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I cannot pretend to be disappointed in this: )

Up too early.  Am sleepy.  And kind of hungry.  And... *yawn*  I have to go grocery shopping.  I'd really like to try and get past the current UT writer's block, though.  That would make me really happy.

Not much going on -- Darwin's last puppyclass is next week, and they're doing a little "graduation" thing which promises to kill me of cute, and I will be taking my camera and probably spamming my f-list with pictures. 

A couple of my fics were nominated for a Furuba fic contest -- "Perchance to Dream" and "Justification for a Lie," but not "Bump," because it's for finished fics only.  Ah well, it was a nice surprise and I'm really quite flattered, as both of those fics were pretty short and got written really quickly.  So it was fun to find that in my inbox.  Don't really expect either of them to win anything (probably because I wrote them so quickly), but I'm still happy and flattered. :)

Darwin stuff behind the cut... )

We finally saw the Wallace & Grommit movie -- oh my god.  LOVED IT.  And, okay, yes, part of the love was for all the bunnies, STFU.  And Grommit just... wins.  At everything.  Especially giant-bunny drag.

Hokay -- I have to hunt down something to eat.   *stretches*  (And I'd also like to figure out my recent WTF infatuation with country music.  I used to listen to the local country station pretty regularly when I was commuting to Orlando, but stopped.  And lately I seem to be rediscovering it.  And maybe I'm just a big dork, but "Honky-Tonk Badonkadonk" holygod cracks my shit up.  It does make good background noise, though, and not too terribly distracting.)
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So I've been trying for weeks to get Darwin to walk on a loose leash, because when he's 70+ lbs, I do not want to be dragged all over hell's half-acre.  In our training class, they tell us to make the dog stop and sit when he starts pulling.  And when I did this at home, I kid you not, it took me 45 minutes to take a 15 minute walk.  I got frustrated, and got Darwin a "Gentle Leader" head collar, and trained him on that a couple of times.  It worked, and I was able to get to the point where he didn't really MIND having it on, but somehow I felt like I'd failed a little bit with the flat collar.

This week, I tried again without the head collar, and I decided to start taking my training clicker on our walks (and enough treats to choke a horse).  As we were walking, I'd "click and treat" (hit the clicker and deliver the treat) randomly -- as long as he was staying by my side.  And every time Darwin started -- just started to eke out in front of me, I did a "click and treat" before he had a chance to be "bad."  Because when he hears that clicker, he stops and LOOKS at me like, "Make with the treat, Mom."  So, it's working as sort of a diversionary tactic.

But if he flat out darted ahead and pulled, I stopped completely and made him sit.  I've been doing this for about a week, and today I just got back from a walk with him.  Best. Walk. Ever.  It was about 20 minutes, and I probably had to have him stop and sit... maybe five times.  Trust me, compared to some of our other walks, this is A MIRACLE.

Granted, I still need to bring enough treats to choke a horse.  But that's okay.  I'll worry about cutting back on the treats once he's doing the loose-leash thing more and more on his own.

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This is wonderful.

The Fandom Creed )

Well, springtime in Florida looks like it's pretty much here.  While I basically despise living in this state ten months out of the year, March and April are always very good to me.  The humidity is nice and low, and the days are just pleasant.  However, I know that many of you live in other places, so I will shut up about that right there.

I've also been trying to get back into the swing of writing my original fiction.  The holidays came and kicked my ass, and that pretty much killed any creativity I had going on, and then we got Darwin/I had the flu, and that kicked my ass further.  And then I was brought to the realization that I've been killing myself trying to stay on top of every little thing that I take care of around here.  Since we got Darwin, I've been trying to make sure that nothing else slides, like laundry or housecleaning or... anything, really.  And it turned out that something had been sliding: my creativity.  So Tora-kun and I had a little talk and he let me know that it didn't matter a damn if I made sandwiches for dinner three nights out of the week, and that it's OKAY if I crash for a couple of hours during the day (because while Darwin is sleeping in his crate for six hours at a time, it still puts me getting up at 4:30 or 5:00 for his potty-break, and it's so hard to get back to sleep afterward).  See, taking a nap in the middle of the day was making me feel like a big, lazy slug.  And copping out and making sandwiches (or something easy) for dinner was also making me feel lazy.  I don't like feeling lazy.

And, y'know what?  After we had that talk, I was able to spend yesterday reading through my UT chapters and working on fixing a few things that had gone wrong.  (Basically I ended up scrapping two chapters to change an event that just wasn't working for me, and that necessitated going back and editing a few things for continuity's sake.)  It also meant squeezing out some new dialogue, which went ... pretty well, actually.  And re-reading it also helped me see that I was overusing some words to the point of beating them into the ground, which then necessitated rewording things and/or whipping out my thesaurus.

And I'm starting to think I spend too much time setting a scene's surroundings. I'll have to be mindful of that.

Today, however, I start my Finance class, so I imagine any sense of well-being is going to be short lived.  *sigh*


Mar. 12th, 2006 10:00 am
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So help me, if one more person makes a wiseass, condescending remark about my choice of dogs, someone is gonna get kicked in the shin.

Dear Various Idiots I've Encountered at Petsmart, Wickham Park, and Satellite Beach Dog-Park:

Yes, that's an Australian Shepherd.  Yes, they are herding dogs.  Yes, they are high-energy.  Please do not think you are being witty or cute by giving me a condescending little smile and saying that I don't know what I've gotten myself into by choosing an Aussie.  Do not assume I chose my dog for his coloring or his cute, mismatched eyes, or his tail-less "wiggle butt."  I am not like you.  I read up on the breed before deciding on one.  I wrote to breeders.  I asked questions.  I learned that there's a difference between Aussies bred for work and Aussies bred for show.  I know they're smart, and I know they require training.  Guess what?  ALL DOGS REQUIRE TRAINING, MORON.

Yes, Aussies have a reputation for herding things like children, other pets, bicycles and even cars (a deadly, frightening thought).  But not ALL Aussies have this urge.  Some are stronger herders than others.  Just because I have an Aussie, doesn't mean he's a hyperactive snot of a dog who runs around herding bipeds and quadrapeds alike.  But guess what?  You can train them not to do this.  You can train your dog to be gentle with children and not to nip/herd them.  (Of course, you also have to train your children to be gentle with the dog, you idiot.)  So if your neighbor/brother/uncle/cousin/mistress had an Aussie that herded things uncontrollably, it's probably because the owners were slack-assed morons who couldn't be bothered to train their fucking dog in the first place.  And these idiots decided to fall back on the excuse of "instinct," because they didn't want to take the time to train a dog that was, in all likelihood, smarter than they were.

Australian Shepherds need to be kept busy.  When they're not kept busy, they fall into destructive habits like barking, chewing, digging, and herding your children or pets.  So, dumbass, I'll thank you to keep your unsolicited "advice" to yourself, and go play with your wussy little priss of a toy-dog.  This is why, asshole, when he's done with his puppy class, I'm going to try and join the local dog-training club (if they ever get back to me, WTF) and get him into classes -- not that that's any of your goddamn business, of course.

Your advice was not requested, nor is it appreciated.  Next time, I will not smile politely.  Next time, I will bore you to tears with every snatch of Australian Shepherd trivia I can lay my brain on.  Next time, I will smile condescendingly right back at you and point out that my dog comes from a show line heavily peppered with champions, who have excelled at Obedience, Conformation, Agility, and Rally-Obedience.  Next time I will shove my training clicker down your fucking throat.

Love, kisses, and a sharp kick in the ass,

Note to self: Bring said training clicker to puppyclass Thursday. Darwin seems completely fucking lost if I ask him to do anything without the clicker in my hand. He always looks at it before doing whatever it is I ask him to do, and he will probably look like less of a head-case if I have it around my wrist.
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Well, this weekend was... not nearly long enough, actually.  Granted, you could argue that, for me, every day is a weekend, but I still really enjoy the time I get with Tora-kun.  I don't remember anything of Saturday, which is kind of sad.  I think there was a lot of napping involved, since I still haven't been getting a lot of sleep lately (for puppy-related reasons).

Actually, here's the puppy-related reason for my lack of sleep:  crate-training.

Digression: overnight crate-training )

Anyway -- Saturday was pretty lazy.  Sunday was Grampa's birthday, AND we were having a new refrigerator delivered (OMG, the new fridge is love, seriously).  After the fridge got delivered, we brought Darwin over to the party.  We were both a little nervous about doing this, because it was a mix of adults and kids he'd never met before, and Mom's dog, and just general chaos, and we really weren't sure how he'd react.

Long story short?  OMG, he was so good.  Like, people were coming to us and telling us how impressed they were that he was so well-behaved. 


He was really gentle around my little cousins (who are something like four and six or five and seven -- I can never keep track, but the four year old is a little skittish around dogs since my mother's terrier nipped her a while back [not the dog's fault IMO]), and one of my uncles was totally ready to bring Darwin home with him.  (Actually, he asked for the name of the breeder -- he really liked Darwin, and has been thinking about getting a dog.  He'd been torn between an Akita or a German Shepherd, but Darwin totally won him over.)  In fact, both of my cousins were asking him if they could take Darwin home with them.  He's got back problems (a police officer, injured on-duty), and he doesn't want a dog that'll pull him down the street.  I pointed out that Darwin's taking to leash-training really well, even after just a few days of it.  (Hell, if he gets one, I might even be able to help him with the super-basic training later on.)

The only problem that came was with Zoe -- Mom's Cairn Terrier.  Zoe is usually the sweetest, most loving dog you'll ever meet.  But she wasn't socialized very well around other dogs, and she's not really sure of Darwin, who is already bigger than she is, and wants nothing more than to play with her.  At one point, he tried to play with her, and she snapped at him and he yipped, stumbling backwards.  We all thought that she'd nipped him on the nose (to put him in his place), but he wasn't bleeding anywhere on his muzzle.  After a few seconds, we realized he was bleeding.  In his haste to get away from Zoe, he'd bitten his tongue.

Go ahead and laugh.  We did.

The rest of the day and into the night, Darwin kept his distance from Zoe.  (Though there was one sketchy moment when she pulled her lips back and snarled at him, because he was in a spot that was "hers" -- lying at my grandfather's feet.)

Grampa's birthday was a lot of fun -- Mom's been thinking about having a little party in April to celebrate Grampa surviving his heart attack (he had it a year ago).  There will probably also be a party to commemorate the anniversary of his last radiation treatment.  (Random note regarding Grampa's health: He's been doing very well lately.  There was a brief scare when one of his follow-up scans showed a mark on his kidney, but that turned out to be nothing, thank goodness.)
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So today's Darwin's second puppyclass, and on puppyclass days, I drive Tora-kun to work and then take Darwin to the park for a nice long walk.  There's an off-leash area there, but they don't let puppies under 4 months in, so we've got another month to wait.  Anyway, I was walking him, and... okay, he pulls on the leash.  He does.  It's a bad habit, and we have to break it.  We tried getting a head harness, but Darwin HATED it, and was having no part of it.  So, I just have to work with him, and part of that it taking him out on his leash more often.

So, we're walking, and there's this guy walking his dog, who is a pretty burly-looking Akita mix, but he wanted to say hello to Darwin, and I was cool with that, because the dog was pretty laid-back despite being the size of a horse.  Darwin, being a baby still, got excited and started pulling.

Guy:  "You know, the pulling is just going to get worse."
Me:  "Yeah, I know.  We've been working with him on it."
Guy:  "You know what you need to do -- this works like a charm..."
Me:  "Oh? What's that?"
Guy:  "You get a simple choke collar, and put it on him, like so"  *demonstrates with his own dog, which is wearing, I notice, a prong collar, designed to pinch the dog if he pulls*  "...And when he pulls, the pressure will make him back off."
Me:  "...Huh.  Well, that sounds like it'd work, yep."


I am not putting a CHOKE COLLAR on my THREE MONTH OLD PUPPY.  I mean, REALLY.  WTF? 




And he doesn't pull THAT badly.  He just kind of... tugs.  Not to the point where he starts gagging.  And he's getting BETTER with it.

Honestly.  Choke collar.  Idiot.

EDIT: My horoscope for the day, no joke: "If you are short with people, it could just mean you need more sleep."

Y'all don't even know how much I'm laughing.
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Darwin had his first puppy kindergarten class last night.  There were a total of six dogs -- two 3 month old pit bull mixed puppies (that looked like littermates), one four month old pit bull mix, one 4 month old chocolate lab, one 3 month old puppy that I think the owners said was a "British Cream Golden Retriever."  He was a little puffball (with no manners at all, omg), and Darwin.

Okay, allowing for puppy-parent bias -- he was the best-behaved dog in the class.  Seriously.  He was also the only one that already knew "sit."  *is proud*  The chocolate lab was a total spazzoid, barking like crazy, and pretty much out of control.  Darwin just kinda sat there and looked at her like, "Seriously, wtf is your problem?"  (At one point the instructor gave D a treat, and from that point afterward, she had his full attention.)

He got up now and then and wandered under my chair and what have you, but mostly he sat and just... behaved.  Before the class he had an opportunity to play a bit with some other dogs -- a 9 month old Aussie female, a 2 year old black lab, and a 4 month old yellow lab -- they were goofing around and playing and it was so damned CUTE.  What was so funny was that all of the dogs were bigger than him, and the yellow lab kept pinning him over and over again, and every time he got up and lumbered toward her like, "What?  You didn't EVEN win!  That was just practice!  Bring it on!" 

There was one moment during the class when Tora and I felt a little  uncomfortable -- we were supposed to go around in a circle and introduce our dogs, and it turned out that all three pit mixes and the chocolate lab were adoptions.  We get to Darwin, and I do my spiel, and mentioned that, yeah, we got him from a breeder near Gainesville, and left it at that. 

At that point, the instructor said, "It looks like he's got show lines in him rather than working lines.  That should make him even easier to live with as he gets older."  And, okay, yes, he does come from a long line of show dogs.  No arguing that.  But we were really self-conscious of it after the other owners were like, "We rescued so-and-so from the pound!"  Like somehow it made us bad human beings to have NOT gone to the pound first.  So there was a little bit of weird guilt there, but we got over it, because, show-lines or not, he really behaved himself very well.

Needless to say, by the time we got home, he was one sleepy puppy.  He had a trip to the park (which the receptionist at the vet's office later lectured me for, because he hasn't had his final shots yet, and she didn't listen when I told her I didn't take him to a DOG PARK -- I took him to a park where people power-walk, which did wonders for socialization, in my opinion.  But she's kind of a bitch, and just pursed her lips at me.  (I'm starting to think about switching vets -- the doc himself is kind of patronizing, and his receptionist grates on my nerves.  ...And the doc also keeps calling Darwin "she," which... no.)

Not sure what the etiquette is for switching vets because you're starting to think your doc is a bit of a prat. (Also, can you make appointments just to speak with vets to see if they're jerks or not?  If I'd talked to this guy before taking Darwin to him, I'm not sure I would've gone back.  But Mom takes HER dog to him, and she thinks he's awesome.  I dunno.  I got turned off when he called Darwin's infection by its super-long fancy medi-name, and didn't offer any clarification as to wtf that meant.  I asked, of course, but the moment made me bristle a little.)

Or maybe it's the PMS.  Hard to say.
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There are few things as amusing as telling the Jehovah's Witnesses that have come to the door that your adorable and friendly puppy's name is "Darwin," and then watch as they blink at you and laugh in nervous, but polite surprise.

(I then went into detail about how "Darwin" is also one of the capital cities in Australia, AND how some breeders will put a pup down for a mismark, and given those two things, it seemed a very apropos name. I think we talked more about Aussies than we did about religion.)

I sent in his AKC paperwork yesterday.  His official "pedigree name" is "Lazy L's Darwinian Selection."  (And he's totally getting a little AKC tag with his registration number on it, because I'm a dork and signed him up for their "lifetime lost and found" program.)

And in crate-training news, we had a piddle accident in the crate this morning.  :(  He had room enough to go to one corner and piddle, which may mean I need to adjust the crate again.  I did that, and I'm also thinking about setting an alarm for 4 hours into the night, so he can get a little potty break.  This will also allow me to get a little more sleep, though broken into segments.  I know he can do a five hour stretch in there with no problems.  It's that sixth hour that's tripping him up, poor little guy.

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Yeah, I know -- y'all are TIRED of hearing about this. ;)  Mostly I'm recording it so I'll have something to go back and look at if we ever crate-train another dog, and I want to remind myself what a pain in the ass experience it's been.

At any rate, after a few mornings of cleaning up puppy piddle and washing his bedding, I wrote Linda (breeder) and asked for some advice.  She recommended I take out the bedding.  Which makes sense, I guess.  The bedding would soak it up, and allow him to kind of... ignore the accident.  (Laundry here has been CRAZY.)  So, last night we took the bedding out.  He went into the crate a little more easily, though I still have to bribe him with treats (three of them -- one to get him to go into the crate, one after he's sat down, and one after I close and secure the door).  And he settles down fairly quickly, too, which is nice.  I did hear him howling to be let out this morning, at about 6:45 or so, and as I went out to the crate, I was really afraid of what I would find.  (Because if he'd had an accident in the crate with nothing to soak it up, there would be a puppy in dire need of a bath at 6:45 in the morning.)

Imagine my surprise when I saw NO PUPPY PUDDLES.  It worked. 

That said, books and articles are wildly UNhelpful when it comes to crate training.  Just about every one that I read said that you should put bedding in the crate and make it as comfortable as possible, so the dog would come to see it as his "space."  *sigh*  Not helpful for my particular situation.  Ah well, thank goodness Linda encouraged me to email her with any problems or questions. 

Thursday he starts "puppy kindergarten," which should be an experience.  I... don't really know how good the Petsmart classes are supposed to be, but there's a whopping lack of dog obedience schools in my area.  (I did find one, that did AKC "Good Citizen Training" with classes for puppies starting at $500.00, which... DAMN.  That's a LOT of money.  I mean, I don't doubt that they do a fantastic job, but... damn.)

Anyway, he's down for the count at the moment.  I can almost always count on him to fall down for a nap after "morning play time," which means I get peace from about 8:30-11:00 or so, and I have accounting homework to finish.  (And can I just say that I'd rather take statistics again, instead of this bullshit accounting course?  The teacher's a prat, the book is USELESS, and after 7 weeks, I feel as if I've gotten NOTHING out of the class.  Grar.)
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My opinion on ukulele music is hereby changed forever.

In other news, day three of crate training was a mixed success.  It didn't take too much coaxing to get him into the crate, and there was no  howling last night -- just a little bit of whimpering until I turned off all the lights.  There was also no howling this morning, and no whimpering until he saw me coming to take him outside.  There was, however, a little puddle in the corner.  :(  Maybe I should try getting up a little earlier and let him out for a potty break -- I don't know. 

Today I think we're going to take him to the park -- we were going to go yesterday, but the poor little guy was wrecked from a long and apparently sleepless night in his crate.  He slept nearly the whole day away.  This morning he's all full of piss and vinegar, and will probably have a lot more fun. XD
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Oh. My. GOD.


After some discussion, we made a few adjustments to the crate situation last night -- it went into the "kitty area," where the girls' litterbox and food dishes are.  It's still visible and accessible to the rest of the house, but can be closed off with  heavy curtains.  So, putting the crate in there allowed us to draw the curtains and make it really dark in there, while also providing just a little bit of extra batting that might or might not make for an extra layer of sound proofing.

Anyway.  Last night's rundown:

11:00 -- Darwin gets coaxed into put in his crate; is unhappy about this, and promptly starts whimpering/howling.
11:15 -- After cleaning the kitty litter, Bunneh turns off all the lights and draws the curtains.
11:20 -- Bunneh goes into office; starts downloading soothing jazz onto iPod; halfway through this process, howling stops.  Bunneh considers checking on D-bear to make sure aliens haven't abducted him.  Bunneh refrains.
11:30 -- Bunneh is in bed w/iPod
11:30-6:45 -- BUNNEH SLEEPS OMG.
6:48 -- Bunneh lets a frantic and pee-filled Darwin outside.  (There were no accidents in the crate -- or I think there weren't.  One edge of the blanket is damp, but he does like to chew on said blanket, so I'm thinking that's what it is, since it's such a small area, and yesterday the blanket was SOAKED.)

I call this a success.  He's had his breakfast and a good hour of play, and is presently napping.  I may get greedy and sleep a little more as well!
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Slowly reaching wit's end, here.

Okay, so I've got the crate.  I've got it so Darwin only has room enough to turn around and lay down (though maybe I can adjust it more -- hard to say).  Last night, there was a slight accident in the crate, and I'm washing his little blanket today (yay for Nature's Miracle!).  Today when I went grocery shopping, I put a puppy training pad on the floor of the crate, and when I came home, it was confetti.

Now, if dogs don't like to soil where they sleep, I imagine being in his crate with the blanket in question was probably unpleasant enough.  If I'm supposed to keep the area small, there's no room to put a puppy pad down AND his bedding (and chew toys, etc.).

I do NOT want to wake up to confetti.

So what do I do?  Make the crate area smaller? 

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Okay, so I didn't get as good a night's sleep as I thought I would, but this had more to do with The Cough That Would Not Die and less with Darwin, who has Lungs Of STEEL OMG.

Allow me to recap my evening:

Wherein teh Bunneh has to be a hardass... )

So, despite one night of heartbroken howling, this is not the end of Darwin's Crate Adventures.  Not by a long shot.

I just need to load up my music library with some nice classical music.  I think that's the only way I'm going to get any sleep.
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Dear Everyone On My F-List:

I have been a very bad Bunneh.  I've been reading LJ (though not as obsessively these days), but I've hardly been replying to anyone.  I just want to let y'all know that it's mostly related to being sick, but also trying to keep an eye on Darwin AND keep on top of my normal daily responsibilities.  (This week I'm going to try and teach him that he does not have to have his nose directly up my butt 24/7, and the world will NOT end if I leave the room without him.)

I just realized that I haven't been commenting much, if at all, and it's been totally unintentional.  I've also been doing precisely jack for writing. 

I'm ALSO seriously reconsidering crate training Darwin overnight.  I need to get some sleep, and more than two hours at a time.  (Gotta say, I have newfound respect for new parents.)  He's not sleeping through the night, and he SHOULD be -- but I'm letting him out every 2 or 3 hours.  (He's slowly getting better -- one night he slept five hours straight.)  The first night we tried keeping him in his crate, he started howling and wouldn't stop.  I just hope I haven't created a bad habit in him.  *sigh*  I'm just so tired.  It's already one in the afternoon, and I don't know where the day has gone -- not because I've been super busy and productive, but because after takinghim out, feeding him, and playing with him (which ran from 6:30-8:00), we both collapsed for a nap that lasted THREE HOURS.  I hate napping.  Despise it.  It sucks up my day.

Any dog-owners on my f-list who can give some housebreaking advice here?  (Having him sleep on the bed and then rushing him outside whenever he woke up was Tora-kun's tactic, and it seems to be working not well at all -- aside from the fact that there've been no potty accidents in bed, knock wood.  Everyone I know has been recommending keeping the dog in its crate overnight until its fully housebroken, and I got such static from Tora-kun on that, it almost wasn't worth doing.  And then there was the endless howling, which sealed the deal.)

I just want a full night's sleep -- six to eight hours, consecutively.


Feb. 6th, 2006 11:15 am
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First of all, Happy Belated Birthday to the Queen of All Things Snail Pr0n, [livejournal.com profile] somnambulicious!  Another year older, and another year sexier! I hope you enjoyed it, sweetie.  *huggles*

Anyone care to tell me why, after having Tora-kun home for three days, I sick on SUNDAY?  Holy cow, I feel awful.  Sore throat, congestion in my sinuses, fever, and I can't cross the room without breaking into a sweat. 

NOT my best shape for keeping a precocious puppy out of trouble. Ick.  Looks like I caught what mom had, which makes sense, I guess.  We were in a car together all day Thursday, and by the time we got home, she was feeling poorly.  Looks like it's my turn.  And I have class tomorrow.  DAMMIT.

At least, after I took him out this morning and fed him, he followed me back to bed where he let me sleep for a good three hours.  I'm assuming he napped, but I also brought one of his toys to keep him entertained.

It might be back to bed for me.  I had to -- HAD TO -- tidy up the dining room/kitchen area (seriously, it was a disaster), and now that that's done, I think I need to go be comatose now.

Ugh.  Even tea tastes bad.  I think it's time to move on to my stash of Traditional Medicinals, which usually taste awful, but almost always make me feel better.  I've got my "Cold Season Sampler," and god knows it can't HURT.

And Tora-kun's working late tonight.  *sob* 
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First off:  Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] therhoda!!  May you get everything you want -- and then some!  *huggles*

Random thoughts in pet-ownership... )


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