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Okay, so I'm officially going FRIENDS ONLY with this journal.  There are a few reasons for this, but most of them have to do with the very personal posts I've been making lately, and that's not going to change any time soon.

So, here is me:

I talk a lot about my dogs, my husband, and my grandfather -- who has been suffering from Fronto-Temporal Dementia, and has just entered Stage 4 (the final stage).  I love tea and I love to bake and also talk a great deal about both.  I gripe and bitch about the writing process, as I struggle through the first draft of my first novel, and -- in the same vein -- celebrate copiously when I finally muddle through difficult parts.  Politically, I'm a registered Independent with fairly conservative leanings (I like to call myself an Indy-conservative), but tend not to make many overtly political posts.  I do squee about fandom things, but less frequently these days -- my heart belongs to Joss Whedon and Neil Gaiman, and my latest obsession is Dragon Age: Origins.

This LJ is like my living room -- if I invite you in, it's because I'm placing a certain amount of trust in you.  I don't mind if you add me as a friend (comment here if you have added me, and do me the favor of reminding me how we know each other), but be aware that I may not add you back right away.  Give me a chance to get to know you a bit first.  Like I said, my posts have gotten more personal lately, and I am a fairly private, introverted person by nature. 

I recently did some spring cleaning on my f-list.  If you were defriended in error, drop a line here. :)
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So, I think I'm interested in widening my music library a little.  I'm having one of those days where iTunes looks like a big candy store, and I seriously have no idea where to start.  So far I've downloaded a little Alison Krauss, Matthew Perryman, and Jack Savoretti, so that might be indicative of what my ear seems to be craving right now:  clear vocals, a nice melody, and fairly mellow-sounding.  (I'd forgotten how much I LOVE Alison Krauss' voice. Gawd.)

Would y'all mind giving me a few artists to check out?  I'm really feeling like trying something new (or new to me, at least), so I'm curious to hear what my f-list is listening to or might recommend.  (Hit me up with your instrumental recs too.  Soundtracks, scores, the works!)
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Why, yes.  Yes, I did go hunting down Tangled icons.  ([livejournal.com profile] tarysande , this is ENTIRELY YOUR FAULT.)

And... yup.  I can feel it.   Going to have to go see this one again.  The compulsion is growing!  (And I found a "SEE TANGLED!" movie pass sticker attached to the Blu-Ray copy of Beauty and the Beast, which I really feel ought to get used.  To not use it would be such a waste, right?  Right.)

Thank you, Disney, SO MUCH, for not totally screwing my favorite childhood fairy-tale.  <3


Dec. 20th, 2010 10:34 am
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WOO HOO.  [livejournal.com profile] yuletide  fic is FINISHED AND POSTED.

[livejournal.com profile] mscongeniality , I ended up not sending it off to the beta you recommended, since I was feeling pretty good about chugging through what I wrote last night, and I knew she wouldn't be available today.  But thanks for the heads-up all the same. <3  (But I did spend most of last night surrounded by the source material and a number of other research materials, and once I fell into the groove and the voice, things started to click.)


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I love this video more than words can begin to express. (Even if they've included the version of P&P I reallyreally cannot stand. OH WELL. There's enough there to make up for it.)

Possibly I have watched it more than once already.  Possibly for something that happens somewhere around 3:40.  Possibly.

Earl Gray tea and THIS.  Best way to start a busy day. 

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So apparently sometime yesterday Sydney ate a set of headphones, cord and all.  Just found the ear-bud portion in her most recent... leavings, and found a tiny piece of cord in the bedroom.  So she ate the whole fucking thing.  She has an appointment at 4 to get X-rays to make sure she doesn't need the cord isn't tangled in her intestine, else she might need surgery which we cannot fucking afford right now.

I hope to God she doesn't need surgery.   There are no words for how hard I hope she doesn't need surgery. 

Dammit, Sydney. 

EDIT:  Some of the cord had worked its way into the intestine, but the doc is confident she'll pass those bits.  As for what was left, a majority of it was still in the stomach, so they induced vomiting, which brought up a cluster of cord, the plug, several acorns, and a piece of what might have been either paper or fabric -- we aren't sure which.

People think I'm kidding when I say Syd will eat anything not nailed down.

She's okay, though -- thanks to everyone for their finger-crossing and good-thoughts.  <3 


Nov. 16th, 2010 04:58 pm
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This absolutely broke my heart.   If you'll all excuse me, I'm going to go have a little cry and cuddle my dogs now.

Hero Dog Mistakenly Euthanized at AZ Animal Shelter
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[livejournal.com profile] yuletide  signups are ooopeeeennnnnnnn :D

Some people wait all year for NaNo, and while I'm doing it this year, I confess I'm doing rather poorly insofar as word count goes.  But word count is going up, so I suppose I can't bitch TOO much.  Not gonna hit the 50K word goal, however.  And I'm weirdly okay with that.

But [livejournal.com profile] yuletide .  That's different.  I've actually lost track of how many years I've participated, but I think this is my sixth year, and I am ridiculously excited to participate this year.  I haven't signed up yet, mainly because I like to wait for the MAD RUSH to subside a little.  

SO!  Thinking about doing a yuletide friends-filter this year.  Who all's already signed up/gonna sign up?

SIGN UP.  YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO.  OBSCURE FANDOMS ARE AWESOME.  :D  Over the course of the years, I've written Fruits Basket, Disney's Hercules, and four -- count 'em -- four, NO, WAIT.  FIVE. I've done five Dorothy Sayers Lord Peter Wimsey fics. The extra was a stocking stuffer for someone, I think.  Anyway.  Obscure fandoms.  You know you love 'em.

(I've also received some amazing fics.  Last year, in fact, I received a Jennifer Crusie Faking It fic, with strains of Welcome to Temptation, and it was MARVELOUS and lovely and oh god, I was smiling for hours afterward.)
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A suspicious package was discovered at the Cocoa Beach Social Security office today.  The county sheriff's department was called in, as well as the bomb squad.  You know, like you do when dealing with suspicious packages.  


The package?

Contained kittens.
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More info regarding Senior Care of Brevard, the grant they're in the running for, and how you can vote for it IS RIGHT HERE.

GUYS GUYS GUYS!  Senior Care of Brevard is now ranked at #331.  WE NEED MOAR VOTES!! 

And, YES, I am absolutely going to be bugging you FOR THE REST OF THE MONTH, because it's a worthwhile cause.  Dementia sucks, Alzheimer's sucks, and there's so little we can actually do for it. 

Please, please, please -- spread the word, see if you can get other people to vote as well. 

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As nearly everyone on my f-list knows, my grandfather is suffering from Fronto-Temporal Dementia, and is currently in Stage Four of that disease. My mother is my grandfather's caretaker, and during the course of his illness has become good friends with a woman who runs Senior Care of Brevard -- it's not a nursing home, but rather a facility that accepts dementia and Alzheimer's patients, providing a safe place for them to be during the day, if their regular caretaker needs to work, or simply cannot be home with them on that particular day.  (We don't really like to call it a "daycare" facility, but that is essentially the service it provides.)  Senior Care of Brevard is unique in this area because it is the only facility that will accept Stage Four patients, which is also what makes it vital.

Unfortunately, due to Medicare cuts (some very hefty ones at the state level), SCoB is finding itself in a precarious position.  Since Medicare isn't covering this kind of service anymore, less fortunate patients can't take advantage of this facility.  Caregivers -- usually the patient's adult children -- are then in an unenviable position of having to figure out how to go to work while also figuring out how to care for the patient.  (My mother is lucky; she works from home, but caring for my grandfather is a full-time job in itself, and she rarely gets the oppotunity to get out of the house aside from taking Grampa to doctor appointments, or to run errands -- but even then, she has to arrange for someone to sit with him.)

My mother's friend, Linda, who runs Senior Care of Brevard, submitted a proposal for a grant, sponsored by Pepsi.  The proposal was accepted, which means a lot of YAY!  But now comes the difficult part.  And this is the part where I am asking you, friends and friends-of-friends and random people who happen to stumble across this entry, to please help us harness the most-awesome Power of the Intarwebs. 

We need votes.  Whoever gets the most votes wins this $250,000 grant.  This is not an insignificant sum, and would go a long way  to helping a worthwhile facility.


Voting begins promptly on OCTOBER 1, 2010 at MIDNIGHT.

Here is URL you'll need.  GO HERE: http://www.refresheverything.com/

·      The screen is blue and divided into sections. Click on the right side where it says: "Browse Ideas and Vote"

·      Scroll to the bottom of the page; on the bottom left it says: "Sign in/Join 'Refresh Everything.'"

·      The first time voting, click on "Join 'Refresh Everything'" because you'll need to register in order to vote.

·      You'll have to create a username and password, but after the initial registration, you'll just have to click on "Sign in" at the bottom of the page each time you want to vote. 

And here's the best part:

·      You can vote EVERY DAY until midnight October 31, 2010!!!!!


·      You are only allowed ONE vote per day for our cause.  The one who gets the MOST votes WINS.

The most important thing to remember is the initial 48 hours of voting is the MOST CRUCIAL because it establishes rank.  The numbers do not go UP, they go DOWN.  So, the lower the number, the better!  We're trying to get into FIRST PLACE here!

NOW:  How to FIND SCoB to vote for it!  (Because you know you really want to.  You really, really want to.)

Once you enter the site, there should be buttons across the top of the page designating areas where various people and organizations ahve submitted their work.  

SENIOR CARE OF BREVARD IS LOCATED UNDER "HEALTH."  (All "Health" related entries are in red.)  Click that red button!

Under that, amounts are listed:  $5000; $25,000; $50,000; and $250,000.  CLICK ON $250,000.


If you click on that project title, you'll be linked to a short synopsis all about Senior Care of Brevard.


Please, guys -- vote.  Link to this page, if you like!  Pimp this out however you want.  Twitter, Facebook, EVEN SANDWICH-BOARD SIGNS WOULD BE GREAT.  But please, spread the word!

If SCoB wins this grant, they'll be able to provide dementia and Alzheimer's patients -- who would not otherwise be able to afford it -- a safe place to go during the day, and providing their caregivers with peace of mind.


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We has kitty. Her name is Lady Avalon of Scrambles, AKA "Avvie."

She has tried sharpening her claws on the walls twice already. This is not good. Anyone with tips on how to redirect her to the fifty different scratch-friendly thingies around the house, I would appreciate it. (I have a water bottle and I'm not afraid to use it.) She's also Very Keen on the comings and goings of us, and hunkers down by the door. Sigh. (I knew this wouldn't be easy. I did.)

I wish I could be more enthused about the whole exercise, but I'm completely exhausted, and there's still FOOD to make. Long day. Long, long day.


oh god help. crying to go outside, and has been doing so pretty solidly for the last hour.

oh god, help.
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A stray cat showed up this morning -- a fluffy black girl with white paws and a ruined ear.  She came trotting right up to me while I had the dogs out for potty, and showed utterly NO fear at either of them.  Not a hiss, not a claw.  She just flopped.  Charmingly.  (Also suspect she might be preggers.  Maybe.  Not sure, because she's just that FLUFFY.)

I had to take G to work, and by the time I came home, she was gone.  She's back again, and I've put a little food and (perhaps more importantly) water out on the front porch.  She's meowing like a broken-hearted little... well, cat, but I don't dare bring her into the house -- Kisa isn't terribly tolerant of other cats, and I think I felt a tick on the stray, and I'm sure she's got fleas, oh god, and who knows what else.

I have to do something, though.  And the no-kill shelter doesn't open until noon.

Every time I go outside she starts rubbing against my leg and meowing and oh my GOD she is breaking my HEART here.


EDIT:  Okay, every freaking no-kill shelter I could call says they are FULL UP WITH CATS.  So Mystery Kitty has been dropped off at the county shelter, and we're going to be notified if she is, first and foremost, adoptable (i.e. she isn't claimed by owners, or if she's not too sick to BE adopted out).  From there, we'll either adopt her, or give her a chance to be adopted out by someone else (Kisa reacted BADLY to the sight of this cat through the window -- I think I'd like to give her a chance with someone else first).  If she doesn't get adopted out in... I don't even know what a good window is, then we're going to adopt her ourselves and Kisa can just learn to live with it.
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A good friend of mine, and a most talented artist[livejournal.com profile] tatertott   (known to many on my f-list as "Weenie") is participating in the Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure this October -- it's a 60 mile walk, and she's been training hard like a training thing, but she's only met 30% of her donation goal so far.  With the event only two months away, she needs a lot of help.

I know times are tight for a lot of us, but this is an excellent cause, and [livejournal.com profile] tatertott  has been working hard to prepare for the walk, so I'd like to ask anyone who might be in a position to do so: PLEASE help her meet her goal!

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Okay, so I know a lot of the folks on my f-list are also on [livejournal.com profile] evilpuppy 's f-list, BUT IN THE EVENT THAT YOU AREN'T, I would like to ask that you help bump The Den of Iniquity's kitty Nutter Butter past that poseur Ricky in the Bay Area Humane Society's Top Pet contest.  TONIGHT IS THE LAST NIGHT FOR VOTING.  SO GO NOW! 

In case you aren't moved by my plea, go here and see if you're cold-hearted enough to say no to that widdle smooshy face ohmygoodnesswho'sagoodnutterbutt...

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Dear Kisa:

I get you are Miz Neurotic Spazzycat 2010, but seriously. Repeat after me:


Someday you will figure out that the complex chain of events that starts with your claws embedding in my skin (SURPRAIZ BLOODSHED!), then leading me to let out a rather loud "OW", and then leads to Darwin Enforcer-Britches getting all up in your kitty-business (with or without a complimentary warning nose-bump).  At which point you hiss and run away, and he goes back to his spot under my desk. 

...Until you come back and do it again and seriously, I did not drop you on your head as a kitten.  When is this going to sink in?

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Oh, balls.

I am NOT getting early migraine hints twenty minutes before the cable guy is set to arrive.



eta: three tylenol and some very hot, very strong keemun MIGHT HAVE KNOCKED IT BACK. MAYBE.  godihopeso.
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Some recent pics of my pupperdoodles. :)  (For newer folks, Darwin is the red merle, and Sydney is the black tri-colored.)


Pups behind cut! )
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Note the first:  My husband makes possibly the best guacomole in the world.  I could drown face-down in a bowl of the stuff and die happy. omgsogood.

Note the second:  Was in a bread-bakey mood today, and have decided to try out a recipe I have for challah.  It is in the oven, and the house should be smelling delicious soon.  (If the challah works out, next step is brioche! Which still terrifies me somewhat!) ---Oh, yeah, baby.  Fresh-bread-smell in the house.  Mmmmm :)

Note the third: I keep saying this, and I keep not doing it.  I think it's time to trim ye olde f-list.  If I (a) cannot remember the last time I commented in your journal, (b) cannot remember the last time you commented in my journal, (c) have caught myself skimming your entries without clicking on your LJ-cuts, or (d) cannot remember how I even know you, then you will likely be trimmed.  Let me know if you don't want to be. :)

ETA:  challah bread was not a total crash and burn failure! Slightly overly brown on top, and I totally screwed up the braiding of it, and I am suspecting it ought to have risen higher, but I am eating a piece of it slathered with honey and it tastes good! :D

ETA2: Bread was good, but now I require tea... I think some Earl Gray with bergamot should do the trick nicely.
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Yoinked from [livejournal.com profile] patchcat :

Everyone has things they blog about. Everyone has things they don't blog about. Challenge me out of my comfort zone by telling me something I don't blog about, but you'd like to hear about, and I'll write a post about it. Ask for anything: latest movie watched, last book read, political leanings, thoughts on lima beans, favorite type of underwear, graphic techniques, etc.

In other, more annoying news, the uni is telling me I have an unpaid balance on my account. I'd... really like to know how that's possible, since I couldn't have gotten my fin aid refund until the bill was paid.  WTF?

Oh, and I think the neighborhood stray cat peed on our front patio.  Charming.


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