Well, shit

Sep. 4th, 2008 02:54 pm
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Fuckity fuck fuck.

I'm not sure if I've mentioned lately how much I hate living in this goddamn state.
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Okay, around two or three o'clock we saw the winds and rain dying down.  We were without power for about four or five hours, which wasn't so bad all things considered.  The canal is ridiculously high and much with the ALLIGATORS OMG.  I saw one, definitely, and judging from the size of his head, I'd say he was about nine or ten feet long.  I didn't want to get closer to ask him to please ease himself out of the water so I could get a better look.

We've got a few tree limbs down in back and the grapefruit tree is bereft of fruit.  We had a little bit of water get in the house, but nothing too bad.  Got the dehumidifier going, so that's just a matter of time.

Bronte and Kisa fared well, though they were pretty freaked out for a while there.  Actually, after things calmed down we opened the windows to find that the screen was loose.  Kisa very nearly became gator food (until George yelled at her and she ran for the hills).  But George couldn't find Bronte, and was worried she'd jumped out of the window.  He ran out of the house to look for her.  I ran into the house (I was outside doing something else) to look for her.

I found her in the guest bedroom, on the bed, under the covers.  There was just a lump in the middle of the bed.  I died laughing.

Something similar happened later -- someone didn't close the front door firmly enough, so the wind (which is still pretty brisk) blew the front door open.  Kisa ventured out of the porch, and when George called her, she ran back in the house.  Again, Bronte was nowhere to be found.

Again I found her hiding under the covers on the guest bed.  I petted the lump:  "Good girl, Bronte."

Bronte:  Mew!

I love my kitty.  XD
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Well, we've got winds and rain, and there've been reports of tornadoes touching down. 

So far, so good.  We've battened down the hatches, and we're just watching to see what happens.

Bunneh ish dry.  Bunneh also made banana bread yesterday, so banana bread and tea is the comfort-food breakfast.  (Sad when I buy bananas specifically so I can let them ripen so I can make 'nana bread, innit?)

Hope all the other Floridians on my f-list are staying safe and dry!
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Sorry.  Couldn't resist.

So, the storm jumped from a Cat 2 to a Category 5 storm overnight.  Yay.

It also looks like it's going to skim right between Cuba and the Yucatan Peninsula, thereby avoiding Cuba's mountainous terrain, which would weaken the storm significantly.  Double yay.

So far, the "cone of uncertainty" is very large.  Fnar.  S'gonna hit Florida; that much is pretty much guaranteed. Triple yay.

Looks like it'll weaken before hitting FL, at least.  *crosses fingers*

And if all of this wasn't bad enough, it was delivered this morning by an annoying meteorologist, who was the stand-in for the meteorologist we prefer watching in the morning (he's on vacation).  This woman has way too much difficulty with the cue-cards, man.  Such a ditz.

Par example:

"You'll see here between... [pause] ...Cuba and the Yucatan, right here.  Here we have warmer... [pause] ...water.  And that warmer water will provide... [pause] ...fuel that will feed the hurricane."

She also focuses on Orlando weather and never what's going on on the coast.  :P

...And, yes, I do have a preferred meteorologist.

I'll probably go out today and fill up the car.  It's pretty empty.  We're pretty good with supplies, though picking up another carton or two of water can't hurt.  And I might even swing by our local British import shop, because [livejournal.com profile] mscongeniality shared some of her PG Tips with me, and it's become my crack.  Granted, some people (like my mom) would argue that I have "too much tea."  I, however, disagree.  No matter how much tea I have, it's always just enough. XD

Pfah.  Too much tea.  I've never heard of anything so ridiculous.
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It took a little while, but I think this is just about it.

EDIT: Duh, me. This meme was the one that was supposed to list your six favorite songs at the moment.

When You Say Nothing at All - Allison Kraus and Union Station
Rest in Peace - the Buffy the Vampire Slayer soundtrack
Nobody's Hero - Bon Jovi
Answer - Sarah McLachlan
Fukai Mori - Do As Infinity
Tada Nakitaku Naru No (Orchestral Version) - Furuba soundtrack 

Most everyone on my F-list has done this meme, so I'm not gonna tag anyone. :)

In unrelated news, I'm tired.  Bleh.  I have errands I have to do and don't want to do them.  Let's seeee...

Post office

I'm thinking about going to Sam's Club and getting a stash of water in the event of a hurricane.  Not that there's one COMING.  But because, at the moment, there isn't one. ;)  Batteries, too.  Last week was "tax-free" week if you were buying hurricane preparedness items, but, really, six cents on the dollar?  It's a good idea in theory if you're buying a generator or a buttload of supplies, but, honestly, the most I'd save is a few bucks.  Three, maybe six.

Please, please, please not another season like last year. PLEASE.  I seriously could NOT take it.

Well, I'm going to get a little something to nibble, have some tea to wake my sleepy ass up, and head on out.  Target first, then Petsmart, then post office.  That makes the most sense, I think...


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