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Dear Furuba,

I cheerfully reject your canon.

Love and Kisses,

PS: Congrats on finally ending.  Bravo.

*curls up*

Well, work is still going smoothly, but I'm finding that I'm not terribly keen on working till 7:00.  It inevitably means I don't get home until nearly eight, and THEN I have to figure out something to eat.  Today I cheated and picked somethin up from the grocery store, except I was fucking starving when I did get home, so I stuffed myself a bit, and now I feel all blargh.

I'm more than mildly annoyed with our car for deciding that it needs new tires ASAP.  It feels like the second we start to get our heads above water, something comes along and kicks us in the teeth.

I've gotten quite a bit written on OGAM and quite a bit outlined out as far as the vampire story goes.  Too bad I couldn't be this dedicated to my econ paper. XP  It'll have to be tomorrow.  I have no errands to run (though I am planning on taking Darwin to the park bright and early, weather permitting), so I'll have time to SIT and WORK.  Whee, fun.

Bronte went in for another follow-up on Tuesday -- her PCV count is up to 17% and her weight is up to 8.3 lbs, both of which are excellent signs.  She's going to stay on her current medication dosages for three more weeks and then she's going back to the vet to get checked again.  She's not recovering as quickly as we'd like, but she is recovering, and her body doesn't seem to be attacking the new blood, so that's good.

I've made myself get back into the habit of having actual training sessions with Darwin -- when he was a wee pup, I'd spend about 30 minutes a day (broken up) doing training with him, and he picked things up very quickly.  Lately I've slacked off with the training.  I'm still reinforcing all of his old commands, but I haven't taught him anything new in a while.  This week we worked on playing dead and "wave."   I'm thrilled with how quickly he's picking them up -- the command for playing dead is "Bang!" and we're nowhere near 100% on that one, but we're getting there.

Aaaaand that's about it, I think.  Thrilling, no?
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And, believe me, it's not gonna be pretty.

My thoughts on Furuba 132... )

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The fellow "Project Runway" geeks fans on my f-list may well be wondering the same thing I'm wondering about tonight's episode?

[Poll #784363]

I have a few designers I'd like to see go home, if only because they irritate me so deeply (Keith and Angela, for starters -- Angela because I think she's a nitwit with no taste and Keith because I'd just love to see the pompous ass get a big slice of humble pie with a side of crow), but I think nearly all of them are capable of rule-breaking. Well, except maybe Laura, who seems to be obsessed with order (unfortunately, I don't think she'll last too much longer, because she does seem to favor a classic, streamlined shape, which, for some reason, gets brushed off as "boring" by the judges).

I do hope it's not Kayne, Uli, or Alison. Or Michael Knight, because he's got the best name EVAR. XD
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Dear Hollywood,

In light of the latest installment in your The Fast and the Furious franchise, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, I would like to know where to send the hate mail once the Inuyasha fandom starts getting flooded with a bunch of "street racer" AU stories featuring the IY gang.

Just trying to get all my ducks in a row, you see.  Because I can feel it brewing, and I doubt I'm the only one.

Love and Kisses,
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This is wonderful.

The Fandom Creed )

Well, springtime in Florida looks like it's pretty much here.  While I basically despise living in this state ten months out of the year, March and April are always very good to me.  The humidity is nice and low, and the days are just pleasant.  However, I know that many of you live in other places, so I will shut up about that right there.

I've also been trying to get back into the swing of writing my original fiction.  The holidays came and kicked my ass, and that pretty much killed any creativity I had going on, and then we got Darwin/I had the flu, and that kicked my ass further.  And then I was brought to the realization that I've been killing myself trying to stay on top of every little thing that I take care of around here.  Since we got Darwin, I've been trying to make sure that nothing else slides, like laundry or housecleaning or... anything, really.  And it turned out that something had been sliding: my creativity.  So Tora-kun and I had a little talk and he let me know that it didn't matter a damn if I made sandwiches for dinner three nights out of the week, and that it's OKAY if I crash for a couple of hours during the day (because while Darwin is sleeping in his crate for six hours at a time, it still puts me getting up at 4:30 or 5:00 for his potty-break, and it's so hard to get back to sleep afterward).  See, taking a nap in the middle of the day was making me feel like a big, lazy slug.  And copping out and making sandwiches (or something easy) for dinner was also making me feel lazy.  I don't like feeling lazy.

And, y'know what?  After we had that talk, I was able to spend yesterday reading through my UT chapters and working on fixing a few things that had gone wrong.  (Basically I ended up scrapping two chapters to change an event that just wasn't working for me, and that necessitated going back and editing a few things for continuity's sake.)  It also meant squeezing out some new dialogue, which went ... pretty well, actually.  And re-reading it also helped me see that I was overusing some words to the point of beating them into the ground, which then necessitated rewording things and/or whipping out my thesaurus.

And I'm starting to think I spend too much time setting a scene's surroundings. I'll have to be mindful of that.

Today, however, I start my Finance class, so I imagine any sense of well-being is going to be short lived.  *sigh*
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Just watched "Walk the Line."

Joaquin Phoenix got screwed at the Oscars.  Sure, Philip J. Hoffman did a good Truman Capote, but he didn't have to sing.

Wow.  That was just... wow. 

Good movie.  And a nice change from "The Goblet of Fire," which we watched last night and was (in my opinion) was a "meh" flick.


Anyone who hasn't seen "Walk the Line" yet, MUST.  (Of course, if you don't like biopics, you are exempt.)  I also really, really enjoyed "Ray," so it's probably not a shock I liked "Walk the Line."  And apparently a biopic on Miles Davis is in the works.

Just... wow.  Every time I see a movie with Joaquin Phoenix in it, I'm reminded all over again why I love him so much.

He got so robbed.
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I've just realized that three people on my f-list have -- completely independent of each other -- Bleach episodes. I hadn't watched them yet because... well, silly little reasons, usually.  I had other things that needed to get done first, or I was writing, or something like that.

Well, I can't access my documents on the server, and I'm holed up in bed, doped up with allergy meds.  (The swelling/puffiness is down, and the itching has subsided a little, but it's still there. I look like I've been crying, basically.)

So!  Bleach!  I'm four episodes in and, yes, I see why this series has pwned so many souls.  Definitely enjoying it.  :D

So, thank you to my three crack dealers  friends who want to expose me to new series.  ;)
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Blame [livejournal.com profile] mscongeniality for my drastic and rapid turnaround in mood:

Click on the pink Shigure icon, since I'm pretty sure they wouldn't like me hotlinking to the image...

Oh. Em. Effin'. Gee.

I love it.  I adore it.  It's better than I'd hoped!


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Thanks to everyone who's offered their help -- I'm touched and a little surprised at the number of people who are willing to chip and and who are excited about doing so!

Plans were to send an informational email out to everyone today, but... I realize that I don't have everybody's email.



Comments will be screened... again. 

If you've already given me your address, please just give it to me again.  If you think I already have your email, please give it to me again.  If you're one of those people who has five different email accounts (like I do, normally), give me the BEST address at which to reach you.

Thanks in advance!

(Go 'Canes!)
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Why am I in such a bad mood today?

Okay, headache aside...
And ignoring the fact that Bronte vomited four times during the round-trip to the vet's office...
Add to that a whole lot of internal frustration and self-directed anger... (Wangsty stuff, trust me -- desire for tea-shop means having to live in this area longer than I want, but given my lack of success in getting into a PhD program, professional choices feel like they're getting further and further away from me.)
Skipping over the revelation that, thanks to recent gas prices, we may not be able to go to DC at the end of September...
Our automatic once-every-three-months domain payment hit us at the worst possible moment...
And I'm cleaning the house. 


...I suspect, also, that there's PMS'ness going on here, too.

But at least I haven't been getting any angry emails.  Most everyone who's written me has said they understand my reasons, and while they're sad to see it go, they agree it's not the same site it used to be.  I do suspect that I'm not getting any letters full of righteous indignation because (a) hardly anyone read the admin email I sent, and (b) a majority of people who visit the site skip over the front page entirely, going straight to the forums.  So... yeah.  October 27 is going to be an interesting day.


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