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Hokay. I may have found shoes that (a) I like and (b) will match the dress. They look a bit like this:
Cut for an image of ONE SEXY SHOE )

Only with more of a slingback, and less of a platform. Yes, they are hella high. Yes, they will put me at well over 6' tall (I'm not that worried, as the MOH is as tall as I am, and she also loves super-high crazyheels). They are also the only gold-ish shoes I have found that don't look like they belong traipsing around a retirement community. I also found them at Marshall's, so the price is most definitely reasonable. I may check out a few other places, but I'm thinking these are The Shoes.

I also finished my case study last night! A full DAY ahead of schedule. Woot! So today I'm going to work on actually TYPING OUT my research paper. Hopefully I can get a couple of pages under my belt before the weekend.

And... that's pretty much it for now. I haven't been doing much writing lately, given the schoolwork, so I'm also hoping that getting a head start on my paper will let me write a bit over the weekend.
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The good: Picked the car up this morning and it seems to be fixed. The shop found a clogged valve that seemed to be responsible for the misfire. They also performed some kind of cleaning process (it sounded like he called an "engine fog," but I can't be sure). They also found a fair bit of water and sediment in the fuel, so I'm supposed to buy some dry gas and put it in the fuel tank the next few times I fill up. Also, this last visit did not cost me one red cent. \o/

The bad: I have a case study due tomorrow night, a research paper due next week, and an exam the week after that.

The AUGH: All of the articles I compiled for my research paper just got LOST because my stupid library session timed out.

I leave for NH a week from tomorrow, and still do not have shoes for my dress. ON THE UPSIDE, I now have a dress that FITS.

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I'm officially regretting alllll of my Finance procrastination -- even if most of it was wedding related.  Our paper and project is due this Thursday, I have a group meeting in... three hours, and I'm not what you'd call "prepared" for it.  Oh, and our take-home final exam is due Thursday too.  Whee.  Oh, and did I mention that we got stuck with the jackass from the first Finance class again?  I really thought my other group partner was going to hit him with her book Thursday night.  He sent her his portion of the project, and she found out that he'd done it wrong, so she did it herself.  He then got his boxers in a knot and made a comment about how they wasted time both working on the same section, to which she said, "You did it wrong."

And then he wanted her to show her how to do it RIGHT.  *headdesk*  And even AFTER being shown that he did it wrong, he was still complaining about the time wasted by the two of them doing the same section.  Oy.  I really dislike this guy.  A lot.  After getting stuck with him in my group for Marketing, Finance, and now Advanced Finance, I sincerely hope I never, ever see his face in a classroom ever again.

Good news, though: Tora's feeling a lot better after a week's worth of antibiotics.  Still kind of weak and tired, but definitely better, so that's good.

There's other stuff going on, but mostly right now I'm up to my ears in NYSE and NASDAQ research.  And, just for the record, the NYSE's website rocks my socks.  NASDAQ's website can bite my ass in all its uselessness.

The highlights of my week:  receiving the most useless gift in the history of wedding presents (no, really THE most useless gift -- I have pictures and was laughing for hours after opening it), and downloading the new Microsoft Media Player and signing up for Urge.

It's... a chair? Huh? )
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Hokay.  First of all? 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] aoi_tsuki1!!!  May I bask in your awesomeness for another year. XD  (Seriously, though: You remain one of the coolest, most interesting people I've "met" online, and I do not phone you nearly enough, but I will endeavor to change that.)

I got some quality sleep in yesterday, and am feeling better today.  I also found a lone chai teabag in my cupboard, which was exactly what I'd been craving all day, so I got a nice cuppa chai while I was feeling miserable.  For once, though, I think Tora caught it worse than I did.  Mostly I'm just feeling kind of stuffy in the head (I have moments when it feels like my equilibrium is WAY off) and general overall malaise.  I had a sore throat at the beginning, but it seems to have gone away, and while I do have a slight cough, it's not as bad as Tora's. 

All of which means I get to coddle him a little more. 

Reflections on teh wedding... )

And no one can even begin to imagine my surprise when we got home and there were packages waiting for us!  [livejournal.com profile] everstar3, [livejournal.com profile] somnambulicious, and [livejournal.com profile] moonphased, thank you so, so much.  (I so want to post pictures, but I'm afraid that would be tacky -- but omg, I must post pictures, because Best Toaster Evar [true love is marked by toast!], OMFG SQUEEBLE CUPS [there is a slight disagreement as to whether they're teacups or sake cups], and Cutest Book In Creation [we were both overwhelmed by teh pretteh!])  So, again, thank you.

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Just got back from Amelia Island.  It wasn't a bad visit, but... well.  Here's a breakdown--

Thursday (Day One):  Weather = Beautiful.  Husband = Fever/Congestion/Sore Throat/Cough
Friday (Day Two):  Weather = Thunderstorms.  Husband = Same as above.  Me = Acquiring sore throat & fever.
Today (Day Three):  Weather = Beautiful.  Us = Sick.

We checked out two hours before we were supposed to and came home early.  I have a headache, cough, and general "ick" feeling.  Sleep will probably help the situation.  Bleh.

I also realized just now that I'd walked off with the room key.  Dammit.

I have mucho thanks to give out, but I'd rather do it in a post where I'm feeling a little less like something the cat dragged in. 

Oh, and to those of you who were wondering: Darwin was teh awesome on his first vacation.  He gets an A+ for behavior (though it almost got downgraded to an A- because he was being a spazz while I was packing this morning).

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It's done.  I'm married.  And it was fun.

Tora's parents behaved themselves for the most part.

We have the awesomest friends in the history of ever.

The roast pig was a hit.  (And was delicious.)  The caterers won at awesome.  They went above and beyond and I am so totally doing one of those "customer testominal" things, because everyone was coming up to us telling how great the service was AND how fantastic the food was.  DELICIOUS.

And the cake?  Holy monkey jebus, so good.

But I am tired.  And so is Tora.  And Darwin.  Who behaved himself quite admirably.  Better than Tora's parents.

Pictures to come... soon.  Don't know when, since our camera took no photos at all, but everyone else's did.  And there's been talk of getting all of the pics on a CD, so we'll see.

And thank you to everyone for the well-wishes.  They made me smile this morning as I went through and caught up on LJ posts.

But my feet hurt and I have a headache and I'm hungry but didn't go grocery shopping on Friday, so we have no food in the house (and there was no leftover pig, shock of shocks, but there IS leftover cake at Mom's house).  So... yeah.  Time to recover. :D
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Because I should be doing other things...

Dear Advanced Finance Midterm:

I hate you.  Plzdie.

Love and Kisses,


Dear Tora-kun's aunt,

You win at awesome.  You are one of the most tactful, classiest people I've ever had the pleasure to know, and I hereby vow to get to know you better, because you rock just that much.

Love and Kisses,


Dear Self,

Nine hours of sleep is more than adequate to focus on the midterm.  Rein in the wandering attention span and get this thing finished.  You are not tired, and you are not laying one finger on Furuba volume 13 until this midterm is finished.  AND you haven't even started on the centerpieces.  And do I even need to mention that you've got some cleaning to do around here?  I know you cleaned house last week.  Guess what?  You have to do it again!

Quit procrastinating,


Dear OGAM, Bump, and Extracurricular II muses,


NO LOVE, YOU SADISTIC BASTARDS (especially you, Extracurricular II -- you evil bitch),


Dear UT muses,

The above does not apply to you.  Anytime y'all want to start talking to me again, I'm all ears, midterm or no.

Love and Kisses,

The rings!

Jun. 28th, 2006 07:25 am
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Well, Tora's ring is about a size too big for him.  He couldn't go with me to get a proper size done, so we had to estimate for him.  Bleh. Does anyone know how long it can take to get a ring sized down?

As for pictures, the battery in our digital camera is dead at the moment, but I can link everyone to pictures OF our rings, rather than the pictures of OUR rings.  Did that make sense?  Didn't think so.  It's seven am, after all. 
Images behind the cut! ) 

I'm sure I'll have proper pictures to post by Sunday! (Or, you know, Monday, because I may just sleep ALL DAY Monday!)

Today's to-do list:

Make centerpieces
Do midterm

And I actually got nine hours of sleep last night, so doing both of these may actually be possible.  Woot!


Jun. 27th, 2006 01:34 pm
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Okay, so when my dress first arrived, it was a little snug, right?  Just a little snug, mostly across the back.  Juuuuust snug enough that it was a little uncomfortable and a little annoying, reminding me that JCrew sizes their clothes just a hair smaller than other places.  I decided to keep the dress anyway, because I'm stubborn like that and vowed to lose the few pounds I needed to lose to get the dress to fit.  In that time, I've been taking Darwin on marathon walks -- in excess of a mile a day.  I take days off here and there, but we're pretty consistent for the most part.  I made the mistake of trying on the dress again when I was PMS'ing, and kind of bloated and, well... endowed

That was a mistake. June was, shall we say, bustin' out all over.  But, I knew I was bloaty, so I didn't let it bother me too much.

So, I went over today and I just tried on the dress again.

It's a whole lot less snug.  XD


I may invest in one of these or one of these or even possibly one of these to wear underneath, just for insurance, because, the tummeh, she is not as toned as we would like.  The dress itself is pretty sheer -- something I just noticed today, so the slip might be the best idea.

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Consider this a shout-out to the crafty types on my f-list.  I am not crafty, and do not pretend to be, so I am not above calling out for help when I need it.

To any of you who have worked with etching cream before:

Is it absolutely imperative I use vinyl to make a custom stencil?  Is there a very good reason why paper won't work?  I haven't started yet -- I was just reading the directions on the back of the jar of etching cream to get myself prepared for the task.  I'll be out and about at and around craft stores tomorrow, so I can pick up some vinyl and carbon paper if necessary -- I just don't know if it's necessary.
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Despite the family bullshit, things are slowly coming together.

Wedding cake:  Paid
Caterer:  Called her, waiting on return call to put down deposit
Rings:  Arriving Wednesday
License:  Done
Clothes for Saturday:  Done
Centerpieces:  Not done yet, but I have the supplies!
Decorations:  I FOUND SOME!!!
Haircut:  Done and Done (both of us are far less scraggly now)

My tasks this week include fixing up the guest room and working on the centerpieces.  I need to make a list -- another list.

I also got my white-girl moustache waxed, so I'm feeling EXTRA pretty today!! XD
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Just bought the rings.


I am so not used to spending money like this.  I'm half tempted to call the caterer and cancel them and tell everyone to bring a bagged lunch. NO PIG FOR ANYONE. PEANUT BUTTER AND JELLY FOR ALL.

And we're going to get the license this afternoon. 

*spazzes and dies*

PS: If anyone would like one of the extra invitations (or an announcement), drop me a line here.  I'm just sorta doing the same thing I did when I sent out Christmas cards.  The invitations are super cute (*bows to [livejournal.com profile] miyun*), and I'd like to share the cuteness. 

EDIT: Houston, we have license. W00t!
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But Mom officially got on my nerves about wedding-stuff Sunday night.  Granted, this was after we'd polished off a bottle of wine, but... yeah.

When she gets tipsy, Mom, she does not do so well with the taking of the hints.  See, I'd told her about my little debacle with printing out more invitations than we needed, and then SHE started thinking about people we COULD invite, completely missing the point that we don't want a lot of people there.  Tora-kun and I are two of the most ... I won't say "anti-social," but we're not comfortable with being the center of attention, and we're not comfortable in large crowds.  We both find them off-putting and overwhelming. 

And it's like... I kept saying, "No, I don't want to invite any more people," and she was still suggesting people, and how many times can I say, "No, I don't want to invite any more people," before it actually starts meaning "NO, I DON'T WANT TO INVITE ANY MORE PEOPLE."

I should've stood my ground when she wanted to invite this one person I didn't know.  But she pointed out that this person was the good friend of the people at whose house the ceremony is going to be held (and on whose private beach), and I conceded, because I don't want these people to feel out of place (even though they are good friends of my uncle).  After that single concession, she's been driving me nuts.  It's like the extra invitations are burning a hole in her pocket.

I felt it necessary to point out that any extra people would up the catering bill, which Tora-kun and I are (somehow) footing the bill for. 

*makes note to contact Satan tomorrow to see if he's in the market for any new souls*

So I'm a little annoyed.  And I have a headache that simply refuses to go away and leave me alone.


But I have Fruits Basket volume 13, finally, so that makes me happy.  Even if I have to clean the house tomorrow.

Also, I have a draft of a letter we're sending to Tora-kun's parents, at the... hmm.  At the "encouragement" of Tora-kun's brother, who hates any sort of family strife, particularly since his ex-wife was (and in many cases, still is) the source of so much of it already.  It's nearly ready to go.  I have to ease back on some of my barbs (even if I think they're so subtle Toramom won't catch them at all), and add in another section dealing with a specific issue.

It's an uncomfortable situation, because Torabro wants everyone to get along, but Tora-kun wants an apology.  I told Tora-kun today that, as far as I'm concerned, neither of his parents are welcome at our wedding.  If HE wants them there, and HE'S willing to work things out, that's one thing.  But I needed to tell him that I did not want them there.

I'm half-tempted to send them one of the extra invitations, postmarked July 3.

Let's put it this way:  They're not welcome unless an apology comes forth.  If they apologize, I'll consider it. 

Since the chances of that happening are about the same as the chances of Elvis Presley organizing a comeback tour, I'm not gonna hold my breath.

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This isn't exactly a news flash, but sometimes I do things that aren't entirely... well... bright.

For example -- the invitations. 

See, we've got roughly 30-35 people coming to this shindig.  And, for some reason, I equated that with needing 30-35 invitations.  So after finally GETTING cardstock that I liked, I spent a good... oh, two hours printing out about 40 invitations (just in case the printer screwed up, you see).  Then I tied 26 of them up with ribbon (until I ran out of ribbon).

And then I realized: A lot of those people?  Live in the same homes.

I needed, oh, no more than 15 invitations.  Could probably get away with twelve, actually.

So.  I have some left over.

If anyone would LIKE an invitation, leave me a screened comment with your name and address. I can't promise I'll get them sent out right away, and they'll probably go out with the announcements (which I'm thinking about mailing off once we get back from Amelia Island or right before we leave for Amelia Island).  For that matter, let me know if you'd like an announcement, too. :)
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Shopping for Amelia Island, done.
Tora-kun's outfit, ordered
New printer, purchased
Doggie supplies for trip, bought
Bankruptcy, filed (ha ha)
Caterer, pestered
Deep breaths, taken
New Printer, sworn at
Crafts for Centerpieces, ordered
Wedding favors, resisted

Things I must do:


Am entertaining crazy thoughts of actually carrying flowers, which I'd scoffed at before.  *rolls eyes at self*

In preparation for the Amelia Island trip, I've decided to take Darwin on walks around our local historic district, so he can get used to the foot traffic and general craziness.  All went very well, and he was so well-behaved that I decided to stop into this one little ice cream shop and get him a little scoop of vanilla.  The owner was all about the dog-friendly, and everything was good.  Right up until a woman and her daughter walked in.  They crossed in front of him -- I don't think they realized he was there, and he didn't realize they were there, so when he looked up, and saw, well, people, he barked at them.


So, okay, whatever.  I scolded him (apologized to the woman for startling her), took away his ice cream for a bit, and put it down again, giving him a "wait" command before he could dive again into his French Vanilla heaven.  Good, right?


Oh my god, you'd think I had Cujo there with me.  This woman was looking at Darwin like she thought he was going to JUMP HER and burn out her eyes with his VANILLA FLAVORED ACID DROOL.  Meanwhile, the dog?  All about the ice cream.  Anyway, her daughter asks if they can eat inside.  Actually, the daughter asks if SHE can eat HER ice cream inside, because the mom only got bottled water.  ("I'm not really an ice cream fan," she says.)

Now, before I go on, I should make clear that when I walk Darwin, I have him on a thick nylon leash (that joker is no less than an inch wide) that has a series of loops and hooks so I can adjust the leash to be 2 ft, 4 ft, 6 ft, or to be worn crosswise on my torso.  I like the hands-free walking, so a lot of the time, I have the leash that way.  Basically I'm attached to my dog by a thick nylon umbilical cord.  I also have a martingale collar on him, because he tends to either slip out or break out of his regular collar, which is bad.

So this woman looks at me and says, "He's on a leash, right?"



I cannot be sure I didn't give her some sort of look before saying that, yes, my dog was on a leash.  Dumbest question of the day, by far.

*sigh*  I'm still annoyed about this, and it happened almost nine hours ago.  WTF?

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Okay.  I've heard from the catering manager and found out that, yes, if we do the roast pig (!) then we can opt out of some or all of the other entree options and substitute them for more side dishes, which is good.  However, I'm unsure of something.  When you have 30 lbs of pig (!), should you even offer a second entree option? 

I say yes.  Mom says no. 

Now, bear in mind that there are no vegetarians on the guest list, and there's no one for whom pork is a dietary restriction.  The pig (!) is an a la carte item and is meant to be incorporated into the other catering "packages."  Mom's opinion is that the pig (!) is practically an attraction in itself, and it's silly to have a second option at all.  My opinion is, I'd be pissed off if I went to a party where the only food option is a meat I positively despise.  I don't know if anyone on the list has strong feelings against pork -- though, with as small as the guest list is, I suppose I could call around and find out.  I mean, it won't cost anything extra to offer, say, teriyaki chicken alongside the pork.  I'm not falling into that "trying to please everyone" mentality, but I also don't want to be rigid and unflexible.

And I've already decided that if anyone (*cough*like Mom*cough*) gives me crap about my final decision, there will be no catered dinner -- like I said at the start of this odyssey -- and there will be a post-ceremony caravan to Whataburger.

Yeah, you just think I'm kidding.

Of course, they're willing to brew the mango iced tea and bring it, and for that alone I may make certain concessions.  Because, damn.  That was good tea.

Anyway, let's try the poll option, shall we?

[Poll #745630]
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I'm completely knackered, but can't go to bed just yet.  See, we left to go to dinner about about 4:30, which meant crating Darwin.  We got home around 10:00, which means five and a half hours in the crate.  What does this mean?  It means I'd feel guilty as hell for shoving him BACK in the crate so soon after letting him out.

So, we went to the Kahuna Grill tonight, and were not disappointed.

First of all, their mango iced tea pwns all.  (It's not mango "flavored," but rather a black tea with dried bits of mango in it -- I bought one similar from a tea shop and loved it then.  This was excellent.)

For an appetizer, we got pan-seared poke and pepper/ginger encrusted seared Ahi, both of which were to die for.  OMG.  No kidding -- sit me down with a plate of seared tuna, and I'm a happy girl.

Then, Tora-kun got a ribeye, encrusted with peppercorns, I got mahi-mahi with a crab cream sauce, and Mom got kalua pork.  Mom was disappointed in her dish, though I was a fan of it.  George wasn't impressed either, but again I say -- I liked it quite a bit (sooo tender).  My fish was very good (again, nice and tender), and the steak was also very tasty.  No complaints at all.  The service was phenomenal.  Totally worth the trip. I'm not sure if we'd drive out to Orlando specifically to go there, but if we happen to find ourselves in Orlando, and in need of a place to go eat, we'd totally go back.

However, dinner did have an interesting outcome.

Apparently, rather than having them drop off the food, we're having it fully catered.  This is actually quite funny, because when I started down this road of wedding-planning, I was all, "Very simple reception -- cake and champagne and maybe coffee and that's it."

Then it became, "Hmm, maybe some finger-foods."

Then:  "Huh, some BBQ might not be so bad."

Then:  "Nah.  Let's do Polynesian.  Something simple that they can drop off and we can set up."


Yeah, this place's claim to fame is that they're the only place in Central Florida who'll do a roast pig.  You know -- luau style.  Yes, really. 

And, provided certain conditions work out, we'll be doing this. 

Now, I have mixed feelings about this.  On the one hand, they bring the stuff, cook it on-site, and serve it; they bring their own linens, plates, silverware, etc; they clean up after they're done.  They bring their own decorations.  (I am unclear as to whether they only decorate the buffet area, or if it's an all-encompassing decorating thang.)

To me, this means:  No paper plates for me to buy, no tablecloths to buy, no clean up, and potentially no decorations for me to buy.  Did I mention the no clean-up?  All good things, right?

However, it ... kind of means that the whole "Chinese zodiac" theme is... sort of out of place now, if it's a whole luau thing.  I'm actually a little bummed about that, because -- well, because I thought it was cute and cool and I was looking forward to it.  And if they're going to decorate with a Hawaiian theme (even if it's just the buffet area), then zodiac stuff might not work with the rest of it.  I've got to get a better idea of what encompasses "decorations" for this thing.  I may be getting bent out of shape prematurely.  Our waitress mentioned that they bring along a lot of the tropical flowers they use around the restaurant, so I may still be able to do the zodiac stuff.  Hopefully.  We'll have to wait and see.  What do y'all think?

*yawn*  My god.  So. Tired.
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I'm getting married in 22 days.  OMGWTFBBQAAAAAAHHH!!

Last night Tora-kun and I picked out rings.  He got a hard lesson in the price of jewelry, yes, even for a nice plain band.  My engagement ring (which had been my grandmother's) is platinum.  Ergo, the rings are going to be platinum.

Yeah.  That was fun.

Anyway, we found a pair that we like, and thankfully neither of us are very "frilly" people.  (There is, actually a "ring guard" that goes with my grandmother's engagement ring, but I have seen it, and I fear its overpowering sparkle.  I would be terrified to wear it.  Not only is there the fear of getting mugged, but also the fear of accidentally signaling UFO's should the light catch it just right.)  So, rings are... uh... sort of taken care of.  Kind of. They're picked out, at least.

And Tora-kun's outfit is slowly but surely being resolved.  I swear to you, the conversation last night went around and around like this for a good twenty minutes, no joke:

"What do you want me to wear?"
"Well, what do you want to wear?"
"I want to wear what you'd like me to wear."
"I'd like you to wear something comfortable."
"Okay, so what do you want me to wear?"

I have a feeling [livejournal.com profile] everstar3 is laughing the hardest because she's heard these conversations firsthand.  I finally convinced him that, yes, a polo shirt and nice pair of cargo pants (or even shorts, should he prefer) is FINE.  That I'm wearing a sundress and do not care at all what he wears, as long as it's clean and hole-free.

Decorations:  still a thorn in my side.  Am going to have to hunker down with Mom and make a final decision on a few things.  We're going to visit R and C again this weekend (and we're bringing the camera so we can catch Darwin's pool frolicking for posterity), and I'm going to see if we can take a peek inside the clubhouse.  I'll have a better idea of what kind of decorations I'd like after I get a good look at the inside.  (I've been inside before, but it was too long ago, and it's been a while since I even peeked through the windows.)

I'm thinking lots and lots of balloons, because ... well, because I like balloons, and I'm a kid at heart who never gets tired of people altering their voices with helium.  So, balloons and paper lantern party lights, which... okay, may or may not get along very well with the balloons.  Hmm.  This wants thought.

Going to Kahuna's tonight -- full report to follow.


And I need to do laundry. 


Jun. 8th, 2006 03:41 pm
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(The results of the meme I posted today?  Cracking me up.  Okay, most everyone who's friended me has done so because of my dog, apparently. XD  It's okay -- he is cute!)

Even MORE weddingstuff got taken care of today!  Whee!

Guest list -- almost finalized.  (Waiting on some phone calls.)
Cardstock -- ORDERED OMGWTF.  (Should get here... I don't know when, but soon. SOON, I SAY!  And... ecru?  Okay.  Ecru.)
Made appointments for haircuts (me and Tora-kun)
Made appointment for manicure/pedicure (me, not Tora-kun, despite my best efforts)

....Why did it feel like I got more done?  *frowns, looks around* 

Next week:

Wedding license (why do I keep wanting to spell it "lisence"?)
Crafts for centerpieces (should place the order Monday, at least)
Decorations  (the bane of my existence, I've decided)
New printer (actually, will probably get that Friday or Saturday -- turns out going to Kinkos was going to be kind of expensive, and it would've cost less to get a new printer)
Get food squared away (we're going to the restaurant in question tomorrow night -- a full report is sure to follow)

RINGS OMGWTFBBQ (this will probably have to wait till either his IRS refund shows up, or my financial aid, because it's a pretty big one-time purchase)
Doggy going-away supplies


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