Mar. 6th, 2010

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I just realized that in the course of one week, someone I know has gotten engaged, someone else has gotten married, and someone else has announced a pregnancy.

For some reason, this amuses me muchly. ;)

The pregnant!someone is my baby cousin, whose wedding I went to last year.  She's six years my junior and now my mother is GIVING ME LOOKSHelp!

Mom: "They're [my aunt and uncle] going to be grandparents."
Me:  "And yet, I'm still happy having dogs."
Mom:  *glare*
Me:  "You think Darwin isn't completely superior to a crying infant?  I'm going to tell him you think that, and he's going to be so hurt."

And the moment in which I reveal my true catty nature:

Mom: [Telling Grampa he's going to be a great-grandfather.]  Erica's having a baby! You're going to be a great-grandfather!
Me:  ...Again.
Mom:  ....Again.
Me:  Except this time it's the grand-daughter that's actually MARRIED doing it.
George: *sporfle*

Yeah, I have two cousins who... have difficulties making even remotely intelligent choices. They happen to be sisters.  Sigh.

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