both loved it. LOVED IT, OMG.

Okay. Now on to the Darwinsquee -- his eyes are starting to open! EEEE!

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*flops over* 

Well, I managed not to get sick for Thanksgiving; Wednesday I felt a little icky, but apparently beat illness into submission with... well, it certainly wasn't rest and fluids.  Wednesday I promised to meet Tora-kun for lunch (something I almost never do, so it's a treat -- he was basically alone in his office, and he knew the day was going to be crawling by), and I had to go pick up our friends' Jack Russell terrier.  Sounds easy, yes?  It is, until you consider that Tora-kun's office is forty minutes in one direction, and our friends' home is thirty minutes in the other direction.  We live smack in the middle of these two destinations.  So I drove forty minutes south, had lunch with Tora-kun, and then drove upwards of an hour and a half north (counting for traffic) to get Marley. 

A re-cap of my Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday... )
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Yesterday we spent the day with teh boi's family -- it was his dad's birthday, and they were doing a seafood boil for lunch/dinner, and then having cake and ice cream.  It was fun, other than the fact that we were the only people, aside from a 2 year-old, who didn't smoke.  I'm serious.  Both of his parents smoke, and there were four other people in the house who smoked. 

This is actually a fairly common complaint whenever we go to his parents' house.  Smokers are friends of smokers.  And when you are in the smoke-realm, no one asks if you mind if anyone smokes.  And they were smoking around a child, which is just. STUPID.  Of course, the kid is a total pain anyway -- two years old, and already roughly 50 lbs.  (CHILDREN AREN'T SUPPOSED TO HAVE CELLULITE.  She does.)  They were letting her graze free-range on the chips and dip, and when they told her "no" to a second piece of cake (b/c she didn't eat her dinner), she started crying and screaming until...  yep.  Until someone cracked and gave her a second piece -- for the sake of our collective peace, because her parents weren't doing anything about the temper tantrum.  Ohhh, I could go on and on and on about that kid, and her loser parents.  But I won't. 

So we left around 9:30 or so (because my contact lenses had practically fused to my cornea, and I had a headache from, you know, lack of oxygen), and we got home to our own smoke-free haven.  Today my hair stinks, my skin stinks, and I have a sore throat.  We both always feel absolutely awful after an all-day visit with them, and everytime we leave, it's always the same thing:  "We don't see enough of you guys!"

Yeah,  because we like breathing.


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