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This morning was not shaping up to be my morning. Sydney was more interested in the garbage men than actually pottying, and Darwin caught the scent of the neighborhood cat in our yard, so he was more interested in THAT than pottying. I was physically incapable of opening a can of tunafish, and when I went to throw it away, I discovered the trash was full and needed to be put out into the bin. I snapped at George and the dogs, and right about the time that the cutting board started to slip out from underneath my (VERY SHARP) knife and hands as I was trying to cut up pieces of mango, George decreed that we would stop for breakfast and that I should put the mango away and step away from the knife.

We stopped at Starbucks at the craziest point in the morning, on a day they were shorthanded, and while one of the baristas was busy setting up a new pot of coffee to brew. I got some raspberry/peach/yogurt/granola parfait thing and something for George and drinks for both of us. I realized belatedly that I couldn't eat the parfait while driving (though George did offer to spoon-feed me and make airplane noises -- I declined). So after I dropped him off, I parked in some shade and ate my breakfast and then headed to the park for walkies.

It was the Best Walk Ever.

This was not necessarily because the pups were being particularly well-behaved (though... they were, actually), but had more to do with a bit of a chance encounter with a group of about four special-needs kids who happened to be on an outing to the park that day. I am by no means an expert when it comes to identifying various conditions, but I could tell one little girl had Downs Syndrome, another little girl seemed to be autistic (judging by what -- admittedly little -- I know of behaviors), one little boy was in a chair (he seemed to be largely unaware of anything going on, but I fully admit I know jack squat about these conditions), and the final little boy seemed to be a bit more functional, and it is my guess that his condition was a bit milder than the rest.

Anyway, the pups seemed curious, and they're both really very good with kids, so I figured no harm could come of asking if the pups could say hello. The teachers with the kids seemed a little hesitant, but said as long as the dogs were well-behaved, they could see no problem with it. (Darwin almost ruined everything when he started to woof at the chair, but he got over it quickly.) So we went over and I sat on the ground, and made both dogs sit. The final little boy I mentioned above was ALL ABOUT THIS, and Darwin took to him instantly, licking at his hands and face, and eventually D stretched out and lay down against this little boy's leg. Sydney was amazingly good, and was very, very gentle, licking the kidlets' hands when the teachers told them to let Syd sniff first. The little girl with DS was petting her (the teachers kept reminding her to be gentle, but Syd just let her do whatever, and eventually rolled onto her back and asdfjk; SO CUTE I NEARLY DIED).

The other little girl seemed kind of afraid of them at first, but was eventually coaxed over long enough to pet Sydney (Darwin was busy being BFFs with the aforementioned little boy), and it was Syd who was recruited to say hello to the little boy in the wheelchair; she sniffed and licked and nuzzled his hand and arm, and then Darwin came over and followed suit.

All in all, it was about 15 minutes of sitting down and sharing some puppy therapy, and it was completely awesome. I'd been giving a little thought about training Syd to be a therapy dog, and seeing her interact with those kids today is making me think more seriously about it.

The rest of our walk was phenomenal. We stopped and talked to some people, and it seemed the more people complimented them on being well-behaved, the better they behaved. XD

Now we're home, and the dogs are sacked out after a long walk and a good meal, and I am left with enough warm fuzzies to last the entire day. ♥
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Possibly my least favorite part of doing Aussie rescue: calling complete strangers and checking references for adoption apps. The up-side is that once they realize that (a) you're not calling to sell anything and (b) you just want to talk about their friend and how completely awesome said friend is with dogs, things smooth out very quickly. (Trufax: Friday I chatted on the phone with someone for, like, 30 minutes. It only took about five minutes to get through the reference-checking part. Clearly I am a motor-mouth.)

Am in a much better place since my last entry. I found an iphone app that helps you log not only what you eat, but how much exercise you do as well, which is really awesome. I've also gotten in touch with a local yoga school, and they have a six-week intro program coming up -- one starts at the end of this month, and the other starts in the beginning of March, so I will more than likely look into that too. The doc's office is going to schedule an MRI for my hand, and then will decide what treatment will be the best option for me. (Am a big chicken and am hoping surgery will not be necessary.)

Took the puppers for a walk at one of my favorite parks today -- it's really nice, paved, about 3/4's of a mile around (we made it around 5 times in an hour). It's pretty popular for folks who actually walk their dogs, which means that the people who walk their dogs there tend to have well-behaved dogs. There is a slight problem with the squirrels being a little bold, and I swear that a couple of them were actually taunting Sydney. It was a nice break from our normal route, which is littered with stay-at-home dogs who come out and bark at you like you're a tasty treat.

It's been a pretty awesome day apart from the fact that I (a) am crampy and (b) have class tonight.

Sunday was a nice chill-out day. I slept in, which I haven't done in I don't know how long, and George and I went out for a little drive, then came home and collaborated on dinner together, which is always a lot of fun.

Saturday we packed up the dogs and went to watch an agility trial -- sadly, because of a busted water main, which delayed the getting-ready process, we left kind of late, and made it there towards the end of the trial. We did get to see some dogs run the course, though, and I got a height card for Darwin. Height cards are something you fill out with the dog's AKC info (this was an AKC trial), and then the dog's height is measured by two different AKC judges. The dog's height determines at what official height he'll be expected to jump in an agility ring. Dogs 22" tall have to clear 24" jumps. As it happens Darwin is 21 3/4" tall, which means he only has to clear 20" jumps (this was suuuch a relief for me). He was a total charmer for both judges, and I should be recieving our official height card in about a month.

I... guess this means we might start trialing at some point? I guess so.


Jan. 23rd, 2009 11:47 am
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So it's no secret that our car has been a total pain in the neck lately (hello $1500 in repairs that still neither properly diagnosed or fixed the problem), and in the year that we've been a two-dog family, the mechanical issues were compounded by the fact that it's hard to get two dogs in the back seat of a sedan, and it's very easy for said dogs to LEAP THROUGH to the front seat, usually at red lights, and well... it was all sort of becoming irritating beyond measure.

So over the weekend George asked me if I'd check out the Honda dealership and see if they'd be willing to take the Malibu in on a trade-in. I was doubtful, because our car's resale value is shit, to put it bluntly, and we owe more than it's worth, and AGH. But I went! If for no other reason than to expose myself to that new-car smell, which is always nice now and then.

Well. Uh. Despite the negative equity in the car, and with the help of a bit of a down-payment, we... um.

We acquired a 2008 Honda Element yesterday. (Obviously something that helped our situation was the fact that the dealership is really anxious to move the 2008 inventory.)

But really: NUMBER ONE on my list of things I didn't expect to be doing yesterday? BUYING A NEW FUCKING CAR. :Db

Oh my god, it is love.

And it's red.

And the dogs FIT.

Life is good. ♥
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The weekend has been full of peace and quiet and yummy food and good movies and oh my god, I got a solid EIGHT HOURS OF SLEEP Friday night.  Granted, we had to overnight he dogs at daycare to GET it, but after so many nights of interrupted sleep (Sydney wakes up anywhere between 4:30 and 6:30 AM for a potty break), it has resulted in a v. v. rested bunneh.

Saturday George and I went out for a drive, and it was a beautiful day for it.  We went for a little drive down to Sebastian to this little pet specialty store we know, and then went looking for a place to grab a little lunch.  The store is great, but the owner is kind of obnoxious -- she has this way of asking you seemingly innocent questions, and then when you answer her, your answer is inevitably "wrong," and she then treats you to a lecture about The Right Way to Do Things.  She sort of gives me flashback of my mother in-law, who used to do the exact same thing. (I assume she still does, but I have no way of knowing.) 

Cut for annoyances and dogstuff and annoying dogstuff )

Aaaand, let's see.  We watched The Dark Knight last night and it was every bit as awesome as I remember.  And we watched Wanted this morning with breakfast, which was an amazing movie.  George is watching Prince Caspian, which I have... not very much interest in.

So anyway.  Today I'm catching up on some laundry, coloring my hair, and hopefully working on some writing.  I'm having one of those Everything I Write is Tripe days, and the best way to work through it is to just write and accept that it'll probably be sucky, and then go back and work it a bit.  Like clay.

And Monday!  Monday I'm helping the local ARPH rep transport some Aussies to Orlando, so I expect that'll be interesting.
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Well, rather than let myself get filled with indignation, however rightous, and just complain and be angry over all of these dogs that have been dumped at shelters or simply given up, I've decided to do something, however small, about it.  The other day I submitted a volunteer application for ARPH, an Australian Shepherd Rescue organization.  I spent an hour this morning talking to the area rep, who seems really nice, and lives in the next town over, so I'm really feeling good about it (and also, loose plans for a puppy playdate this week!  Yay!).  We don't have the space to be a foster home for dogs, but I can scan the shelters and notify the rep if an Aussie's at the shelter, and then she'll go about trying to find a foster home for it, and it looks like she's going to need some help getting the organization a bit more established in this area (I was already aware that there wasn't a lot of representation for Aussie rescue in this part of Florida).  So, if nothing else, I think it'll be a great experience.  A lot of folks on the Australian Shepherd forum I frequent do a lot of work with ARPH and STAAR ("Second Time Around Aussie Rescue"), so it's been on my mind for a while now.

I had thought about volunteering at the animal shelter, but given that I burst into tears when I just read stories of dogs that have been given up or abandoned, I'm pretty sure that's not a very good fit. But I have resolved to bring a donation of SOME sort down once a month -- kibble or cat litter or toys or towels (Sam's Club has ginormous bags of kibble and cat litter at really reasonable prices) -- simply because kicking irresponsible owners in the shins... is probably not the most sound plan, leaglly speaking.  And our local county-run shelter is just... it's a depressing place.  They have a lot of land, but the drainage is utterly nonexistent, so with a bit of rain it gets converted into swampland.  It's overcrowded and ... "dreary" is probably the best word for it.  Probably because it is SO overcrowded.  (Seriously -- they have kitty overspill in the lobby. The rooms where the cages are kept are full, so they've set up cages wherever there's room.)

I know ARPH is breed specific, and part of me feels a twinge of guilt, because ... well, who's watching the mixed breeds' backs?  But this is... I think this will be a good way to find out if I CAN help, and if I want to be more active with volunteer work.  I'll see how it goes, and then take it from there.

On a completely unrelated note:  my panettone recipe continues to thwart me.  I think I just made another batch of panettone-biscotti (panetotti?).  Which isn't a bad thing, but I still cannot figure out where I'm going wrong with this recipe, and I am nearly out of the orange confit I made specifically FOR the recipe.  Am considering trying one more time -- later, once I'm not completely tired of fruited bread -- and going off-recipe to see if my hunch is correct.  But for the nonce, I'm out of bread flour and vanilla extract (I'd also like to pick up some Fiore di Sicillia from The Baker's Catalogue for my next attempt), and at least the house has something sweet in it.  Even if it's something botched.

I also finished reading Fangland by John Marks, and I have a lot to say about it -- not all of it good -- but I need to collect my thoughts a bit more.  The first half of the book was really quite good.  The second half tried my patience and pissed me off and made me want to smack the author upside the head with a nice, hefty hardcover edition of Dracula.
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So far, 2009 is off to a good start. In fact, I just noticed the other day that from Thanksgiving through until New Year's Day, I had been walking around with all this tension, as if something inside of me was waiting for some huge calamity to strike right when I started feeling too happy and complacent. Considering that 2007 ended with having to have Bronte pts and 2008 began with my uncle's dog being hit by a car, there are probably excellent reasons for my anxiety. In fact, 2008 seemed to have more than a few of those sucker-punch moments. LUCKILY the holidays passed with very little drama (there was a bit of drama, but it didn't have anything to do with us, directly, so it doesn't really count).

The first bit of good: I managed to write a 250-word abstract that is nearly ready to be submitted to a literary conference. It needs a bit of polishing, because I am sort of out of the game a bit when it comes to the high-end intellectual-type speak. But I did write it, and am going to submit it, and given my tendency towards procrastination, this is definitely something.


It took about an hour this afternoon, and then Darwin ran through them a few times. IT WAS MOST EXCELLENT FUN, and he didn't want to come inside. George brought Sydney outside for a bit while Darwin was doing his thing, which leads me to the "ow" portion of this post. Because George asked me if I could try and get Sydney to try the weave poles. Since Syd will do anything for a scooby-snack, I figured it wouldn't be too hard to try them with her. However, I misjudged just amped up the promise of food makes Sydney, and she made a break for the target (aka: the thing in agility that holds the incentive treat). Normally this would not be a huge deal, but I wasn't ready for it, and the leash was wrapped around my hand.


Wrapped around my hand in the same manner my agility teacher told me never to wrap it. Aha.

So when Sydney bolted, she pulled the leash. And I wasn't ready for it. So my right index finger got pulled out sharply to the side, until the knuckle popped. (This happens also to be the hand/finger I have been having arthritic-type problems with.)

Oh my god, it hurts.

Needless to say, it wasn't long after that that we came inside, because omg OW. ;_;
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Thanks, guys. Just... yeah. Thanks.

The bout of emo passed, and things seem much brighter today. And I learned that one of the best ways to deal with tears is to let your goofball of a dog lick them away and then proceed to crawl all over you like a 50 lb lapdog, with his back end a-wiggle. (I'm not kidding; it looks like he's doing the hula sometimes.)

I seriously need to figure out how to post video of Dawin and Syd. Seriously.

I love my dogs, and someday I will write about that in length, instead of depressing reminiscing.

Loev puppies. So much. ♥
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1. Being told "I'm nearly ready to go" when I am 20 minutes away from picking someone up, and then being made to sit and wait AN HOUR AND A HALF before actually going anywhere.

2. People who take their immeasurable good-fortune entirely for granted, and STILL find petty bullshit things to bitch about.

3. Being asked, "Would you like me to put your meat in a plastic bag?" when I'm at the grocery checkout, only to get home and discover that not only did my meat not get put into a plastic bag, it leaked and just about ruined one of my favorite grocery totes.

Things that go a long way to make me feel better about the above three things:

1. Hershey's Kisses

2. A husband who can make a kickass alfredo sauce and who does not judge me when I proceed to gorge myself on what was easily the best seafood alfredo EVER.

3. Tequila Sunrises.

4. Goofy, fuzzy doggies.

5. Being told I'm the "best wife ever" for remembering that Kenny Dorsey wore number 11 while he was at Miami.

I'm a very lucky Bunneh.

...Also a slightly buzzed one.
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Okay, so I mentioned that I'd gotten back in touch with my BFF from junior high school.  Well, as it happens, tonight I was in my Compensation Management class (which is EASILY the worst, most boring, least organized class I've ever taken), and was text-messaging her during the (veryboring) lecture.

And then it hit me.

Twenty years later, and I'm still sitting in the back of the class, passing notes.

I have grown up, but not matured.

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So, within 24 hours of signing up for Facebook, I got back in touch with someone I've known since the second grade, as well as my best friend since I was twelve who I have not seen since... I cannot actually remember the last time I saw her. Possibly around 1995'ish, I think. WE HAVE A LOT OF CATCHING UP TO DO.

I've actually been looking for her for a while now. Turns out she'd been looking for me too. XD

I'm completely retardedly happy right now.


Oct. 22nd, 2008 08:57 pm
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SO! Saturday we went to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios. It was, in a word, awesome... despite a less-than-fortuitous beginning.

The Good, the Bad, and the OMG SCARY )

We left the park around 2 AM, and managed to get home by about 3:30, and in bed by 4 AM. Needless to say, Sunday was full of a lot of nothing. XD



Oct. 20th, 2008 11:14 am
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My laptop has been powered off since Thursday, and I have a lot of catching up to do, including a Halloween Horror Nights recap, BUT HOW ABOUT SOME GOOD NEWS FIRST?

This made my morning a warm and fuzzy one. ♥
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Aaaaaaaand the car is back at the dealership. Apparently they're now going to be looking for any number of other things that could be causing a misfire (like loose or corroded wires and whatnot).

I also discovered another skein of yarn that's meant to be included in the scarf, so I'm guessing I'm not quite done yet. Soon, though!

Agility class resumed last night -- Vickie taught the entire class, and it was great to have her back. Her hair is slowly growing back, and she was worried that going without a hat would make the rest of us uncomfortable; halfway through the class, she finally understood that none of us were uncomfortable, and she took off the hat (it was too hot to wear a hat anyway).

Randomly, I did discover a new level of social awkwardness: when the cancer survivor just starting to grow her hair back compliments you on your new haircut, and the words "It was just too long!" fly out of your mouth before you can stop them. *facepalm*

Darwin did very well, despite the fact that he hadn't set foot on the course in two months. I need to pick up some supplies to finish off my weave poles so I can work with him a bit more on them. He also pretty much forgot everything he'd ever learned about the teeter-totter, so I'm going to have to take him down to the course a few times this week and work with him on that. (He's a bit freaked out by the noise it makes when one end slams down on the ground. It's a totally natural reaction, but one I'm going to have to work with him to overcome.)

It was great working with him off-leash -- I got some wonderful compliments from my teacher and other people in the class about how great his recall is ("recall" is how well a dog listens and obeys when you give the "come" command), and how closely he follows my nonverbal cues. He actually follows my nonverbal cues a little TOO closely, since if my direction is off by just a little, Darwin will... do exactly what I'm "telling" him to do, which isn't exactly what I'm trying to tell him to do. So I have to be hyper-aware of my posture, and which way my body (especially my shoulders, apparently -- Darwin follows my shoulders) is facing. The consensus was that I could probably run a course with Darwin and not use any verbal commands at all -- he follows me that closely.

I almost skipped the class last night, because I had such a rotten day, but I've got to say -- going made me remember why I signed up to do this in the first place. It's the coolest thing ever to be working as a team WITH my dog. I was filthy, sweaty, and exhausted when I got home -- to say nothing of the many mosquito bites I had -- but I was also very content and happy. It's such an awesome class, with a great teacher (WHO'S BACK, YAY), and fantastic people with wonderful dogs, with great temperaments. It was just what I needed yesterday.

And how could I not love something that makes my dog look just this happy?
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One year-long membership to the dog-park:  $100

Gas to dog-park:  $3

Time spent romping around with Darwin:  Priceless


The feeling after a post-dog-park trip SHOWER:  EVEN MORE PRICELESS.

...Honestly, I get as dirty as he does when we go there.
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Dec. 11th, 2007 07:08 pm
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#1:  We can has Christmas tree!  It's... in the garage right now, but we have one!  And it's pretty!  And I have no idea where it's going to go!

#2:  Tora did indeed get a bonus.  It's... not as large as last  year's, but he got one, and it'll be helpful.

#3:  Several excellent things happened for Tora at work between yesterday and today.  I... can't really talk about them yet, but GOOD STUFF.  And we are happy.

#4:  Made reservations at our favorite restaurant for dinner next Friday (also reserved our favorite table, so double WOOHOO there).

#5:  For reasons unbeknownst to me, our cable bill went down significantly.  I... do not know if this is a billing error or what, but YOU WILL NOT CATCH ME COMPLAINING.

I have to decide whether I want to try and wrangle the tree into the tree stand, or if I want to wait for my better half to bring his Y chromosomes and upper body strength to help with that venture.

Am also SERIOUSLY considering ordering pizza, because, like.  Everything we have in the kitchen needs to be cooked.  And that is just not on.
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I called to tell them about all the trouble I've had finding Bronte's meds, and they called around and FOUND A PHARMACY THAT DOESN'T SUCK.  It's not exactly close to home (it's a smallish pharmacy near the hospital), but they have the meds, and the prescription can be picked up in half an hour.


Also, homework is done before class for once.  \o\

PS:  I'd wanted to do the holiday card thang last year, but came down with the plague (which effectively halted all plans for holiday baking as well).  So, I have a huge box of awesome cards -- of which I used exactly none last year -- so expect a screened post asking for addresses and such.
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I like being busy. I do. But MY GOD I would just love one day where I could do absolutely nothing, with no interruptions.  Last week went by so fast, because EVERY DAY there was some project I had to start/continue/finish.  I got part of my homework done, but not all of it, and so I'm chained to my desk this morning, determined to finish my assignments in a manner that will not require me to work right up to the very last second before leaving for class.

Yeah, I know. Updating my LJ is not the best way to that goal.

First and foremost, HUGE HUGS AND CONGRATULATIONS to [livejournal.com profile] everstar3.  She knows why.  <3

Second -- our living room is now painted.  It's gorgeous and I LOVE IT.  Two walls are a dark green (think British racing green) and the other two are more of a sage green color.  We rearranged a few things and got a new area rug (omgsomuchlove), and it just.  I love it.  This place is slowly ceasing to look like the rental I've been bitching about for two or three years.  Foyer is done, living room is done -- next up?  The kitchen!  I'd really love to get the cabinets refaced, but I don't think the landlord will go for that, so I'm going to prime and paint them.  I'm thinking about maybe doing a faux finish on the cabinets -- an antique crackle effect, maybe.  I don't know for sure.  I need to decide on a color scheme first.

Also knocked off of the "TO PAINT" list is our bathroom!  Oy vey, Mom and I started renovating the bathroom in October.  But then she got sick, then I got sick, then stuff happened, and things had to get done in a very piecemeal manner, and now FINALLY the walls are painted.  Actually, wait.  That sounds really bad.  It did not take nearly a year to paint the bathroom.  No, we took out the sliding shower door, ripped out the vanity, took down the wallpaper, removed the godawful ugly ceramic towel holder thingies, patched up the holes, repaired some water damage, installed a new showerhead and dial, AND painted.  There, that sounds better.  Now Mom is going to put up a new... bullnose?  Basically a new tile border for the shower.  And we have a new lighting fixture to install, and then the new vanity goes in and OH MY GOD WE'RE GETTING OUR MASTER BATHROOM BACK. 

Tora's brother and his girlfriend are coming to spend Labor Day weekend here, so that should be fun.  He told Tora that he did NOT tell their parents that they'd be in town, because, and I quote, "We don't need the drama."

And in closing, Tora made dinner for me last night.  After another day of painting and inhaling fumes (and oh, my god, my hand is so stiff today), he made grilled Salmon filets with fennel and coriander, and a grilled salad (yes, grilled) of radicchio, romaine, and red leaf lettuce in a dijon-honey-balsamic vinegar dressing.  (Bon Appetit magazine, you are my new best friend.) 

I have. The best. Husband. Ever.

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Last night was one of those rare Perfect Nights.

Went to see The Transformers with Rick and Charity-- got to the theater early, got that one row that has all the leg room, had no one kick our seats, no annoying people talking through the movie, and then sat through two and a half hours of pure awesome.  Then Tora and I went back home, picked up Darwin, and went back to their house, pretty much racing against what looked like an eeeevil thunderstorm. When we got to their house, we realized they'd backed one of their vehicles out of the garage so we could pull in and get into the house without getting soaked.  Then we ordered Chinese food and played Guitar Hero II until one in the morning.  We played in co-op mode, guys against girls -- Char and I apparently are an UNBEATABLE TEAM. <3

They also dug out a Transformers book and we hovered around and relived our childhoods.  It was awesome.  Mostly because we were geeking out and walking out of the theater discussing with completely straight faces whether the Decepticons had had a police car in their ranks, because we'd all remembered the Autobots having a police car.  And then we discovered we'd been right -- the Autobots HAD had a police car, but it was named Prowl. So.  Yes, behold our geekery. We're children of the 80s, shut up.

Tora's also taking off early from work on Friday so we can see the Harry Potter movie.  :D  Sadly, we'll be seeing it without Rick and Char, because Rick is a dork will be in the Bahamas Weds through Friday, and Charity is being good and waiting for him to come back (he's going with his dad and brothers), so they'll go over the weekend.  I'm being told by Tora that if I were a GOOD FRIEND, I'd wait so we could all see it together. But Char was like, "DO NOT MAKE HER WAIT TO SEE HARRY POTTER."  So, yeah.  We'll be seeing it Friday.  Unless we DO decide to wait until Rick comes back. 

And now I think I'm going to go bake some bread. Either rye or cinnamon. Haven't decided yet.
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Anniversary:  Kicked much ass.  Technically our wedding anniversary is tomorrow, but why be picky?  I am thinking about doing up a big breakfast tomorrow, complete with mimosas.  JUST BECAUSE.

The Voicemail:  Tora says he knows how to convert it to an mp3.  WATCH THIS SPACE.


  • Had possibly the best manicure of my life Friday.  My hands look awesome.  (Dear OPI, Your colors are teh sex.  Love, Me.)
  • Got a haircut, whee!  It's still long, but now it's, like, long and sexy.  <3
  • WE NOW HAVE A GRILL.  You don't understand how awesome this is.  Mom got us patio furniture for our anniversary, so we now have, like... a PROPER BACK PATIO.  It's awesome.
  • Also one year since we stopped speaking to Tora's parents.  One very drama-and-stress-free year.


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