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That today's horoscope said:  "The workplace will be a madhouse. You'll find peace tonight."

What it probably ought to have said:  "You will be surrounded by more idiots than usual today."

It's going to take a lot for my Employment Law teacher to get me to revise my opinion of her.  And in case anyone was wondering, my current opinion of her is that she's lazy (do not use the words "thru" and "nite" and expect to get anything resembling respect from me, tyvm), utterly disrespectful of her students' time (ARE YOU KIDDING ME? YOU SCANNED IN EVERY LAST ONE OF THOSE HANDOUTS -- POORLY, I MIGHT ADD -- AND IT'S UP TO US TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO PRINT THEM SO THEY'RE WORTH HALF A DAMN?), and one Archdemon short of a Blight.  (Yes, I know: gratuitous DA:O reference.  I need what laughs I can get right now.)

I need to (a) find my happy place, stat, and (b) switch to herbal tea before the vein currently popping out on my forehead bursts.
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Dear Self,

Class From Hell is coming to an end tomorrow. Yes, you have made it through the semester without having bought the book, and yes, you are just over 24 hours away from being done with this craptacular class, and the prof's McAnecdotes forever and ever, amen.

So could you possibly explain why, with 25 hours before your final class, and a half an hour away from leaving for the group meeting to go over our final presentation, you HAVE NOT STARTED THE FINAL YET? This is new heights of procrastination, even for you.



Or you could feed the dogs instead. Yeah, that sounds like a plan too.

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Hokay. I may have found shoes that (a) I like and (b) will match the dress. They look a bit like this:
Cut for an image of ONE SEXY SHOE )

Only with more of a slingback, and less of a platform. Yes, they are hella high. Yes, they will put me at well over 6' tall (I'm not that worried, as the MOH is as tall as I am, and she also loves super-high crazyheels). They are also the only gold-ish shoes I have found that don't look like they belong traipsing around a retirement community. I also found them at Marshall's, so the price is most definitely reasonable. I may check out a few other places, but I'm thinking these are The Shoes.

I also finished my case study last night! A full DAY ahead of schedule. Woot! So today I'm going to work on actually TYPING OUT my research paper. Hopefully I can get a couple of pages under my belt before the weekend.

And... that's pretty much it for now. I haven't been doing much writing lately, given the schoolwork, so I'm also hoping that getting a head start on my paper will let me write a bit over the weekend.
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The good: Picked the car up this morning and it seems to be fixed. The shop found a clogged valve that seemed to be responsible for the misfire. They also performed some kind of cleaning process (it sounded like he called an "engine fog," but I can't be sure). They also found a fair bit of water and sediment in the fuel, so I'm supposed to buy some dry gas and put it in the fuel tank the next few times I fill up. Also, this last visit did not cost me one red cent. \o/

The bad: I have a case study due tomorrow night, a research paper due next week, and an exam the week after that.

The AUGH: All of the articles I compiled for my research paper just got LOST because my stupid library session timed out.

I leave for NH a week from tomorrow, and still do not have shoes for my dress. ON THE UPSIDE, I now have a dress that FITS.

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Well, attempting to stick to my self-imposed schedule worked out really well yesterday. I got about 1000 words written (maybe a hair less, since I was writing "around" paragraphs I'd written earlier), and I'm pretty satisfied with the chapter and the progress I'm making on what... is loosely passing for an outline. XD

TODAY is not so much with the housework and creativity, but more worky stuff -- I'm doing some database work for Mom, which is as gripping as it sounds, but she's paying me, and income is income. I'll probably mind it less when I get an ergonomic keyboard to plug up to the laptop (I love my lappy, but my wrists aaache if I type too long).

This week starts a new adventure -- classes in HR Management! Which I am... less than thrilled about, but with Tora's raise, and an in-school deferment, it'll give me a few months of breathing room, during which time I can get rid of some other debt and gain a sort of... financial foothold before I can tackle loan payments with renewed vigor once again. But, hey, HR management is... probably not as painfully boring as Finance or Economics classes, so there's that at least, right? Urgh.

Yes, I TOTALLY FAIL at knowing what I want to be when I grow up, shut up. SoM, recommend a massage therapy school to meeeeee.


Oct. 31st, 2007 10:15 am
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Okay, so long story short:

GRE snafu = no spring admission for Bunneh.

Ah, well.  This gives me a semester off to recover from MBA hell.  On the bright side, now I can try qualifying for a fellowship.

Time flies

Oct. 31st, 2007 09:54 am
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Holy crud, I have not updated this thing in a month.  Wow, that's a special kind of fail.

Of course, much of the past month was spent fretting over my Strategic Management course.  Which is now over, and in which I got a shiny B, so I'm pretty relieved about that.  My final course in the program is a business writing elective, and I'm taking that now (courses last eight weeks instead of sixteen).  So things should be a little less insane.

Speaking of less insane, or rather the opposite of less insane, I'm going to apply to UCF's Texts and Technology PhD program.  The application process has been a niiiiightmare because my GRE scores are over five years old, and the department head said she could waive the five-year limit if I could produce an official copy of my scores.  Alas, ETS does not hold on to scores that long, UCF mysteriously lost the official copy I had sent to them when I took the stupid thing in the first place, and GWU doesn't keep hard copes.  I'm MILDLY annoyed with the program over this, because I could have signed up to take the GRE again, but instead wasted time running around on a wild goose chase. 

Bronte... is not doing well.  At this point, I think George and I have agreed to keep her on her meds and keep her comfortable for as long as she's with us.  She isn't in any pain, and she's eating and drinking, but she's lost a LOT of weight, and her coat is very raggedy.  I need to make a vet appointment to let him know that we're just going to keep the meds up and keep her comfy. 

Ah, so that's why I haven't updated in a month.  Whining about school and depressing news about my cat.  Well then.  At least I know now.


Sep. 26th, 2007 08:27 am
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Hokay, so. I got the call from the vet yesterday, and Bronte's levels were holding steady at 8%, which... isn't good but isn't horrible either. I mean, that's still a really bad level for her red blood cell count to be at, but she's holding steady there, which... isn't horrible. Our choices at this point are to look into a second transfusion, keep her on the meds for a few more weeks and see if her levels increase, or Dr. Young said he could get us set up with a specialist. I have a feeling a specialist is going to tell us she needs a second transfusion, but I may be wrong about that.

What does this mean? This means no Difficult Decisions need to be made immediately. I'm thinking we may take her to a feline specialist, even though I'm almost certain a specialist is going to recommend a transfusion. We will probably do a second transfusion if I can get an extension on our Care Credit account.

Just in case anyone was wondering, Bronte IS the best cat in the world. So there. ;)

PS:  You guys are made of awesome. 

PPS:  In other noteworthy news, I got a 98 on my midterm for Strategic Management! \o/
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Hokay, so.  Classes have started up again, and I'm currently in my LAST required class for my MBA, holy crap.  I'm taking a second class in Fall II because I want to, but after that I WILL HAVE GRADUATED. 

Ironically, I think this class will be the one I actually find remotely useful.  It's called "Strategic Management" and it's basically a Capstone course.  We're also doing a program called "Capsim," which is a ... game, I guess, and our team competes with other Capsim teams from colleges around the world.  Our prof has already told us he expects us to rank in the top ten at the end of the game.  (This is out of hundreds and hundreds of teams and oh god.)

So, our team consists of five people, and I am in charge of Marketing.

And if last night's class is any indication... I don't suck at Marketing.  This is a refreshing, reassuring realization.

Our term paper for the class is supposed to be a personal strategy on where we want to be in five years and how best to achieve that.  I have decided I'm going to apply the tea shop to the task and see if it's a realistic expectation for a tea shop to be turning a profit in five years.  This will probably help me decide if it'll be worth the financial risk, since THAT is what's keeping me from getting on the ball and doing a business plan and all that jazz. 

I've also started rewriting UT.  Again.  Sigh.  BUT I intend to work on the drabble meme I posted MONTHS ago, so yay!

And now it's time to walk zee dog, who has completely recovered from his tummyache on Sunday.  I'm starting to wonder if he was experiencing a sympathy hangover. ;)
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Okay, let's not mention the part where it's being proofread and will likely come back to me with more red marks on it than... something with a lot of red marks.



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This will not be a long, drawn out post about how things are going, because I don't think you really want to know.  So!  BULLET POINTS:

  • Gave Sylvan my two-weeks notice (because Mom needs help with her and my uncle's start-up and she's paying me the same rate as Sylvan).
  • Got a speeding ticket.
  • Got the flu. (AGAIN. WTF. Plague much?)
  • Bronte seems not to be doing any better.
  • Still have not heard about private school job, but did find out that they're still interviewing and that they'll be in touch.
  • Got a "C" on my midterm.
  • Need to finish my resarch paper AND study for final (Wednesday).

Someday I will have a happy post.  I actually haven't posted because I didn't want to be Bitchy McBitcherson.  Then I realized people  might start thinking I fell off the face of the earth.  Not true. 

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Really, I'm alive.  I'm okay.

Well, if you can call "getting topped by Managerial Economics like a little bitch" being "okay."

Exam Wednesday.  I'll be around more after that.


Dec. 4th, 2006 04:21 pm
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Econ paper and presentation: DONE

Econ final: NEXT WEEK


(It's now the fourth, and I have till the nineteenth and... tell me I've been in worse fic-related scrapes than this, someone. Please.)
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So, last night I sent my econ paper to my mom, who is (a) a whiz at economics (and, strangely, it comes kind of easily to me, too, and I do enjoy it) and (b) a complete research addict.  I asked her to give it a look-see, and I 'd change any problems with it this morning.  She read it and IM'd me at about 10:45 telling me there were a few things that needed tweaking (a few things I'd left out, and a few comparisons I didn't argue clearly enough) and to come over at 9:00 the next morning for coffee, biscotti, and economic revisions.

I checked my email this morning and found an email time-stamped at 2:47 in the morning.  My mother edited my paper.  No, actually... my mother made the revisions, clarified my arguments, and included the facts I'd left out.  She also added the charts I'd been dreading making.  The paper went from 8 pages to the required 12 pages.  By the time I add in all the extra crap (works cited page, etc.), it'll probably be over that.

I am suddenly flashing back to all those research projects they assign in elementary school where you inevitably end up making a paper-mache something-or-other and how many times my mother pulled all-nighters with me because I'd procrastinated.  And how many papers she typed for me (before I learned how to type, that is -- we both type very quickly now).

She has pulled my fat out of the fire, yet again. 

Okay, however I have to manage it, Mom is getting the best Christmas, ever.
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I totally shouldn't be doing this, because I have an economics term paper due MONDAY and I should be working on it NOW, but I'm NOT because... well, because I was eating dinner and do you have any idea how hard it is to look up facts about the UK's economy while cutting roast beef?

(And I am now of the firm opinion that the UK wins at everything for making up the five economic tests to "assess the UK's readiness" to adopt the Euro as its currency. Because from what I can tell?  These "tests" pretty much guarantee a veto.  Good, because, hell, I wouldn't want to give up the pound either.  I have an inexplicable fascination with pound coins. Shut up.)

Worked today, and it wasn't as bad as I feared -- it was pretty nice, actually.  I'm really enjoying working at Sylvan.  Working with little kids is actually a whole lot better than I thought it'd be. :D  Tora wasn't too happy about it, but... well, I'm afraid he's going to just have to deal with it.  Came home, worked a bit on the paper, took Darwin to the park, came back, worked on the paper, made dinner, worked on the paper, ate dinner, came online.

And that's pretty much my Saturday.  XP

EDIT: OMG, best quote I've found yet: "To hit one exogenous shock may be regarded as a misfortune, to hit five looks like carelessness, as Lady Bracknell might have said." <3

Worky worky

Oct. 4th, 2006 02:50 pm
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I had another group project for this managerial accounting course.  Most people will notice I haven't mentioned it at all.  And would you like to know why I haven't mentioned it at all?

Because everyone's done their part.  It's wild.  Like... people send me things to add into the paper, and the portions are ... sane.  And formatted.  And make sense.

I'm spoiled.

Um... let's see...

Bronte still doesn't like the iron supplement. Shock.

Got totally caught in a torrential downpour today while walking.  Got only about 1.5 miles done instead of 3, which sucked, but I am just so not hard-core enough to keep walking while I am getting seriously soaked.  I mean, my sneakers were squelching and my clothes were soaked through, and... honest to god, I looked like I walked out of a shower.  I was that drenched.

Aaaand I'm trying really hard not to procrastinate.  Except that I am.  Kind of a lot.

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Yesterday certainly improved as the day went on, thankfully.  I took Darwin swimming for a bit, which was fun, even though he had zero interest in fetching tennis balls.  No, yesterday's fun new game was "JUMP ON MAMA-DOG!"  I'd be swimming, minding my own business, when all of a sudden there's a dog, flying through the air at my head.  Once, I kid you not, he landed on me and took me under.  I have bruises and claw marks from where he landed on me.  And, of course, he wasn't happy unless he was swimming with me (and by "with" I mean "on top of"), so his monster-paws kept thwacking me, and scraping me up with his claws.  Gawd.  My dog kicked my ass. XD

Also, I just made a new post in my original fiction journal, [livejournal.com profile] original_niamh, for anyone who's interested.  That journal, however, does have a friends-lock on it, so if you don't see the entry, you're probably not logged in.

I have class tonight, which I'm not looking forward to, even a little.  I also have to drive up to the Air Force base and get my pass, otherwise I'm not going anywhere.  Well, I take that back.  I can go anywhere but to class.  And that would be bad.  Very. 
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We had our last finance class tonight. 

God willing, I will never have another class with "R the dumbass" ever again. 

Of course, it couldn't be all good.  He had to fuck up our presentation, of course.  Here's a rundown of how things went to hell:

SUNDAY:  Everyone meets and decides that we want to get the group paper/project out of the way, because we also have the final to work on.  I volunteered to construct the paper of everyone's bits, format it, and create the slide presentation.  (It sounds like a lot, but I was rescued from a great deal of evil math during this project, so it worked out.)

MONDAY:  J sends me her parts.  No word from R.  I wait.  (My first mistake.)

TUESDAY:  I'm done waiting for R, so I construct the paper without his input.  Or his references.  11:00 Tuesday night, he sends me his powerpoint slides.

WEDNESDAY:  I finish constructing the paper and realize that class is TOMORROW, and I haven't started the exam.  Of course, I start the exam.  And beg my mother to help me with the powerpoint slides.

THURSDAY (day of presentation):  Exam, exam, exam, exam.  Oh, and an email with last minute changes to R's powerpoint slides (with no context at all as to whether these were completely new replacement slides, or slides to be added in addition to the other slides, or what). 

In class, he had the unmitigated GALL to ask me why I hadn't sent him the master copy of the slide presentation (because I'd been working on it up till 10 minutes before I was due to leave -- TEN MINUTES, trying to make his fucked up slides fit into the presentation, and fix his spelling errors, to boot).

What happened, you ask?  Well, he brought his own flash drive, which had his slides on it.


Slides I had put into the presentation.  At the last minute.  Ten minutes before I had to leave my house.

He used his own slides.  Which did not match the slideshow I'd made, at all.  Halfway through the presentation, he plugged in his little flash drive, and started Powerpoint up, and... yeah. Used his slides.  And then he was completely lost when he got back to the actual slide show, and clicked through the whole damn thing, and... oy.  Unprofessional, all over the place.  Particularly because the slides he'd given me were THERE, and... jeez, it just makes my head ache.

But, J and I had talked with the professor, explaining to him the problems we've had with R, so hopefully we won't be penalized for his rampant idiocy.

And now I get two weeks off before Managerial Accounting starts. 

I am going to sit down and fill out thank you cards.  I am going to read American Gods.  I am going to have at least one day where I do nothing at all.  I am going to work on Bump and OGAM. 

I am going to enjoy the hell out of the next two weeks.

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I'm officially regretting alllll of my Finance procrastination -- even if most of it was wedding related.  Our paper and project is due this Thursday, I have a group meeting in... three hours, and I'm not what you'd call "prepared" for it.  Oh, and our take-home final exam is due Thursday too.  Whee.  Oh, and did I mention that we got stuck with the jackass from the first Finance class again?  I really thought my other group partner was going to hit him with her book Thursday night.  He sent her his portion of the project, and she found out that he'd done it wrong, so she did it herself.  He then got his boxers in a knot and made a comment about how they wasted time both working on the same section, to which she said, "You did it wrong."

And then he wanted her to show her how to do it RIGHT.  *headdesk*  And even AFTER being shown that he did it wrong, he was still complaining about the time wasted by the two of them doing the same section.  Oy.  I really dislike this guy.  A lot.  After getting stuck with him in my group for Marketing, Finance, and now Advanced Finance, I sincerely hope I never, ever see his face in a classroom ever again.

Good news, though: Tora's feeling a lot better after a week's worth of antibiotics.  Still kind of weak and tired, but definitely better, so that's good.

There's other stuff going on, but mostly right now I'm up to my ears in NYSE and NASDAQ research.  And, just for the record, the NYSE's website rocks my socks.  NASDAQ's website can bite my ass in all its uselessness.

The highlights of my week:  receiving the most useless gift in the history of wedding presents (no, really THE most useless gift -- I have pictures and was laughing for hours after opening it), and downloading the new Microsoft Media Player and signing up for Urge.

It's... a chair? Huh? )
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Was getting the big stubborn dork to admit that he's sick and agree to go to the doctor.  Both things happened this morning.

Why, oh, why do these things always happen on class days?  I'm all crampy too (like, the 3rd month in a row that Teh Girlbits have rebelled on a Thursday), so this has been a super uber fun day. 

Basically, Tora has been averaging about 2-3 hours a sleep a night, because he's coughing so much.  He was supposed to go back to work on Wednesday, but ended up staying home yesterday and today -- and will be home tomorrow, too.  Because -- wait for it -- he has either bronchitis or walking pneumonia (impossible to tell which for sure without doing a chest x-ray).  The doc is treating him for walking pneumonia, just to be on the safe side.  So he's now presently doped up on god only knows what -- Avalox and... something else.  Oh, and he got his first Albuterol inhaler.

The good thing is that Tora is the type of guy who will only go to the doctor when something is seriously wrong.  The last time he went, he was in high school.  Basically, he doesn't get sick -- I mean, aside from the occasional cold here or there.  So the antibiotics the doc prescribed him will probably kick the snot out of his sickness (no pun intended), because he doesn't get antibiotics very often.

Unfortunately, because I missed class last week, and because we only have, like, two or three class meetings left, I have to go to class tonight.  HAVE TO.  So I can't sit with him and dote on him like I normally would.  (No, really -- I totally would.)

I liked the doc that he saw, though.  My normal GP couldn't fit him in today or tomorrow, so we made an appointment with R&C's GP.  I liked him so much, I'm considering changing once the insurance stuff goes through.  (Holy cow, I'm going to have insurance.

Long story short -- Tora's sick, Bunneh's crampy, and there's still Finance class tonight.

The good news?  I finally broke down and bought American Gods (though I came THISCLOSE to buying the new hardcover edition of Good Omens, except that the only copy B&N had left was the Aziraphale cover, and I totally want the Crowley cover), and plan to start it either tonight or tomorrow, because when more than one person tells me I need to read something, I typically find that I wish I'd listened to the masses earlier.  [livejournal.com profile] mephistophela, I'm looking at you.  You too, [livejournal.com profile] everstar3.  And YOU, [livejournal.com profile] mscongeniality.  (You've all rec'd Uncle Neil Gaiman to me at one time or another.  It's time for me to start slogging through the rest of his stuff.)

*sigh*  Time to leave for class.  The plan is to leave early, stop at Starbucks, and get there early to meet with one of my group members so we can bitch about the idiot group member we weren't able to ditch from the first Finance class make sure we're on the same page with everything.


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