Dec. 20th, 2010 10:34 am
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WOO HOO.  [ profile] yuletide  fic is FINISHED AND POSTED.

[ profile] mscongeniality , I ended up not sending it off to the beta you recommended, since I was feeling pretty good about chugging through what I wrote last night, and I knew she wouldn't be available today.  But thanks for the heads-up all the same. <3  (But I did spend most of last night surrounded by the source material and a number of other research materials, and once I fell into the groove and the voice, things started to click.)


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[ profile] yuletide  signups are ooopeeeennnnnnnn :D

Some people wait all year for NaNo, and while I'm doing it this year, I confess I'm doing rather poorly insofar as word count goes.  But word count is going up, so I suppose I can't bitch TOO much.  Not gonna hit the 50K word goal, however.  And I'm weirdly okay with that.

But [ profile] yuletide .  That's different.  I've actually lost track of how many years I've participated, but I think this is my sixth year, and I am ridiculously excited to participate this year.  I haven't signed up yet, mainly because I like to wait for the MAD RUSH to subside a little.  

SO!  Thinking about doing a yuletide friends-filter this year.  Who all's already signed up/gonna sign up?

SIGN UP.  YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO.  OBSCURE FANDOMS ARE AWESOME.  :D  Over the course of the years, I've written Fruits Basket, Disney's Hercules, and four -- count 'em -- four, NO, WAIT.  FIVE. I've done five Dorothy Sayers Lord Peter Wimsey fics. The extra was a stocking stuffer for someone, I think.  Anyway.  Obscure fandoms.  You know you love 'em.

(I've also received some amazing fics.  Last year, in fact, I received a Jennifer Crusie Faking It fic, with strains of Welcome to Temptation, and it was MARVELOUS and lovely and oh god, I was smiling for hours afterward.)
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First of all, this is obscenely, obscenely late, and for that I do apologize. (In truth, I thought I'd already written this, and then when I went to go back and grab the link for it, I realized that, hey, SOMETHING WAS MISSING. So, hopefully this is better late than never.)

Second of all, THANK YOU for participating in the Yuletide Challenge this year, and thank you for the story you're about to write.

In truth, I'm pretty easy to please, but then I bet everyone thinks that of themselves :). Generally, I'm not a huge fan of slash, and that is... pretty much my only squick. I've requested all canon "pairings" (though I agree that it's debatable whether Rae and Con are a "pairing"-- but I love their chemistry and their exchanges), so that probably illustrates that right there. I'm also a complete sucker for holiday-themed stories. A COMPLETE sucker. Take that as you will. :D

Okay, so I requested Jennifer Crusie's novel Faking It. Obviously my favorite pairing is Davy and Tilda, so anything with them... being Davy and Tilda at each other would be fantastic. Something post-novel would be good, and if you'd like to throw in any of the other characters, that would be fantastic. (Am also open to cross-overs with other Crusie novels, but that's up to you.)

As for the Sayersverse, I have always envied people who can write a mystery. If you're one of those people, a mystery would be WONDERFUL. However, being someone who has a hard time writing a mystery, I completely understand if that's not doable. I love Peter and Harriet, and positively adore their banter and piffle. I also love every phase of their relationship, from the awkwardness in the beginning, to Harriet's stubbornness and Peter's determination, to the point where everything FINALLY comes to fruition. (I do confess a fondness for seeing them married, however, but it is not strictly necessary.)

And, finally, Sunshine. This is the first year I've requested anything from this fandome, but I do love the chemistry Sunshine and Con share. Whether you take this down a romantic road or not is entirely up to you. I... really don't know what to ask for here! I love Con, love him to utter bits, and Rae's wry observances and smart mouth are the things I love most about her. Something post-novel would be good, or if you can figure out a way to tuck something within the framework of the book, that's fine too. I'm curious about Con's history, so maybe he could open up a little more about that?
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Second round of gingerbread cookies are now baked -- second try went a lot more smoothly than the first, and I tried a few different things, and they worked well, so I'm going to make notes on the original recipe. But the house smells divine, and that's always good.

Now to clean up the mess, make a pot of tea, grab a couple of gingerbread cookies and finish Christmas cards aha, start my Yuletide story canon refresher.

I notice that I seem to start my Yuletide assignment around the same time every year, and so for some reason, I am NOT panicking over not having started the story yet. I actually have an idea! And I'm just doing the quick refresher to get the voices lodged in my head. SO THAT'S SOMETHING.
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(Everyone else can ignore this one...)

Dear Yuletide Writer: Sorry this letter's a bit on the late side! )
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Yes, I know most of you won't care, but someone out there probably will...

Santa, baby, leave a present under the tree for me... )
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I got my Yuletide assignment!


I am simultaneously thrilled and terrified. 

And now I am off to bed.  <3


Oct. 31st, 2006 05:46 pm
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I signed up for Yuletide!  I'm afraid my fic requests were pretty predictable, for anyone who knows me, but I tried to branch out a bit with what I'm offering to write, so we'll see what happens.  This is my third go-round doing this particular challenge, and even though I haven't been doing a lot of writing lately (streeeeeeeess!!!), I don't think I could NOT do Yuletide.  It's just that awesome.  And the two previous stories I've produced for Yuletide have been things I'm very proud of, so I'm starting to think maybe this challenge is a good thing for me to do. :)

EDIT: Can someone please explain to me why it just hit me NOW that the Jennifer Crusie books would have been an AWESOME fandom suggestion to include in Yuletide? *headdesks, repeatedly*
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Okay.  SOMEONE left an LJ post for my-eyes-only yesterday, and now I can't find the post, and I'm starting to doubt who left it.  (Curse you, LJ for making me doubt my own sanity!)

You know who you are... )

I tried one of the sesame cookies last night and have decided to toss the lot of them.  I don't know what I did, but the cookies turned out to be too dense, and I'm too annoyed with myself to try another batch.  We'll see.  I'm guessing the problem is that I kneaded the dough too much/not enough.  Today I'll finish up the rest of the baking, and will probably get things mailed out by the end of the week.  Tora-kun is a definite fan of the biscotti and has requested I make more that won't be sent out.  Today I'm moving on to the recipes I'm more familiar/comfortable with, and depending on my mood after the fact, I may try the sesame cookies again, after begging Mom's advice.

I also have to start on my [ profile] yuletide story.  Mrr.  I know once I start it, it'll be a quick write, because I'm really happy with what I got assigned.  It's just STARTING the blasted thing that's being a pain.  [ profile] everstar3, I'd like to run a few preliminary ideas by you. (The request I'm trying to fulfilll is... kind of up your alley.  And I mean that in the best way possible.)
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Just about everyone can ignore this; it's a letter to my [ profile] yuletide secret Santa.

Santa, baby... )


Nov. 14th, 2005 10:14 am
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I got my Yuletide assignment!  AND I LOVE IT OMG! LOVELOVELOVE! 

Oh, I can so do this.  And it's going to be somuchfun.  SQUEE!!


I still have a headache, but YULETIDE WHEE!  YAY! 

[ profile] mscongeniality, think you can beta for me when the time comes?  *wigglewiggleslide*


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